Anita L. Fernald, President
P.O. Box 344
East Lyme, CT 06333

July 9, 1991

Dear Kallochs, Kellochs, Kellaughs, Kelloggs, and their Descendants, I am writing to remind you of this yearís [124th] KALLOCH reunion to be held on Saturday, August 24, at the usual time, at the St. George Grange Hall.  Also, it will be a catered luncheon again this year as it was so popular and well done last year, everyone appeared to appreciate it.  So what we need most of all from you, is an RSVP to Charlene Black, so she can let the caterers know just how many people would like to be catered.

I apologize for this (attempt at a) Newsletter being so late, but perhaps you do not know that Nancy Sack, who has so generously been doing the Newsletter for all of us in the past, and I might add, very well, has lost her Father this year, and has found herself to be under a great deal of strain and responsibility, and just cannot find the time any longer to do it.  She certainly let me know in plenty of time, but I have had my share of personal stress, due to many factors in my life and, therefore, am just getting around to writing something to you now.  So it is not Nancy who is remiss, but me, for not having heard anything till now.

I donít find myself to be the literate scholar that Nancy had treated us with, nor do I have access to all of the news that she had her hands on, news that we all looked forward to, therefore, I am seeking someone among us, who lives more centrally to you folks in Maine, and someone who would enjoy being the new newsletter writer.  Perhaps someone who has always secretly aspired to be a writer, and never had the time to do so.  Or maybe someone who loves to gossip, or just write the news from someone that has the news.  I know that I would enjoy it, but I fear that the distance between me and the rest of you folks, would be too costly to want to contact me with anything newsworthy, unless of course it was sent by mail.

Plans are under-way for our 125th Kalloch family reunion.  We held a Committee meeting at Peter Richardsonís home in Kennebunk in October.  Our hope and intent is to create some enthusiasm for the younger folks, to bring them out of their shells and inspire then to join us, and help carry on their legacy.  But, there are still decisions and plans to be made.  Letsí bring our thoughts and ideas to the reunion, and maybe we can settle some things at that time.  Also new names & addresses, please.

Thank you, Anita.

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