132nd Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1999

On August 21, 1999, at 11:00 a.m., at the John Street Methodist Church in Camden, Maine, President Robert Crabtree called the annual business meeting to order.  Forty-two members attended this meeting.

The secretary's report was given by Victoria Kalloch Levesque and accepted as printed in this newsletter.

The treasurer's report, given by Evelyn Kalloch, reported a checkbook balance of $1652.48, as of August 21, 1999.  Several expenses were noted: paid to Gail Kalloch $50, postage $113.65, and printing $91.76.  Other expenses included church donation, lunch, speak, and gifts. Income from reservations was $516 and income from donations was $253.  The current CD value is $2,950.32. "Coffee Pot" donations today totaled $54.17.  Treasurer's report was accepted as read.

Under old business, having a possible Kalloch web site was revisited.  Peter Richardson, historian, stated that the need for a web master and a committee of computer-literate personnel to designate policy.

New business included the proposal for a new fiscal year.  Evelyn Kalloch stated that normally the fiscal year was reported from Jan. to Jan. However, when the treasurer's report are given at the annual meeting, all figures are given current to the meeting.  A motion was made to change the fiscal year from Jan. 1 to the third Saturday in August. Motion was seconded and passed.

Discussion was held about the possibility of establishing a scholarship fund for Kalloch descendants.  Many felt that the funds would be appropriate and worthy, but concerns were raised about the problems that may occur, i.e., Kalloch descendants come from all over Maine and the United States. Management could be difficult.  Other suggestions included spending the money to hire someone to establish a Kalloch web site.  A committee would be needed to write a proposal. Though membership agreed on the need, no further action was taken.

Encouraging younger family members to attend the annual reunion was the subject of another discussion.  Many 40-50 year old Kalloch descendants live locally, but fail to attend.  Current members are encouraged to send suggestions for improving attendance to Evelyn Kalloch.

Fees for the annual reunion was another concern.  Setting one fee, as is current policy, precluded family members from attending the program-part of the reunion or coming at the last minute.  A motion was made to set two fees: one amount would include lunch and registration (due in advance), and the other fee would be just registration, either in advance or at the door.  The yearly program committee would have the authority to set fees based on this intent.  Motion was seconded and passed.

The nominating committee (representing each side of the family: John, Matthew, and Alexander) of Peter Richardson, Elinor Johnson, and Pat Stephens, presented these names of officers: President Robert Crabtree; Vice-President in Charge of Program, Margaret Carlton; Vice-President in Charge of Arrangements, Kathleen Madden; Recording Secretary, Victoria Kalloch Levesque; Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary, Evelyn Kalloch; and Functional Vice-Presidents Gerry Kearns and Elinor Johnson.  Slate of officers was accepted.

Margaret Carlton suggested that a history committee be formed to research minute details of Kalloch ancestors.  Most information is fragile and fragmented.  Assigning the research of one ancestor to anyone interested could aid in accuracy of the family's documentation.  The next newsletter will ask for volunteers.

Gifts given included: oldest member attending the reunion, Frances Hjerpe at 96; youngest was Cassidy Mayhew at 4; longest married was Robert and Agnes Crabtree at 59+ years; furthest traveled was Grace Evers Janke from Texas; early bird registration was Catherine DeSimone; and the door prize was won by Margaret Carlton.

New attendees this year included Kathleen Madden, Gail Clark, Grace Janke, and Herbert Amis.

Evelyn Kalloch shared a letter from Union Historical Society inviting us as a group to join them on any given year --our connection being Edna St. Vincent Millay.

The business meeting concluded at 12:05. Lunch was served by the ladies of the church.

Andrea Itkin, a Camden actress, provided the reunion's program celebrating the life of Edna St. Vincent Millay.  Using poetry, letters, and history, Itkin enchanted the audience as she chronologically presented Millay's life.

Dean Mayhew updated the audience on the status of the Kalloch arms.  Mayhews initial interest was the circumstances with which the arms were established.  Former historian Gould used Robson's description from the British Herald to create our current version.  Several letters were written to find information, since arms need to be registered, only after they are given in an important situation, but with no luck.  Two years ago, the Office of College of Arms in London stated they would do a search for a fee.  The Kalloch membership raised money for this research.  Dean Mayhew received a final report from London saying they have no information on the Kalloch arms.

Peter Richardson concluded the day's events with a list of Kalloch's historical material and research.  He also showed how to count the lines of descent to any given relative.

The reunion was adjourned at 3:00 p.m..

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