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Kalloch Family News



Reverend Joseph Kalloch, First Reunion President - 1867

Virtual and In-Person Reunion - Saturday, August 18, 2023
10:45 – 2:00 PM Eastern Time



Meeting ID: 814 5760 3082  Password: a26aLd



Greetings, Kallochs! If you’re anything like I was when I first started attending the Kalloch Reunion, you may be wondering why we want your money. It’s a valid question, and here’s what I hope you will consider to be a valid answer: In short, ensuring that we continue our family legacy and preserve our history for the current and future generations is not free. We use our funds to pay for the cost of printing and mailing our annual newsletter. We have to pay for the use of the space, refreshments, and now a Zoom subscription for our gathering each year. Outside of our annual gathering, our funds go toward maintaining our family website, gravestone repair, and other miscellaneous expenses. We are an entirely non-profit organization, and all of our officers are unpaid volunteers. It is only through the generosity of donors like you that we are able to keep our family traditions alive.

I hope you will consider making a donation to our reunion association this year. For the first time, we will be offering a donate button on our website.

And as always, you will have the option to mail a check or contribute in-person at the gathering. Many of you are familiar with our tradition of passing around the tin coffee pot to collect donations at the reunion. As we have the opportunity to meet safely in person once again, we will continue our tradition of “passing the pot” that has been used to support the Kalloch Reunion for generations. The other officers and I thank you very much in advance for your contributions.

Familial regards,
Paul Wilson, Treasurer

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Feel free to visit our prize winning web site Kalloch.org and conversations on our KFRA Facebook Page,
and our Descendants of Finley Kelloch Family Genealogy Group on Facebook!

2023 Kalloch Newsletter - In pdf format 

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Contact Paul Wilson and send him your name & address

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