Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.
—Jane Austen (1775-1817) “Pride and Prejudice”

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE:  We are fast approaching the 134th Kalloch Family Reunion.  The committee has been working diligently to set up a good program for us and we sure do appreciate their efforts.  We also have to include Vickie Levesque, Sec. who is always willing to help with the planning.  Later this year we will be planning our 135th reunion for the year 2002.  We would like it to be a special event, so we need input from all of you to make it special.  I will list some ideas that I have and you can give me some feedback.  E-mail Evelyn and me as we are in constant contact via E-mail.  My address is jalvel@earthlink.net and Evelyn’s is enkal@midcoast.com.

ACTIVITIES: I thought it would be nice to have supervised activities for the children while we are in the meeting, so parents could enjoy the meeting and not feel that their children will be bored.  We would need volunteers to conduct and supervise the activities.  If you have some suggestions for activities or would like to volunteer, please let us know.

FACILITY: It would be nice to have it where families can intermingle to enjoy some time together other at the meeting alone. It is a possibility that we may be able to have it at an old homestead where people can camp out, but if that is not available we need some other ideas.

PROGRAM: The committee (Margaret Carlton, Elinor Johnson, Gerry Kearns, Vickie Levesque, Evelyn Kalloch, Peter Richardson, Bob Crabtree) have done a great job with programs in the past, but maybe others have some great ideas as well.  Please let us know of any suggestions see you in August.

Jeanine Lawrence, President
9 Lambtown Road, Ledyard, CT 06339

AT THE REUNION:  As we did last year, we shall be meeting at the John Street Methodist Church in Camden.  This year’s theme is based on the variations of family surnames.  This will be presented by Roxanne Saucier, who writes the column “Family Ties” for the Bangor Daily News.  June Parmenter is planning a great fun game for us, also.  The meeting is scheduled for August 18th with registration at 10:00 A.M., annual meeting with election of officers at 11:00 A.M., nice buffet lunch served by the church ladies at 12:00, with program commencing at 1:00 P.M.  Those who are reserving for lunch will be charged $12.00 each, while those who come for program only without lunch will be charged $5.00.  We look forward to a wonderful reunion with many Kallochs in attendance.

We are still accepting family quilt squares. Please send to Evelyn Kalloch.

NEWSWORTHY:  Our Julia A. Hunter co-authored with Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr. the book Fly Rod Crosby: The Woman Who Marketed Maine.  It's out in paperback at $25. Julia is the registrar and curator of textiles at the Maine State Museum, while Mr. Shettleworth is the director of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission... they have both authored other books.

Sarah Day Kalloch, daughter of Susan and Albert Kalloch of So. Hamilton, MA, graduated in the class of 2000 from Harvard University with a degree in Social Studies.

Another Kalloch, David Swetnam from the State of Washington, and his wife Jacquelyn Sawyer, purchased the Morse's Sauerkraut business in Waldoboro this past year.  They have produced the very tasty sauerkraut and we wish them continuing success.

Julie Kalloch Raye, who owns and operates "The House of Cards" in Rockland was re-elected chairperson of the school board for the second year.

Scott Reed, son of Arthur Reed, grandson of Phyllis Kalloch Reed and Kenneth Reed, was married to Jaime Casceillo on August 19, 2000, at the First Presbyterian Church of Fairfield, Conn.

Aaron King, son of Victoria Kalloch Levesque, and Mary Pinas Stricker, both of Phoenix AZ, were married on August 12, 2000, at The Church of the Red Rocks in Sedona, AZ.

Jack Duncan Condon, son of Mya-Lisa King and Mark Condon, was born at Bangor, ME.  He is grandson of Victoria Kalloch Levesque, great grandson of Evelyn Kalloch, brother of Tessa Ripley Condon.

OBITUARIES:  We are sorry to announce that Harlan Black, husband of Charlene Allen Black, died at home March 28, 2001.  Charlene is a descendant of Kallochs and lives in Tenants Harbor, ME.  Mr. Black was a long time owner of Harlan Black Construction in St. George.  He leaves three daughters, five grandchildren, and four step-grandchildren.

Laura A. Whitaker, wife of James Whitaker, died in California on Feb. 29, 2000.  She was born in Washington State on June 25, 1909.  She and her sister were long time members of the Kalloch Association.

Once again I ask that you send me any address changes this new 911 system has changed many of our addresses and I will be glad to make any and all changes in our address list. Norm Kalloch, Jr. takes care of sorting those out in his data base and also provides us with the mailing labels, for which we thank him.



John, Matthew and Alexander I had two sisters:  The youngest child in the family was Margaret, named for her grandmother, Margaret Finley.  She married George Boyd of Boothbay, ME, and we have several generations of her lines. Between John and Matthew was “Mary who married a Brown in Boston,” according to Eaton.  That is all we know except for an entry I have found in the Massachusetts Marriage Index: 1633-1850 (CD# 231, Family Tree Maker).  Here we have “Sarah Kellock m. John Brown, April 28, 1746, Boston, Suffolk.”  This record way off in Boston should not be surprising for Mary’s (Sarah’s?) younger brother, “Alexander Kellock m. Elinor Gouht in Boston, June 5, 1760.”  Could our “Mary” actually be “Sarah?”  These are the only two entries in the Massachusetts marriage records that are spelled, “Kellock.”  The date is probably OK if she was born in the late 1720’s (we don’t have her birth date) or if she ran away from home as a minor.  Could Eaton, the blind historian, have gotten the name wrong?  He is usually pretty reliable.  Or could a clerk in Boston have recorded the first name wrong?  Was Sarah a middle name, or a name she went by?  Perhaps she hoped to make a clean break with her family in the District of Maine by taking a new name?  That would not have been the first time it happened in the family!  I haven’t found another Brown who married a Kelloch, Kellock, Kellough, Killough.  There were major Brown families in Lynn, Watertown and Providence, and I imagine there were a few miscellaneous “John Browns” wandering around the colony at that time.  Mary is a family name, but so is Sarah.  Two of her brothers named daughters, Mary and Sarah. Mary of course was their mother’s name but Sarah does not appear earlier.  (Perhaps her younger brothers stayed in touch with her?  Did Alexander I visit her at the time of his marriage in Boston?)  Three named daughters, Margaret, their grandmother’s and sister’s name.  Two gave the name Jane and one each chose Susannah, Catharine and Rosanna.  Have any of you been looking for Mary (Sarah?)?  Any leads?

Peter Richardson, Historian

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