Mary Estelle (Brandenburg) Tollefson
Daughter of Ethel May Gregory & Henry Verlin Brandenburg
Wife of Jack McHenry Tollefson


Jack & Mary Tollefson

    My connection with the Kallochs is maternal - i.e. my mother, Ethel Gregory; her mother Emma Galbreath; her mother Roseltha Butler - daughter of Eliza Kalloch who married Brackett Butler in 1834.  Born in 1922 in Appleton, Wisconsin, on my 21st. birthday I joined the WAAC, and became an electronics technician, at Aberdeen Proving Gd., Maryland.  In Aug. 1945 I married the boy "from next door" when he returned from New Guinea.  We eventually raised 2 sons, both now married.  J. L. is an electronics service person in Houston.  Mark is a Lt. Col. in the Air Force, his son is 13 and daughter will be 8.  I discovered the Kallochs of Maine through "Yankee" Magazine's reunion column in 1987.


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