Glennys (Kalloch) & Lloyd Gross Family
Glennys is a daughter of Maurice Lester Kalloch & Glennie Emma Rowe



Glennys Ava Kalloch - Graduation Picture

Glennys Ava Kalloch - Age 16
Graduation Day, 1928

Glennys & Lloyd Gross
on their honeymoon 1929

Glennys holding daughter Anita

Glennys holding daughter Anita
 ca. 1938

Gross Family Five - 1942
(Top row): Dolores Ava Gross (age 12), Alexis Maurice Gross (age 10)
(Bottom row): Alan Rowe Gross (age 7), Anita Louise Gross (age 5), Jeanine Ann Gross (age 9)

Anita - Age 2 - 1939
At the chicken coop on Hosmer Pond Rd.,
Camden, ME

Anita - Age 3 - 1940
At Grampi Gross's home on 72 Elm St.,
Camden, ME

Lloyd & Glennys' five children

Lloyd & Glennys' five children

(L to R): Alan, Dolores, Anita, Alexis, Jeanine
At Kalloch Reunion 8/17/02

At Kalloch Reunion 8/17/02

(L to R): Alex Gross, Jeanine Lawrence, Victor Lawrence, Alan Gross

Alan's obituary

Glennys and Lloyd Gross - 1988
 at granddaughter Julies' wedding
Glennys Ava (Kalloch) Gross

Glennys Ava (Kalloch) Gross
 at Kalloch Reunion - (year not indicated on photo)

Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Gross

Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Gross

Waterford couple married 50 years

        Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd O. Gross of Boston Post Road, Waterford, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently at a party at the Groton Lodge of Elks.

     They were married June 6, 1929, in Camden, Maine, and moved to Connecticut in 1963.  They are former residents of Scotland, Mystic and Groton.

Mr. Gross was a first class welder at General Dynamics-Electric Boat in Groton until he retired in 1974.
     The party was hosted by the couple's children.  They are Dolores McCarthy and Alan Gross, both of Norwich; Alexis Gross of Rochester, Jeanine Lawrence of Ledyard and Anita Butler of Mystic.
     The couple have 17 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Article from: The Day, New London, Conn., Thursday, May 31, 1979

Dear Black Cat,

     Lloyd Gross and his wife Glenys dropped in from Connecticut to visit last week.  I've met them before as Glenys is a second cousin to the late Myrtle Gilchrest Ray, who sold me the old house where I now live, and Glenys stops in every summer to see her great-uncle's homestead.  Myrtle was a third cousin to my mother, Marianne Gilchrest Skoglund, which is why I was able to buy the house.  Myrtle wanted it kept in the family.  Glenys is also a third cousin to my mother and a second cousin to Gramp Wiley's father.  Gramp Wiley is my fourth cousin. 
     I thought I had all of those facts pretty well under control until last week when Glenys brought her daughter, Anita Fernald, with her.  Then I had to learn that Anita is not only a fourth cousin to me and Gramp Wiley but a first cousin to Ray Gross who lives over on Hayden Point.  That's because her father, Lloyd is Ray's uncle.  Got it?

Robert Skoglund, 
The Humble Farmer

(Article from: The Courier-Gazette, date not indicated on the clipping.)

Daryl Caudry at Kalloch Reunion 1998

Daryl Caudry at Kalloch Reunion 1998
Daughter of Dolores, granddaughter of Lloyd & Glennys
(child is not identified in photo)


Christy Michelle Pettit

Christy Michelle Pettit
Granddaughter of Dolores, great-granddaughter
of Lloyd & Glennys

Edward John Lawrence memorial photo

Edward John Lawrence
1959 - 2002
Son of Jeanine & Victor Lawrence
Grandson of Lloyd & Glennys Gross

Edward's obituary

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