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Killough/Kalloch Family

Robert Killough to Kenneth D. Kalloch.

1.      Robert Killough b. N. Ireland, m. Margaret Finley.  Our immigrant ancestors are Robert and Margaret (Finley) Killough (or Kellough) and Finley, one of their four sons, who came in the William from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, to Boston in 1718.  From Boston they journeyed to the frontier village of Worcester.  Presbyterians were not welcome and Robert soon moved to Portsmouth where they set up a fish oil factory.  When this burned Robert and the rest of his family went south to Donegal, Pennsylvania.  Only Finley stayed in New England.  Finley and his family were in Nova Scotia during King George's War in 1745 when New England forces, supported by the British Navy took over the fort from French troops. He stayed there for some time to help garrison the fort ("Fortress of Louisbourg"). During this time, Finley re-adopted the Scottish spelling "Kelloch" for our name. Finley's parents and siblings who moved on to Pennsylvania kept the Irish spelling of the name "Killough".  Finley's descendants are in the Kalloch Database, Finley's siblings descendants are in the Killough Database.

                      i      David Kellough  rem., Philadelphia.
            2.       ii     Finley b. 1719.
                      iii    John Killough.
                      iv    Allen Killough. 

Second Generation 

2.      Finley Killough b. 1719, N. Ireland, m. Mary Young, b. 12 Jun 1700, (daughter of John Young) d. 21 Sep 1795, Warren, ME.  Finley was only 14 when his first child, David was born in 1725.  This may explain why he came north in 1735 with his parents-in-law.  His wife, Mary Young was 11 years his senior.  For several generations none of the Maine Kellochs named their children after Finley's father, Robert, making it likely a family dispute was associated with this move.

                      i      David Kelloch b. 1725, d. 18 Feb. 1802.  d. without chil.
                      ii     John Kelloch d. St. George.  (The "Annals of Warren, ME", p. 403 states that: John m. ________McFetheredge).
                      iii     Mary Kelloch.
            3.       iv    Matthew b. 29 Mar 1737.
                      v     Alexander Kelloch b. 1740, d. 14 Feb. 1826, Warren, ME.
                      vi    Margaret Kelloch. 

Third Generation 

3.      Matthew Kelloch b. 29 Mar 1737, Warren, ME, m. 3 May 1758, Mary Robinson, b. 31 Jan 1739, Warren, ME, (daughter of Moses Robinson and Mary Fitzgerald) d. 31 Nov 1839, St. George, ME.  Matthew died 22 Mar 1824, St. George, ME.

                      i      David Kelloch.
                      ii     Margaret Kelloch d. unmarried, St. George.
            4.       iii     Finley.
                      iv    Moses Kelloch d. ab. 1826.
                      v     Mary (Polly) Kelloch d. St George.
                      vi    Susannah Jane Kelloch d. St. George.
                      vii    Catherine Y. (Katie) Kelloch d. St. George.
                      viii   Matthew Kelloch Jr..
            5.       ix    Hanse Robinson b. 16 Aug 1778.
                      x     Sarah Kelloch. 

Fourth Generation 

4.      Finley Keller d. Camden.  (m.1. Mary Gardner, m.2. Polly Boyd, m.3. Hannah Gardner).

                      i      Ezekiel D. Kellar.
                      ii     Lydia Keller.
                      iii     John Keller. Capt.
                      iv    Finley Keller.
                      v     Moses Keller.
            6.       vi    Mary.
                      vii    Mehitable Keller.
                      viii   Susan Keller. 

5.      Hanse Robinson Kelloch b. 16 Aug 1778, St. George, ME, m. 7 Jun 1814, Sarah H. Phinney.  Hanse died 9 Dec 1866, St. George, ME.

                      i      Matthew Kalloch d. unm.
                      ii     Shepard Kalloch d. unm.
            7.       iii     Adam Boyd b. Oct 1822.
                      iv    Josiah Kalloch d. At Sea.  Capt.
                      v     Hanse Kalloch d. California.
                      vi    William Kalloch d. At Sea.
                      vii    Warren D. Kalloch b. ab. 1827, occupation a mariner, d. 1864, by accident on board ship at Buffalo.
                      viii   Ludwig  S. Kalloch.
                      ix    Jane Ann Kalloch d. Framingham, MA.
                      x     Eliza Helen M. Kalloch.
                      xi    Moses L. Kelloch (?).

Fifth Generation 

6.      Mary Keller m. 27 Sep 1808, John Pillsbury, b. 1789, Ash Point, ME, (son of Joseph Pillsbury and Sarah Emery) occupation Blacksmith, d. 5 Sep 1832, S. Thomaston, ME.  Mary died 9 Feb 1882, Thomaston, ME.

            8.       i      Mary b. 1809.
                      ii     Jane Pillsbury d. d. young, Boston, MA.
                      iii     Hannah Pillsbury.
                      iv    Dennis Pillsbury b. 14 Nov. 1814, d. 24 Oct. 1852, S. Thomaston, ME.  Capt.
                      v     Mahitable (Mehitable) E. Pillsbury b. ab. 1817.
                      vi    George Pillsbury d. d. young. 

