Capt. Edward A. & Emily Judson (Kalloch) Watts
Emily was a daughter of Capt. James Carvin Kalloch & Eliza H. Linnekin


Emily Judson Kalloch & Capt. Edward A. Watts
Summer 1882 - Tacoma Washington

This picture was taken in Tacoma, Washington during the summer of 1882. Capt. and Mrs. Watts and their son, Charles Seymour Watts, were there on the the ship H. S. GREGORY of Thomaston. The vessel was loading wheat for Europe and it was on this voyage that she foundered. The crew were taken off by a British steamer.

Capt. Watts commanded 13 vessels during this almost 40 years on the water.  Though not the last of the extended Watts family of St. George, and Thomaston to command a vessel, he was perhaps the last Watts sea captain to command a square-rigger.


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