139th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2006

The Old Town House, Union, Maine, was the site for the 139th Kalloch Family Association meeting on August 19, 2006, with 33 people in attendance.  The town of Union is where Moses Hawes, who married Mary Kelloch, lived.  In 1940 Ben Ames Williams published Come Spring, basing his story on the original settlers of Union.

Presiding at this year’s meeting was vice-president Ruth Wade, who called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.  She welcomed all those who attended and extended her appreciation to the former president, Julia Hunter, who had resigned to marry and relocate to Seattle, Washington.  Julia had been a long time attendee of the reunions and had served as president the past two years.  Appreciation was also extended to Evelyn Kalloch for her dedication to the newsletter and reunion registration, Peter Richardson for his work as historian, Ken Kalloch for the task of maintaining the website and helping Peter with the genealogy, and June Parmenter for providing the gifts.

The secretary’s minutes, read by Victoria Kalloch Levesque, were accepted as read.

Evelyn Kalloch gave the treasurer’s report.  She noted this year’s generous donations, which have helped provide funds for maintaining and updating the online genealogy.  Those contributors include: Debra Heffernan ($100), Anita and Bob Nelson ($300), Fred and Gail Kalloch ($100), Edith Kalloch, Gail Clark, Maura Sack, Dolores Saletic, Don Sack, A. J. Oxton, Marilyn Morrison, Zame Crocker and Ruth and Walter Baker.  This year’s total of $641 was sincerely appreciated.

Mrs. Kalloch reported that the beginning balance was $3,209.55.  Income totaled $1435.83, including the “coffee pot” contributions of $190.25.  Expenses totaled $1216.55, with a checkbook balance of $3428.83 on 8/19/06.  Assets include a computer and there were no accounts receivable or payable.  The treasurer’s report was accepted.
Ken Kalloch, webmaster, stated that between 1500-2000 people weekly visited “kalloch.org”, viewing from 5000-10,000 pages.  This year he added 1348 new individuals to the Kalloch website, and since typing Peter’s 1830-page Kalloch genealogy manuscript into the computer in March 2002, 4987 people have been added. (The website was established on July 17, 2001.)

Peter Richardson, historian, shared a letter purchased by Ken Kalloch.  This original letter/envelope from Rev. George Kalloch is dated 1830 and is addressed to his father Alexander (III), Warren, Maine.  Alexander III and his wife Elizabeth Mero Kalloch had eight other children, including Kalloch Reunion co-founders Rev. Joseph Kalloch and Nancy Kalloch Wall, Rev. Amariah Kalloch, and Dea. Mero Kalloch.

Peter (and Ken) also noted the extensive research and material sent by Marilyn Morrison, who is researching Kallochs in Maine and the Northwest.  She is of the Adam Boyd Kalloch line from Wiley’s Corner, St. George, ME.  Her grandmother Myrtie Kalloch Sherer was a sister to Ken Kalloch’s grandfather Sumner Boyd Kalloch.  Peter read the names of 41 Kalloch descendants/husbands who were in the Civil War as a prelude to the afternoon’s speaker.  He is also typing the diaries of Joseph Ingraham (1795-1876) who was the landowner of much of South Rockland.

Other news shared by Ruth Wade included one of the published works of Julia Hunter, Anna May and many travel books by Don Pitcher, Ruth’s nephew.

Nominating committee members Shirley Keller Thomas and Eleanor Richardson presented the slate of officers for 2006-2007: Deb Lovely, president, Ruth Wade and Ken Kalloch, vice-presidents, Victoria Kalloch Levesque, recording secretary, Evelyn Kalloch, treasurer and corresponding secretary, Pat Stephens, chaplain, Peter Richardson and Ken Kalloch, historians, Dean Mayhew, historian emeritus, June Parmenter, registrar, Ken Kalloch, webmaster, and Shirley Keller Thomas, Eleanor Richardson, and Don Sack, 2007 nominating committee.  Motion was made to accept and was passed unanimously.

Prizes were awarded to: David Kalloch (son of Ken Kalloch of Concord, NH) as youngest attendee at 18 years old, Bob Crabtree as oldest attendee at 91 years old, Agnes and Bob Crabtree longest married at 66 years, Maura Sack for early bird registration, Zame Crocker as longest traveled from San Diego, Bob Nelson for door prize, and David Kalloch, Robert and Molly Connors for first-time attendees.

A moment was recognized to honor those who had died this past year: Ken Reed, Joanna Robinson Johnson, David Hamalainen, and Zora Killough Cunningham.

There was no old business.

Under new business Victoria Levesque presented the issue of providing separate funds for the website.  After discussion, Anita Nelson made a motion to provide $500 in an account to maintain the website and other genealogy related costs.  The account will be reviewed annually.  The motion was seconded and passed.

A motion was made to reimburse Ken Kalloch $125 for the letter he purchased for the Kalloch Association.  Motion was passed.

Sandra Sleeper Zimmerman offered her home, the William Keller House in South Thomaston, as a possible future reunion site.

The business meeting was adjourned at 12:00 to break for a catered lunch by Juanita Grover.  Pat Stephens offered the prayer.

The guest speaker for the afternoon was Blaikie Hines of Thomaston.  As a Civil War historian and author, he presented the life and times of the soldiers and officers of the Civil War 1861-1865.  He reminded us of the impact of that war, where brother fought brother and 600,000 lives were lost.

This year’s Kalloch Family Association Reunion concluded at 2:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Victoria Kalloch Levesque

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