127th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1994

On August 27, 1994 at 11:30 a.m. at the Samoset Resort in Rockland, Maine, President Dolores McCarthy called the meeting to order.  The president welcomed the 35 attendees to the 127th Kalloch Reunion.

Victoria Levesque read the secretary’s report, which was accepted as read.

The treasurer, Evelyn Kalloch. stated that the checking account stood at $1,165.74.  She noted that Donna Fifield had donated $10 to the Reunion fund, Barbara Avery had donated $25, and that Hersey Retreat had refunded $25.  Mrs. Kalloch stated that the $1500 6-month CD had produced an interest of $25.81, and that she had rolled over the CD for another 6 months at 3.4%.  A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report and passed.

Mrs. Kalloch, who is also corresponding secretary, shared some letters that she had received.  Martin Howard (wile Christine) wrote that his lather had died in February 1994 in the state of Washington.  Lois Hall and Mrs. James Whitaker (who are direct descendants of Isaac Kalloch) have moved into a retirement home in California.  Another death was Thelma Kalloch Bennett, age 90 in Deland, Florida. Locally, Paul Merriam was the recipient of the Citizen of the Month Award in Rockland, Maine.  The family of Paul and Doris Merriam gave them an anniversary party in August to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary which is in January 1995.  National newspapers reported that the poem, "Memory of Cape Cod", written by Edna St. Vincent Millay, was read at the funeral of Jackie Kennedy Onassis by her daughter Caroline.  Another newsworthy event was that the Millay statue in Camden had been vandalized in the spring of 1994.  The Kalloch Reunion acquired some additional historical items.  David Kalloch, who was only able to stay at this year’s reunion a few minutes. purchased Kalloch materials from the Marguerite Gould estate and donated them to our historian.

President McCarthy continued the meeting by explaining the change of plans of not going to Hershey Retreat.  Members had voted to try Hershey Retreat as a reunion site because it was Inexpensive, plus accommodated families.  After some members visited the location, it was not as ideal as it seemed.  Most noted was lack of convenience for the older members. The oldest member attending the reunion was Francis Hjerpe, age 91, and the youngest was Maura Sack, age 13.  The furthest traveled was Catherine Olsen from Sun City, California, age 90.  The longest married remained Paul and Doris Merriam at 59 years.  Gail Kalloch won the early bird registration, and Dean Mayhew won the door prize.

President McCarthy then extended her appreciation to Victoria Levesque, recording secretary.  Evelyn Kalloch, treasurer and corresponding secretary, Peter Richardson, historian, and Norm Kalloch, newsletter labels coordinator.  She also extended her additional thanks to Victoria and Evelyn for planning the program.  The audience then extended their appreciation of the work of the president.  Other announcements included the reduced prices on memorabilia.  A new item for sale was Kalloch bumper stickers for $1 each.

Donation to the coffee pot amounted to $114.10.

With the election of officers, the slate of nominations was given by Fred Kalloch. Dolores McCarthy, president, Donald Sack, vice-president, Evelyn Kalloch, treasurer and corresponding secretary, and Victoria Levesque, recording secretary were voted as new officers.

Discussion continued concerning the date of the family reunions.  Each year they are held on the 4th Saturday of August However, some concern was raised since schools are starting before Labor Day almost on a regular basis and could preclude some families from attending the reunion in order to have their families ready for school.  After some discussion it was decided to survey the membership through the newsletter and to table the decision until the 1995 business meeting.

It was voted to continue having reunions at the Samoset resort.  It was also requested to investigate the possibility of the Samoset offering a package deal for overnight accommodations for those attending the reunion.

The business meeting adjourned at 12:05

After lunch members attending the Kalloch Family Reunion played Kalloch Tic-Tac-Toe.  Peter Richardson, historian, continued the day’s events with his speech,  "What the Kalloch connection means to me".  He reviewed notable Kallochs and stressed the interconnectedness of Kallochs.

Catherine Olsen shared an anecdote of the first reunion she remembers attending 80 years before at James Kalloch’s on Rankin St.

Dean Mayhew shared a letter he had received from Scotland and stated that it appears we have gone back in history about as far as we can.

Representative James Skoglund spoke of the importance of closeness and reinforcing a sense of kinship.  He shared some of his research following the line of Dr. Herbert F. Kalloch with interesting facts, letters, and anecdotes.

The remainder of the program was dedicated to Nancy Sack. Evelyn Kalloch, who narrated this portion, along with Victoria Levesque, Maura Sack. Charlene Black, Rick Spofford, James Skoglund, Eleanor Richardson, and Dolores McCarthy shared some of Nancy’s writings and accomplishments through skits, readings, and videos.

The 127th Kalloch Family Reunion concluded its program at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Victoria Kalloch Levesque, Secretary

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