135th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 2002

The business meeting portion of the 135th Kalloch Family Reunion was called to order at 10:40 a.m. on August 17, 2002, at the Warren Baptist Church in Warren, Maine.  President Jeanine Lawrence welcomed 52 attendees.

The secretary’s report, given by Victoria Levesque, was amended to include the Kalloch website address.

The treasurer’s report, given by Evelyn Kalloch, as of August 17, 2002: the beginning balance was $611.00.  Additional money included deposits from the 90-day CD at $1,163.92, checking interest at $2.11, reservations at $662.00, donations at $482, coffee pot donations at 124.54 and the wine raffle (thanks to Alex Gross for donating a bottle of his wine) at $50. Expenses included: website at $345, memorials at $50, postage and printing at $276.48, supplies at $6.30, luncheon buffet at $552, contribution to Warren Baptist Church at $100, reunion gifts/plaques at $198.27, and genealogy copies at $145.76. Checkbook balance is $1,421.76 and Certificate of Deposit is $2,265.16.  There are no accounts receivable.  Under Accounts Payable, from 1994, we still owe two genealogy sets: New England Historic Genealogical Society and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Utah.

President Lawrence asked for predicted major expenses for the upcoming year.  Ken Kalloch expected to need about $250 for printing costs and $100 to maintain web service.  Peter Richardson could not predict the costs for publishing the genealogy. 

Evelyn Kalloch noted these deaths: Norman Kalloch, Sr., Flora Kalloch Peavey Place, and Max Place.

There was no old business.

There were several events/people honored.  Frances Hjerpe was given a bouquet of flowers to honor her 100th birthday in January 2003.  It was noted that she had been coming to every Kalloch reunion since she was three years old.  Gerry Kearns was congratulated on her marriage this past July to Mohamed Makhlouf. 

Also honored with plaques were Peter Richardson and Ken Kalloch (photo).  Peter Richardson not only has maintained and organized the family history as historian for a number of years, but has, this past year, typed more than 1800 pages of genealogy.  His diligence and hard work are well appreciated by members of the association.  Ken Kalloch took on the role of webmaster this year.  He stated that he began the Kalloch website using Peter Richardson’s booklet, “Introducing the Kallochs”, as a guide.  Later he added his own New England Genealogical information to make the website more interesting to a wider range of researchers.  Ken then retyped all 1800 pages of the Kalloch genealogy onto the website, condensing it into 269 pages with all the names indexed (photo).  This brings the Kalloch Association closer to having the genealogy published.  We credit Ken with an amazing amount of work in a year’s time. 

The work of these two men has assured that Kalloch history will be preserved and enjoyed for many years to come.  The Kalloch Association membership thanks them.

Under new business Peter Richardson announced he had arranged with Dexter Olsen for a group photograph with a digital camera in the afternoon.  Ruth Baker noted that the Scottish Festival in Brunswick, sponsored by the Saint Andrews Society of Maine, occurs on the same weekend as the Kalloch Reunion.  She asked about the possibility of combining events or changing the date of the Kalloch Reunion.  Discussion included the fact that the Scottish Festival is a three day event, therefore, members of the Kalloch Association could attend on alternate days.  Also, to change the date of the Kalloch Reunion would be difficult, as Peter Richardson noted that people come to events if they are scheduled on a regular basis.  There was no further discussion.

Ruth Baker mentioned the book How the Scots Invented the Modern World, by Arthur Herman.

Barbara Sanborn stated that anyone can become a member of the St. Andrews Society with a Scottish descendency.  She can be contacted for the address.  Jeanine Lawrence asked for three volunteers to organize next year’s meeting.  June Parmenter, Pat Stephens, and Eleanor Richardson offered to sit on this committee.  Eleanor and Peter Richardson offered their home in Rockland for next year’s meeting. Peter did note that his home and barn, though big enough to accommodate the reunion, was not handicapped accessible.

Ken Kalloch presented his notebook of printed pages of the Kalloch website for members to peruse.

Other awards presented were: Furthest Traveled was Deloros Saletic from Kirkland, Washington.  Others who traveled far were Zame Crocker of San Diego, California and Bert and Gilda Keller from Arizona. Longest married was Robert and Agnes Crabtree at 62+ years.  Oldest award went to Frances Hjerpe at nearly 100 years old and Youngest to Courtney Alexis O’Connell at 3 1/2 months.  Early Bird award again went to Frances Hjerpe and Door Prize went to Deb Lovely. Noted, also, attending was Eleanor Richardson (Peter’s mother) at age 90 years.

The nominating committee of Bob Crabtree, Barbara Sanborn, and Peter Richardson presented the slate of officers.  Nominated were: President, Julia Hunter; Vice Presidents, Gerry Kearns Makhlouf, Ruth Wade, Ken Kalloch, Phillip Kalloch; Recording Secretary, Victoria Levesque; Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary, Evelyn Kalloch; Registrar, June Parmenter; Chaplain, Elinor Johnson; Historians, Dean Mayhew, Peter Richardson.  Members were elected as presented.

Nominating committee for next year will remain with Bob Crabtree, Barbara Sanborn, and Peter Richardson.

The business meeting concluded at 11:40.

Afternoon speakers included Peter Richardson, who told of the three oldest churches in Warren and of Finley and his children; Ken Kalloch, who gave an overview of the Kalloch website (with over 7000 “hits” during past year); and Dean Mayhew, who spoke of “how we got here”.

Respectfully submitted,
Victoria Kalloch Levesque

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