138th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2005

Thirty-four attended the 138th Kalloch Family Association Reunion on August 20, 2005, at the Old Town House in Union, Maine.  President Julia Hunter called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m., welcoming all to the historic building built in 1840.  Moses Hawes, an earlier settler in Union, married Mary Kelloch.  In 1940 Ben Ames William published Come Spring, basing his story closely on the original settlers of Union.

The secretary’s report was read.  Noted was the omission of the names of Peter and Eleanor Richardson who hosted last year’s reunion.  They own the former home of Frank Seavey Kalloch (son of the first Kalloch Reunion president, Rev. Joseph Kalloch) and have graciously shared this location for two recent Kalloch Reunions. The minutes were accepted.

Evelyn Kalloch submitted the treasurer’s report that also was accepted as read.  The beginning balance was $2,733.20.  Reservations, donations, coffee pot, and auction proceeds totaled $1,795.56.  Expenses, including printing, postage, caterer, gifts, building fee, Come Spring tour, computer, and memorial (Katherine Kalloch) were $1,319.21.  The checkbook balance as of August 22, 2005, was $3,209.55.  Assets include a computer, and there were no accounts receivable or payable.

President Hunter shared an article from Family Tree magazine (December 2004, page 14), entitled “A Family Affair” by Grace Dobush, describing the Kalloch Reunion, which dates back to 1867.  Peter Richardson was the resource for this article.

There was no old business.

Under new business a motion was made to make Ken Kalloch assistant historian.  Noted was his genealogical work with Peter Richardson and the number of additional Kalloch descendants added since he began working with Peter on the Kalloch genealogy.  Motion passed.

Ken Kalloch, also Kalloch webmaster, reported that as of 8/1/05 there were an average of 100 visitors daily to this website viewing approximately 700 pages per day [about the same as this time last year].  He also noted that he changed hosting services to a more reliable one, and registered the domain name “kalloch.org,” which is the website’s new address.

The nominating committee presented the following slate of officers for 2006: Julia Hunter for president, Ruth Wade and Ken Kalloch for vice-presidents, Victoria Levesque for recording secretary, Evelyn Kalloch for treasurer and corresponding secretary, Pat Stephen for chaplain, Peter Richardson and Dean Mayhew for historians, Ken Kalloch for assistant historian, June Parmenter for registrar, Shirley Keller Thomas, Eleanor Johnson, and Barbara Sanborn for nominating committee and Ken Kalloch for webmaster.  Motion made and passed.

Prizes were awarded: Youngest attendees were Tessa Condon (granddaughter of Victoria Levesque and great-granddaughter of Evelyn Kalloch), age 7, and Susan Hunter (niece of Julia Hunter), age 8, Oldest attendee was Bob Crabtree, age 90, Longest Married were Bob and Agnes Crabtree, 65 years, Early Bird Registration went to Ken Kalloch and his daughter Katherine Kalloch, Furthest Traveled were Ward and Carol Keller from Seattle, Washington, and Door Prize went to Bob Crabtree.  First time attendees included Ward and Carol Keller from Washington, Brad Sleeper from California, Henry “Rusty” Sleeper from Rockland and Katherine Kalloch from Concord, New Hampshire.  Evelyn Kalloch was awarded a bouquet of flowers in recognition of her many years of service and dedication to the Kalloch Reunion.

Chaplain Pat Stephen offered a prayer and the meeting adjourned for lunch at 11:55.  Juanita Grover catered lunch.

After lunch a successful auction was held to raise revenue.

Peter Richardson spoke of our growing recorded family genealogy.  He also spoke of the Union connections with the Kalloch family as noted in the book Come Spring.

The reunion ended with a narrated bus tour of the Come Spring Heritage Trail, Union, Maine.

Respectfully submitted,
Victoria Kalloch Levesque, secretary

2005 Kalloch Reunion Photos

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