“Once upon a time”
Are sad-
They speak of things gone by
That can’t come back
No matter what will come
That good or bad
Are simply said and done
              .....Nancy Kalloch Sack

Once again I shall attempt to write the annual newsletter which was once Nancy’s domain.  Nancy is at New PaIz Nursing Home at P.O. Box 909, #1 Jantzen Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561.  She has that familiar grit and stamina of the Kallochs and is hanging in there!  She had tremendous enjoyment of viewing last year’s tapes of our Kalloch Reunion which gave tribute to her.  She was sent copies of all photographs, videos and program.  Thanks to Jim and Mary Kalloch for their generous donation of the video tapes taken by Jim throughout the program.  Both Don and Nancy would appreciate cards and letters.

We still encourage our members to send any newsworthy items to us.  Address changes are particularly important, as are any deaths, births, marriages, “new” Kalloch relatives, etc.  We look forward to seeing many of you at the August 19, 1995 [128th] Reunion.  Please note the date change this year.

.....Evelyn Kalloch


The reunion last August was very special.  The program was a tribute to Nancy Sack, who was president of the reunion for several years and wrote the reunion newsletter faithfully for many years, including all kinds of news about Kalloch kith and kin.  I thank you all who contributed memorabilia about Nancy and took part in the program.  Nancy is an amazing woman with many talents and a generous spirit, sharing those talents wherever she is.

This year our program will focus on our senior members.  True, there are many Kallochs who have been well-known or fascinating, but we are each special in our own way.  We would especially like to hear from our seniors--what life was like when you were knee high to a grasshopper and what is important to you today.  We will do this in game format so it will be fun.  The program will be video-taped so we can hand it down to our offspring, as well as keeping a copy for the archives.  We’ll start with the oldest and see what happens!  Looking forward to seeing you.

.....Dolores McCarthy


Last year’s program, honoring Nancy Sack, was a great success.  Members enjoyed hearing readings of Nancy’s poems and writings, her accomplishments and personal history.  Vickie prepared a skit from Nancy’s own manuscript Family Reunion, which was was hilarious, and beautifully performed by several members.  The program also included Kalloch Tic-Tac-Toe, a fun game written and organized by Vickie.  All was recorded on video tape by Jim Kalloch and Dee McCarthy.  Please read the attached Secretary’s minutes for the entire recap of this reunion.


Once again, the Merriam family is in the news.  Paul Merriam was selected as “The Rockland Share the Pride” citizen of the month.  To quote, “If there is one person who epitomizes dedication to one’s community and its citizens, it is Paul D. Merriam.”  This award was presented in March, 1994.  Paul and Doris were given a pre-6Oth anniversary party by their children on August 7.  Their actual anniversary date was in January, 1995.  The younger Paul (Gil) also remains in the news.  As executive director of our Rockland- Thomaston Chamber of commerce he has directed the move to temporary quarters on Main Street while the old building is being reconstructed.  He is making several changes in the Chamber’s administration.  As a June, 1994 speaker at the local Rotary, he commented on the inordinate number of famous and near famous people from our relatively small city of Rockland, three of whom were Pulitzer Prize winners.  One of these Prize winners was our ever-popular ancestor Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Other Kalloch family news includes the retirement of Edith Kalloch, after 32 years of service, from Fleet Bank of Rockland.

David Kalloch of Rockland acquired a number of documents and materials from the late Marguerite Gould estate.  Among these were photographs and original letters from Edward Gould requesting Kalloch information.  David generously donated these materials to the Kalloch Family Association.

Edna St. Vincent Millay remains a popular item in local news.  During the funeral of Jacqueline Onassis, daughter Caroline read from Edna’s “Memory of Cape Cod”. In their drive for funds and during their Domestic Violence Awareness Month, New Hope for Women included Edna’s “Dirge Without Music”.  Last September the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport showed the film “Renascence; Edna St. Vincent Millay, Poet”.  In March of this year, Nancy Ogle, a regional finalist in the Metropolitan Opera auditions and recipient of many awards and scholarships, performed a setting of operas of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poetry at the Live Poets Society gathering at Rockland.  In June of 1994 the cast-bronze statue of Edna was forcibly removed from its pedestal and deposited in underbrush.  It was later found and restored at some cost. The Camden Herald stated, “no one disputes the beauty and strength of her poetry, which shows in an untitled and long-unpublished work:

