Rufus Gilmore Kalloch
Son of Adam Kelloch & Mary "Polly" Butler


Rufus Gilmore Kalloch, Sr.
1800 - 1891

    In 1838 a dam was built across the Big Machias river by George W. Buckmore of Ellsworth, William Parsons of Eastbrook, James McCaron of New Brunswick and others.  They planned to build a mill but the spring freshet of 1839 carried the dam away.  They rebuilt the darn in September and the mill was erected.  This mill became the nucleus of the little settlement, and many new settlers arrived in 1839.
    Rufus G. Kallock arrived in the spring of 1839 from China, Maine.  He had traveled from Bangor to Masardis with his family by horse team.  At Masardis he made a raft of boards on which they floated down the Aroostook river to their new home.  Mr. Kalloch represented the district in the state legislature in 1842.  He built the first church in Ashland and taught school for 20 years.  He served as trial justice for 47 years before his death in 1891.  (Source of this article is not known).

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