126th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1993

On August 28, 1993, at 11:15 a.m., at the Samoset Resort in Rockland, Maine, Dolores McCarthy called the meeting to order.  Forty Kalloch members attended this meeting.

The secretary’s report was given by Victoria Levesque and accepted as read.

The treasurer’s report, given by Evelyn Kalloch, noted a profit from last year’s events.  On October 1, 1992, the beginning balance was $2,785.40.  Additional income during the year amounted to $733.72, with expenses at $1,107.51.  The remaining balance was $2,411.61.  Mrs. Kalloch transferred accounts from Fleet Bank to Camden National Bank on December 7, 1992, in order to provide a N.O.W. interest paying account with no service fees.  A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report passed.

President McCarthy extended appreciation to Evelyn Kalloch for her duties as treasurer and corresponding secretary, arrangements for the reunion and the newsletter; to Victoria Levesque for her duties as secretary, reunion arrangements, and newsletter; to Eleanor Johnson for her help with the reunion site; to Donald Sack as vice-president; and to Norman Kalloch for printing newsletter labels.

Kalloch Award buttons were given to Frances Hjerpe for being the oldest person attending the reunion at 90 years old; to Jenna Pettit for being the youngest person at 8 years old; to Catherine Olsen for having traveled the furthest from Sun City, California; and to Paul and Doris Merriam for being the longest married at 58 years.

Letters that were received during the year were read by Evelyn Kalloch.  With Nancy Sack’s illness, a newsletter had not been written to include this information.  Peter Richardson wrote from India and gave his best to the Kalloch Clan.  Mrs. Ralph Kalloch wrote that she would like to see younger Kalloch’s keep contact with older Kalloch’s, in order to maintain some oral history and also encourage the older person’s self-esteem.  Her husband Ralph is 93 years old.  Though not physically able to attend the reunion, he is still quite capable of giving information.  Mrs. Place of Milo has had a debilitating illness (stroke), but gave her regards.  Roy Hall gave thanks for her invitation to the reunion.  Don Sack wrote that he moved into his mother’s home to help attend her since she has cancer.  Don said he would try to help more with the reunion next year and will help find Nancy’s reunion materials to give to us.  He also stated that money was being sent to the reunion fund in Nancy’s name.

President McCarthy asked if there was other news to be shared.  Deaths reported were Marguerite Hunter, Glennys Gross, and Lloyd Gross. Julia Hunter, Chaplain, gave a prayer in their memories.

Other announcements included that memorabilia was still available for purchase.

The Elmer Rising book was still available at $50, with $25 going to the reunion fund.

Two bibliographies were distributed: "Kalloch’s as Authors”, compiled by Peter Richardson, and a “Bibliography of Kalloch’s”, compiled by Victoria Levesque.

There was no old business.

Election results were unanimously passed with Dolores McCarthy, President, Donald Sack, Vice-President, Evelyn Kalloch, Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary, and Victoria Levesque, Recording Secretary.

Under new business, Peter Richardson requested an assistant historian.  Any member of the association should let the president know.  Also needed is a person to replace Nancy Sack for writing the annual newsletter.

President McCarthy investigated the Mormon Library in Utah and suggested that our association donate one complete copy of the Kalloch genealogy to them since it is such an extensive library.  Julia Hunter proposed that the association also donate the genealogy to the New England Historical Society in Boston.  A motion was made to send both books and passed.

The coffee pot reaped $100.

Next year’s reunion was set for August 27, 1994 at Hersey Retreat in Stockton Springs, Maine.  Though it is 35 miles from Rockland, it was suggested that it was an inexpensive location with good facilities for families.  Discussion included providing transportation from the Rockland area.  A motion was made and passed to go to Hersey Retreat.

Another suggestion was to have future reunions earlier in August instead of the last Saturday in August.  Schools seem to be starting before Labor Day and an earlier date would better accommodate families.

The business meeting was adjourned at 12:05.

The day continued with varied events.  After a buffet lunch, provided by the Samoset Resort, the reunion attendees viewed the Penobscot Scottish Country Dancers.  The group entertained as well as gave interesting historical facts.

Later in the afternoon, Kendall Merriam read three of his own poems, including “The Man Who Loved Tourists”. “Renaissance”, by Edna St. Vincent Millay, was read by Anita Fernald.

Following a group sing-a-long, Jim Skoglund told about the Kallochs of St. George.  From the records of the First Baptist, in St. George, he followed the Kallochs from 1802 through 1830.

Brad Beckett, author of Of a Place Called St. Georges described the early Kallochs of Cushing and the second and third generation of Kallochs across the river in St. George.

Dean Mayhew, using his expressive and eloquent voice, talked of John I living on the island of South Uist.  It may be that John I, who was under Captain Tom Philips command in France, followed Philips lo Ulster to a company formed in 1601. Noted also, is that John I is listed as servitor (person who exchanged military duty for land), in 1611.

The 126th Kalloch Reunion concluded its program at 3:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Victoria Kalloch Levesque, Secretary

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