142nd Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2009

The Wessaweskeag Historical Society, South Thomaston, Maine, was the site for the 142nd Kalloch Family Association meeting on August 15, 2009 with 28 people in attendance. Alex Gross, president of the association, called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.

The secretary’s minutes were read by Victoria Kalloch Levesque and accepted as read.

Evelyn Kalloch gave the treasurer’s report and was accepted as read.

Evelyn Kalloch noted the deaths of the past year: Mrs. Burton (Glenice) Bickmore, James Heald, Barbara and Albert Mathieson, and Jacqueline Kalloch.

Mrs. Kalloch shared the many nice notes that she had received throughout the year commenting on the value of the annual newsletter. Noted also was the new publication by our historian Peter Richardson.

Appreciation of the 21 generous donations of $699 was extended.

Peter Richardson reported on several issues:

Headstone committee: Photos of the tombstones of Nancy Wall, her husband, and Alexander Kalloch III showed damage. No action taken at this time.

Historian’s report: Marilyn Morrison wrote that the tombstones for Matthew and Hance Kalloch were to be installed by this date at the Old Parish Cemetery at Wiley’s Corner, St. George, Maine.

Webmaster’s report: Ken Kalloch stated that the daily traffic summary for kalloch.org for the past two weeks (August 14) averaged between 150 to 193 unique visitors per day. August 2 had 254 visitors who viewed 879 pages. The Kalloch genealogy database is now at 15,096, an increase of 483 since last August. This is an increase of 5960 since March of 2002 when he finished typing Peter’s manuscript into the computer. Peter Richardson said that the website has twice as much on it than the notebooks! The attendees of the 142nd Kalloch Reunion recognized Ken Kalloch’s “labor of love” at maintaining our incredible history on the web. Thank you, Ken!

Peter also thanked Bill Colby, Anita Nelson, and Ruth Wade for their continued contributions to Kalloch research.

New business: Motion: to adjust the newsletter to include a full treasurer’s report and not increase cost of mailing. Discussion centered on current and future expenditures. Many of the attendees are not aware of the costs associated with the maintenance of our long-standing association. By publishing the treasurer’s report as well as a simplified list of yearly financial obligations and potential future expenses/goals, members will be well-informed. Motion passed.

Prizes awarded: oldest, Elinor Johnson, 87 years old; youngest, Andrea Greenwood, 48 years old; longest married, Alex and Ann Gross, 52 years; door prize, Deb Lovely; longest attendee to reunion, Ruth Wade; longest married (both members not in attendance), Pat Stephen. 56 years.

Motion to adjourn for lunch at 12:00 was passed. Pat Stephen offered the prayer.

The coffee pot reaped $204.14 and Anita Nelson won the wine auction of Alex Gross’s award-winning wine at $42.

The nominating committee presented a slate of officers: president (nominated from the floor) Eleanor Richardson; vice-presidents, Bill Colby and Deb Lovely; secretary, Victoria Kalloch Levesque; treasurer and corresponding secretary, Evelyn Kalloch; historians, Peter Richardson and Ken Kalloch; historian emeritus, Dean Mayhew; webmaster, Ken Kalloch; registrar, Sandra Zimmerman; chaplain, Pat Stephen. Passed.

Guest speaker was Peter Richardson who gave a historical sketch of the First Baptist Church in Thomaston, South Thomaston, Maine. This church is the oldest Baptist Church east of the Kennebec River. Much of his speech was drawn from the 80 years of diary entries of Joseph and Henry Ingraham. Amariah Kalloch and Peter’s great-great grandfather Joseph Kalloch (1843-1854) were ministers of this church. It certainly was a “…dramatic story of 114 years to remember and cherish.”

The 142nd Kalloch Family Association Reunion was adjourned at 2:11 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Victoria Kalloch Levesque, secretary since 1992!

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