The Killough/Kelloch Connection

- From the 1990 Kalloch Newsletter -

It appears that one reason we have not been able to trace ourselves back to the first Kalloch/Kelloch is because we had changed the spelling! 

Ginger August placed an ad in the Genealogical Helper asking for information regarding Finley and David Kellock or Kalloch.  Lo and behold, Miriam Young Pack of Wichita, KS. recognized the names Finley and David and the familiarity between Kalloch and Killough. 

Miriam sent back information on the Killough family who had an ancestor, Robert Killough, who married Margaret Finley and came to America in 1718 on the ship 'William' from Belfast.  They had four children: Finley, David, Allen and John. Mrs. Pack has written a book on the Killough family.  'Kith and Kin of James and Mary (Kellough) Young',  S.C. (1786) to Ala. (1818).  Of course more checking and tracing has to be done, but much of their information matches what we know about the early Kallochs. 

Dean feels that Robert is our missing first Kalloch in this country.  In any case, he is buried in Newville, PA, information that Dean uncovered in The History of Big Springs Church, Cumberland County, Newville, PA by Swoope and The History of Cumberland Valley in PA by Donehoo, Vol. I.

One interesting thing is that the Killoughs meet for a reunion in Jacksonville, TX to commemorate the Killough Massacre of 1838 in Cherokee County, TX where there is a monument to 18 people killed there.

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