     "You awake in wonder, you awake
at half past four,
     Wondering what wonder is in store.
     You reach for your clothes in the
dark and pull them on,
     You have no time
     Even to wash your face, you have
to climb Megunticook.
     You run through the sleeping town;
you do not arouse
     Even a dog, you are so young and
so light on your feet.
     What a way to live, what a way...
     No breakfast, not even hungry. An
apple, though,
     In the pocket.
     And the only people you meet are

                             .....Edna St. Vincent Millay


Married on September 17, 1994: Alan A. Gross of Groton, CT and Cheryl A. Gervais of Plainfield, CT.  Alan is brother of our president, Dolores McCarthy.

Married on September 10, 1994: Mya-Lisa King and Mark Condon of Northeast Harbor, ME.  Mya-Lisa is daughter of our secretary (and typist!!), Vickie Levesque.

Born 1994: Cecilia Rae Fuller, daughter of Koren Kalloch and Gary Fuller of Rockland, Me. Grandparents are Nancy Kalloch and Charles A. Kalloch of Farmingdale, ME.

The headline read: “Union Farm Family Claims Megabucks Millions!”  Jackie and Howard Hawes of Union, ME, won the Tri-State Megabucks in 1994.  I believe the Hawes are of Kalloch ancestry.  Congratulations!

Nice article in the Camden Herald regarding Edgar Johnson, who is long retired from a state job and is now “stern man” aboard a lobstering boat with his nephew.  Edgar had his own lobster boat in the 1960’s so has plenty of experience.  His dog, Sundae, is the third member of the crew. Edgar’s wife is Eleanor, who is a Kalloch.

James Skoglund has sent us copies of his research of the Kallochs mentioned in the St. George Church records, 1799-1830; the records of the Social Library, 1804-1870; the records of Hezekiah Prince as Justice of the Peace, 1804-1813. Thanks to Jim.

Had an interesting conversation with a lady who came from Scotland.  She recalled one Archibald Kelloch who lived in Galashields c 1930-40.  He served in World War I in France.  He may have been from Edinborough, she said.

A news item regarding the transfer of the Narrow Gauge Railroad and cars from South Carver, Mass. to Portland for a tourist attraction was of interest because our cousin Linwood Moody of Union, ME was instrumental in creating the Edaville Railroad in Carver along with Ellis Atwood on Mr. Atwood’s 1800- acre cranberry farm.  Linwood wrote the book The Maine Two-Footers , the story of the two-foot railroads in Maine.

Linwood was grandson our infamous Belinda Kalloch and cousin of my husband, Phil.


Jean Gannet Hawley died at age 70 September 4, 1994.
Faustina Spring of St. George died June 6, 1994 at Rockland, age 96.
Thelma Kalloch Bennett, age 90, died August 11, 1994 at Deland, FL.
Charles D. Gould of Shiloh, NC died November 27, 1992, brother of Marguerite Gould.
Edwin L. Howard died in February 1994 at Port Angeles, WA.
Audrey Peavey Hanscom died November 9, 1994 at Portsmouth, NH.



AUGUST 19, 1995

PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE---We are unable to reserve space for our regular date.  Our [128th] reunion will be held at the Samoset Resort in the Schooner Room on Saturday, August 19, 1995.  Again, lunch will be served buffet style with a wide variety of tasty choices. as noted in the President’s message, the program should be fun from the start!  President Dee has formulated a plan to honor our senior members of the Kalloch Family Association.  We hope that all of you will come forth with some interesting anecdotes of your lives and of Kalloch history.  Following is a brief outline of the day’s activities:



10:00 A.M.
11:00 A.M.
12:00 P.M.
1:30 P.M.

  EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION IS JULY 22, 1995 (register early and qualify for a chance at drawing first prize!), AND DEADLINE FOR ALL REGISTRATIONS IS AUGUST 5, 1995.

Evelyn N. Kalloch, Treas. and Corresponding Sec.
Victoria Kalloch Levesque, Recording Sec.

Mailing labels courtesy of Norman Kalloch, Jr. of Hampden, ME

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