The 119th annual reunion will be held Saturday, August 23, l986 at Beaver Lodge in Union, Maine.  This is the same place we met last year.  It is well suited to our purposes, having a large covered porch for eating and a meeting room inside.  The cost will be the same ($125), but it is suggested that we bring less food this year.  There was enough to feed 200 people last year and we did not have that many!

For those of you who camp, there is space available.  I suggest you contact Mrs. Jan Staples, Washington Street, Camden, ME 04843.  She is Vice President in charge of arrangements and can probably put you in touch with the right person at Beaver Lodge.  Bring horseshoes or croquet for the children (and adults), and bathing suits.  I do not recall seeing a lifeguard last year, but the swimming looked good.


The 118th reunion was attended by more than 50 people and quite a few new faces.  There was the usual table of genealogical information brought by Peter Richardson, and Dean Mayhew gave an update on his searching through Scottish records.  Dean is considering hiring a person to search through the records in towns operated by fishmongers to see if Kalloch names appear in membership rosters and has spent the winter searching through microfilm.

The oldest member present was Harold Kalloch.  The new officers elected were: President, Dean Mayhew; Vice President for Arrangements, Jan Staples; 2nd Vice President, Elinor Johnson; Secretary, Donna K. Perry; Treasurer, Paul Merriam; Chaplain, Doris Merriam; Historians, Peter Richardson and Dean Mayhew.

The mailing of the newsletter is now computerized; and because a friend of mine is offering her computer, it is being done way below cost. Elaine Kalloch Stewart is doing the final typing and actual mailing for me now, which is a tremendous help.  If your address is incorrect or if you know someone who is not getting the Newsletter, please send me the correct information.  It costs 22¢ to mail each Newsletter, so I remove names of anyone whose letter is returned because of “insufficient address” or “not at this address.”

The following people cannot be located by me at present.  Does anyone know their whereabouts? Catherine and Frank DiSimone, Brooklyn, NY; and Kevin and Josette Kalloch who were last living in Laurel, Maryland.


The following is copied from the Kalloch family reunion book:

The family gathered at the residence of E. S. Graves, St. George, August 25, 1885.  The nominating committee submitted the same board of directors for the following year, consisting of President B. K. Kalloch; and Vice Presidents J. H. Kalloch, Alex Kalloch, and Ezeckiel Kalloch.  They then partook of a bountiful refreshment and enjoyed a social intercourse with relatives and friends.  Some 5 different people spoke during the reunion interspersed by singing by Mabel Hall presiding at the organ.  A report from the location committee indicated that the next gathering would be in Camden.

Note: The entry was done by my great grandfather, H. F. Kalloch, whose handwriting made deciphering extremely difficult.  This fact also affects the following list of those who had deceased during the year: Sarah Kalloch, San Francisco; Jane Symonds, Salem. Mass; Theodore Gilchrist, St. George; Charles N. Robinson, Abby Murdo, Edith Jones, and Eliza Dunbar, all of St. George; Mrs. L. A. Arnold, Rockland; Aldora Lamb, Rockland; A. Hemmingway, South Hope; Alice Spear, Warren; and Jane David, Friendship.


Someone sent me an article about a family association which has been meeting in New York State since 1890.  Being of Scottish descent - as are we - they have a bagpiper come to their camping weekend.  Does anyone know a player of the pipes who might roam through the gloaming at Beaver Lodge?  This family assigns each member a number for life. Take note, Peter, or wouldn’t that work for us?


I have received word that these members of our family have died.  I should appreciate having any further information on their lives so it can be included in next year’s newsletter.

Mr. and Mrs. Jenness Keller; Elizabeth A. Keller on May 1, 1984; Alice Kalloch Frisbee of Concord, NH, on April 29, 1985 at the age of 98.  She was Doris Merriam’s Aunt; William T. Morgan of East Haven, CT, on January 12, 1985 at age 64; Nellie Cross Whitcomb, of Belfast, ME, on March 14, 1985; George Kalloch of Waldoboro; Susie Sleeper of South Thomaston; and Hilda Kalloch of Hampton, VA, on March 26, 1985.  She was a sister-in-law to Thelma K. Bennett, Flora Peavey, and Alta Scott.

