Myrtie (Kalloch) Sherer and Family
1st. Child of Adam Boyd Kalloch & Callie Chaples,
wife of Dana Albert Sherer
Myrtie Snow Kalloch

Myrtle "Myrtie" Snow Kalloch

Myrtie's Obituary

Dana Albert Sherer

Dana's Obituary


The Sherer Family - Nov. 1911
Marion, Charles,
Lester, Dana, Carolyn,  Myrtie

Ethel & Alice Kalloch with Myrtie & children

Ethel and Alice Kalloch
Charles - Myrtie holding Carolyn - Marion
Insert - Carolyn

Lester and Charles Sherer

(The little girl is Barbara Waldron, their niece.  The delivery wagon is from Dana's retail milk business)

Carolyn Marie Sherer

Carolyn Sherer Clough

Carolyn Sherer Clough

Myrtie and Louise

Louise Sherer

She is registered in The Women's Memorial, Woman in Military Service for America.  She was a member of the Army Nurse Corps in WWII, serving in Morocco and Italy.

Sherer stones at Achorn Cemetery

Sherer Stones at Achorn Cemetery
Rockland, Maine
Dana A.
(with flag)
  Myrtie S.
His wife
1874-1946   1877-1928
Frances B. - 1885-1991
Carolyn M. - 1905-1993
Lester R. - 1910-1970

Son Lester's page, Daughter Marion's page

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