111th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1978

(Transcribed from the original typewritten copy.)

Aug. 11, 1978

The 111th Kalloch Reunion met at the IOOF Hall in Warren, Me. with 54 adults and 4 children present.

Pres. Peter Richardson opened the meeting with the suggested type of roll call: each one standing when the name of their back ground was called off.  The Keller group out numbered all of the others.

There was some discussion on where to meet another year.  The majority seemed to be for the same arrangement.

The Pres. nominated the following nominating committee: Francis Hjerpe, Owls Head, Me.; Leola Robinson, St. George,; Harold Kallock Jr.; Doris K. Morgan, and Lee Kalloch.

Sec. & treas. reports were read and accented.  Letters were read some some members who could not attend and others reporting deaths.

A bill for $18.21 for postage was presented.

The nominating committee reported the list officers for 1979: Pres. Nancy Sack, Stone Ridge, N.Y; V. Pres. Elinor Johnson, Camden, Me.; Sec. & Treas. Hazel Hills, Warren, Me.; Historian Rev. Peter Richardson, Kennebunk, Me.; Assistant Historian, Roy Joyce, Pepperell, Mass.  News letter Nancy Sack; Chaplain, Charlene Black, Tenents Harbor; Honorary Chaplain, Mrs. Mabel Rollins, Rockland, & W. Somerville, Mass.  Obituary reports please send to the secretary or historian.

We are especially grateful to have Peter Richardson as Historian.  Bertha Drewett left a tremendous amount of genealogy and records as Historian of the Kalloch Reunion.  Her records show tremendous research - libraries, scrapbooks, cemetery stores etc.  In five years she served us well.  Peter has already a store house of genealogy and with these two combined we have a prize collection of the Kalloch Family background.  If we can only add to this the records of Judge Edward K. Gould (a  former Historian), we will possess a rare collection of family history.

A standing ovation was given Peter Richardson for his work for the reunion the past 6 years.

General discussion followed, and the search for the time and reason for the charge fromí the name of Kalloch to Keller for some branches is the big question.

The oldest in attendance were: Henrietta Knowlton, Camden and Lina Heald, Lincolnville tied for 87 years.  Bradbury Richardson and Karen Kalloch tied as the youngest, age 6.
The Arthur Olsons of Laguna, Cal. came the longest distance.

The Olsons celebrated their 50th wedding ann. also while visiting Mrs. Olsonís sister Francis Hjerpe, in Owls Head.

Leola Robinson has been in attendance at the reunions at least 70 years.  Leola is not only a faithful member but she and her sister Faustena Spring held the reunion together many years.  The reunion was held at the St. George Grange hall for a long time arid much of their good cooking was shared with us all.

The reunion was held a week earlier this year, Voted to continue to meet the third Sat. Aug. 18, 1979 is the date for next year.

The meeting adjourned,

Respectfully  submitted,
Hazel Hills, Sec.

(Typewritten treasurer's report followed, and was not included here.)

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