It would be nice to know what they did and what they meant to someone.


Our Treasurer, Paul Merriam, reported the following:

BALANCE as of August, 1984






Donations to Newsletter



Sam Kalloch Memorial













Rental, Beaver Lodge



Refundable Deposit





239. 92


BALANCE as of 8/24/85




Historians Account




We have received contributions from the following people: Sister Rosemary Bligh; Mrs. Leonie L. Kalloch; Mrs. Alta Kalloch Scott; Mrs. Flora Kalloch Peavey; Doris Merriam; Pearl Kalloch: Mitchell Kalloch; Thelma K. Bennett and $25 from Sam Kalloch ‘s daughter, Joan Freese.  This represented a donation which the family had received at the time of Sam’s death.  They felt he would have wanted it to go to the Kalloch family rather than to flowers.

If you wish to send money to help defray costs of Newsletter mailings or to be put in the historians’ account for costs they incur, please send your check to Paul Merriam, 72 Mechanic St., Rockland, ME 04841.


I have had several nice letters and cards from Doris and Paul Merriam.  Besides giving me information about her sons, daughter, and grandchildren, Doris reports that a book has been published which will be of interest to Kallochs titled, The Pen Renderings of Elmer Rising New England in Black and White.  Mr. Rising’s mother was Laura Kalloch Rising.

Elinor Johnson’s sister Lyn Boyce in Essex Junction, VT, invited me to drop by when I was in the area and reported on a new grandchild born in Bamberg, Germany, and one born in Vermont.  At the time of writing she expected to go to Germany for a visit.

Winston Kellock, in Nova Scotia, keeps in close touch not only with letters but with occasional phone calls - tracking me down either here in New York State or on Cape Cod.  We have exchanged pictures now.  Although Winston does not appear to be in our branch of Kallochs, we have enjoyed a nice correspondence, and to think I met him by looking up the name Kalloch in the phone book when I was traveling in Canada.

Thelma Kalloch Bennett wrote that she had enjoyed my Cousin Susan Races account of her travels in Japan and Italy in last year’s Newsletter and also sent me clippings from the Fort Fairfield, Maine, paper which she thought my father would enjoy seeing (He did).  Thelma taught Grade 3 in Fairhaven, Mass., for 20 years.  It is through Thelma and her sisters Alta Scott and Flora Peavey that I was inspired to make a trip to Fort Fairfield this past summer, where they and my father grew up.

Flora’s Christmas letter reported that she was having serious eye trouble and not able to drive any longer, but she had a wonderful time at the reunion last summer and says, “What a marvelous group of relatives I belong to.”  She has finished a rough draft of her book for the grandchildren and continues to keep her diary which now has some 1,200 pages, collects stamps and buttons, and has taken a calligraphy course.


At last summer’s reunion Peter Richardson read us a list of accomplishments by fellow Kallochs, saying first that all Kallochs are famous to someone.  I thought it might be of interest to everyone to have this, brief as it is, since Peter simply does not have the time to enlarge on these notes..

