107th Kalloch Reunion Minutes - 1974

(Transcribed from the original typewritten copy.)

Aug. 24, 1974

The 107th and very interesting and informative Reunion of the Kalloch Family was held at Crescent Beach Inn, Owls Head, with an attendance of 47 adults and three children.

The Pres. Peter Richardson opened the meeting with roll call - each one giving their connection to the Kalloch Family.

The oldest member present was Edna Berry of Quincy, Mass. age 84, youngest Bradbury Peterson of Weymouth, Mass. age 2.  Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kalloch of B. C. Canada came the longest distance of 4500 miles.

Sec. & Treas. reports were read and accepted.  Collection was $26.30.

Suggestions were made as to where we could meet another year - one at a new inn at Tenants Harbor, another at the new Odd Fellow’s hall in Warren, on Rt. 90.  A committee for arrangements was appointed by the Pres, as follows: Charlene Black, Francis Hjerpe, & Hazel Hills.

Norman Kalloch, Leola Robinson & Margurite Gould were appointed by the Pres. as nominating corn.

Harold Kalloch spoke of a group of Kallochs that met each year in San Francisco.  Thru this group an opera is being written on Isaac Kalloch.  He spoke of many accomplishments of Isaac Kalloch and of his plans to go to Kansas and get more of the history of Isaac Kalloch.

Nancy Sack suggested having a news type letter compiled and mailed out.  Interesting articles, questions etc. to be the contents of the letter.  A motion was made to have the letter and a committee.  Nancy Sack and Norma Kalloch were appointed.  So voted.  Volunteers were asked to help with mailing out the letters.

Harold Kalloch told of his plans to write a complete history of the Kalloch Family which he is already working on and came to the reunion in hopes of getting extensive records to go with it.  A committee was appointed to work on the history as follows: Harold Kalloch, Nancy Sack, Bertha Drewett, Shirley Keller, Charles Gould and Ms Joel Faria.

Suggestions were made as to having .. subscribers or membership of an assoc. with a fee to help on cost of letters etc.  The Pres, suggested another year to think of the possibility of incorporating.

The nominating committee reported the following officers: Pres. Peter Richardson
Vice Pres. Nancy Sack
Sec. & Treas. Hazel Hills
Historians Bertha Drewett & Nancy Sack
Chaplain Mabel Rollins

A motion was made the Sec. cast one ballot for officers nominated.  So voted.

The coat of arms brought in by Mrs. Raymond Knowlton was displayed and comments were made about it by the Pres.

Many were interested In getting more data on the Keller connections with the Kallochs.  Harold Kalloch had a letter read from the Rockland Public Library written to Mrs. J. R. Russell in 1940 containing information on Capt. Isaac Keller. 

The death of three sisters was reported:
Lida Heald Inman 1972
Elsie   “ Collemer 1973
Vera    “ Dyer       1973

Poems by Norma Kalloch were read by Nancy Sack.

Voted to adjourn.
Hazel Hills Sec.

(Typewritten treasurer's report followed, and was not included here.)

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