John Lines:
William Kalloch II, - 1821, cited for not reporting for militia inspection.
Cleveland Sleeper - in Maine Legislature 10 years (1933-1943) and in Senate for 8 years (1945-1953).
Clarence and Lottie Spear - married more than 65 years.
Henry Franklin Kalloch - Deacon of Seaside Baptist Church in Tenants Harbor for 60 years;
    Treasurer of Town of St. George for 19 years; and in Maine Legislature.
Charles N. Kalloch - fought in World War I as a Lieutenant in the Navy; head of European
    operations for American Export Line, ran Charles Kalloch Travel agency.
W. Ralph Kalloch - Captain in Merchant Marine in WW I.
Edward Kalloch Gould - Maine State Historian, author of many books, Judge, Mayor of
    Rockland, wrote much on Kalloch genealogy.
Dr. Herbert Franklin Kalloch - recognized by Maine Medical Association for practicing medicine
    for 50 years. Ceremony at Poland Springs.
Matthew Lines:
John Keller Ames - Machias Lumber Co, 30 years Selectman in Machias, in Maine Senate.
Edwin E. Keller - drowned in 1875 with his girlfriend on a sleigh in the bay.
Cynthia Ladd - divorced her first husband before marrying Isaac G. Keller, saying he had been
     too lazy to chop wood for the stove.
Leuphemia Eustatia Keller - married Orlando A. Smith in 1875, she weighed 300 and he 400 lbs.
Albert Sydney Snow 1845-1932 - Rear Admiral, USN.
Edna St. Vincent Millay - renowned American poet.
Capt. James S. Kellar - changed spelling of his name to that of his wife’s maiden name.
Carl H. Kalloch - ship torpedoed in WW II, spent 8 days in an open boat. 
Alexander I Lines:
- Founder of Baptist church, Lieutenant in Revolution.
Robert M. Kalloch, III - dress designer in Hollywood.
Dr. Parker C. Kalloch - Marine doctor.
Bertha Drewett - Kalloch historian who left us reams of information.
Silas Kalloch - 3 brothers were Baptist ministers.
Charles M. Kalloch - Treasurer of Rockland Trust Co. from its beginning.
Rev. Amariah Kalloch - minister in West Rockport and Rockland.
Rev. Isaac S. Kalloch - about whom The Golden Voice was written.
Amariah Kalloch, III - ran freight company in Kansas, friend of Jesse James, supplied guns to
    John Brown.
Louis F. Swift - meat company founder.
Ida May Swift - married Count James Minotto.
Dr. Hugh Potter Baker - President of University of Mass. at Amherst.
Rev. Joseph Kalloch - founder of Kalloch Association.
Frank S. Kalloch - responsible for Kalloch reunion coffee pot.
Mary Kalloch and Moses Hawes - among founders of Union, ME. See Come Spring, by Ben
    Ames Williams.
Augusta Kalloch Christie - Maine Legislature, State President of WCTU.
Linwood Moody - Railroad historian, helped create Edaville Railroad in Mass.
Myra Kalloch Teague - lived to 107 years.
Edwin J. Kalloch - champion woodchopper of the world.
George Macomber - Mayor of Augusta, Founder of Granite National Bank.
Ann Macomber, his daughter, married the publisher Guy Gannett.
Elden Herbert Mero - died in explosion of the Maine in Havana Harbor.


When Sam Kalloch died, friends of his - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ostrander - sent the immediate family a check in his memory to be used as they saw fit.  His daughters felt it would please Sam to have the money come to the Kalloch family association.  I would like to suggest that it be given in his name to a deserving senior at a high school such as in Rockland, Warren, or St. George, toward the purchase of books at college or vocational school.  We could continue such a gift in the Kalloch name each year by using the interest money from our savings account.  It would be a useful thing to do and also keep the Kalloch name in perpetuity.  Think it over and we can discuss it further at the reunion.


How to get there? From the North and the Down East area via Rt. 1, come into Belfast, take Rt. 3 exit toward Augusta (heading West).  Follow .Rt. 3 for 4 or 5 miles to Rt. 131 on the left.  Take this down through Searsmont and Appleton to Rt. 17 in Union.  Turn left on Rt.17 by the Exxon Station. Stay on Rt. 17 for about 2½ miles, then take the 5th left-hand turn onto Rt. 235.  (Kalloch signs hopefully will be placed at Rt. 235 and at. 17 Junction).  Go 1½ to 2 miles on at. 235. As you start up a hill, the entrance road to Beaver Lodge will be on’ your right - a dirt road by a sign that reads either “Beaver Lodge” or “Knox County Fish and Game Association”. Continue for about a mile and you should be at Beaver Lodge.  This all may seem complicated, but it really isn’t.

From the Augusta area, take Rt. 17 and follow directions from the Rt. 131 intersection by the Exxon Station as you enter Union.

From the South, via Rt. 1 and Rt. 234, take Rt. 235 straight through Union Common to the blinker at Rt. 17 (at Elmer’s Restaurant), then go right on Rt. 17 and follow above directions, except it will be the 4th left-hand turn onto Rt. 235.

From the Rockland area via Rt. 17, heading toward Union and Augusta, look for Fuller’s Trading Post in South Hope (a general store on your right).  Take the 3rd right-hand turn after this store onto Rt. 235 and follow above directions.

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