7.      Adam Boyd Kalloch b. Oct 1822, St. George, ME, m. 7 Dec 1845, Ephia (Effie) Linneken, b. 18 Nov 1827, St. George, ME, (daughter of James Linekin and Sarah "Sally" Gilchrest) d. 15 Jul 1910, Thomaston, ME, buried: N. Parrish, St. George, ME.  Adam died 13 Feb 1854, At Sea.

                      i      Raymond G. Kalloch b. 1848, St. George, ME, d. 13 Apr 1878.
                      ii     Alice M. Kalloch b. 20 Dec 1851, St. George, ME.
            9.       iii     Adam Boyd b. 29 Aug. 1853.

Sixth Generation 

8.      Mary Pillsbury b. 1809, Ash Point, ME, m. p. 16 Dec. 1826, Hezekiah Stover, b. 1803/4, St. George, ME, (son of Caleb Stover and Sarah Clark). Mary died 10 Nov. 1857, St. George, ME.

                      i      John Stover b. 22 June 1827, St. George, ME.
            10.     ii     Mary Jane b. 26 Dec 1828.
                      iii     Hezekiah Stover b. 17 Jan. 1831, St. George, ME.
                      iv    Melissa Stover b. 1 Dec. 1832, St. George, ME.
                      v     Dennis Stover b. 2 Dec. 1834, St. George, ME.
                      vi    Elias Stover b. 22 Nov. 1836, St. George, ME.
                      vii    Ephraim Stover b. 6 Apr. 1839, St. George, ME.
                      viii   Andrew Stover b. 23 Feb. 1841, St. George, ME.
                      ix    Hannah Stover b. 4 Feb. 1843, St. George, ME.
                      x     Sarah Stover b. 13 Mar. 1844, St. George, ME.
                      xi    Julia Stover b. 10 May 1847, St. George, ME.
                      xii    Martha Stover b. 14 Oct. 1848, St. George, ME.
                      xiii   Loretta Stover b. 9 Sept. 1851, St. George, ME.

9.      Adam Boyd Kalloch b. 29 Aug. 1853, St. George, ME, m. 8 Apr. 1877, Caroline (Callie) Tyler Chaples, b. 28 Nov. 1857, St. George, ME, (daughter of Robert Chaples and Mary Jane Stover) d. 21 Dec. 1941, Concord, NH.  Adam died 12 July 1917, Rockland, ME.

                      i      Myrtle (Myrtie) Snow Kalloch b. 18 Nov. 1877, St. George, ME, d. 6 July 1928.
                      ii     Laura M. Kalloch b. 25 June 1879, St. George, ME, d. 19 June 1967.
            11.     iii     Sumner Boyd b. 11 APR 1881.
                      iv    Alice M. Kalloch b. 4 Apr. 1887, St. George, ME, d. 28 Apr. 1985, Concord, NH.
                      v     Horace W. Kalloch b. 17 Aug. 1888, St. George, ME, d. 1909, At Sea.
                      vi    Leroy F. Kalloch b. 7 Jan. 1892, St. George, ME.
                      vii    Olive Hazel Kalloch b. 2 June 1893, St. George, ME, d. 8 Dec. 1973.
                      viii   Herbert Kalloch b. 18 June 1895, St. George, ME.
                      ix    Harold Kalloch b. 18 June 1895, St. George, ME.
                      x     Ethel E. Kalloch b. 28 Jan. 1897, St. George, ME.
                      xi    Elmer D. Kalloch b. 8 Nov. 1897, St. George, ME, d. 11 Sept. 1962.
                      xii    Carl Hazelton Kalloch b. 14 May 1901, St. George, ME.

Seventh Generation 

10.    Mary Jane Stover b. 26 Dec 1828, m. Robert Chaples, b. 1826, (son of Robert Chaples and Mary Jones) d. 7 Oct 1888.  Mary died 14 Mar 1915.

                      i      Laura Chaples b. 2 Apr 1851, St. George, ME.
                      ii     Cloria (Chloe L.) Chaples b. 11 May 1853, St. George, ME.
                      iii     Elsina Chaples b. 11 Apr 1855, St. George, ME.
            12.     iv    Caroline (Callie) Tyler b. 28 Nov. 1857.
                      v     Lydia Chaples b. 11 Oct 1860, St. George, ME, d. 23 Feb 1910.
                      vi    William H. Chaples b. 5 Feb 1863, St. George, ME, d. 24 Feb 1900.
                      vii    Emma Chaples b. 6 Jan 1866, St. George, ME, d. 21 Oct 1888.

11.    Sumner Boyd Kalloch b. 11 APR 1881, St. George, ME, occupation Railroad Express, m. 14 OCT 1908, Ethel M. Dearborn, b. 28 JUL 1888, Newport, NH, (daughter of Eckley Osgood Dearborn and Jennie M. Eastman) d. 18 MAR 1959, Concord, NH, buried: Blossom Hill, Concord, NH.  Sumner died 15 MAY 1967, Concord, NH, buried: Blossom Hill, Concord, NH.

                      i      Maurice Boyd Kalloch b. 11 May 1910, Concord, NH, occupation Teacher, d. 21 Apr 1974, Concord, NH.
                      ii     Olive Louise Kalloch b. 17 Jul 1912, Concord, NH, d. 22 Sep 1913, Concord, NH.
                      iii     Richard Dearborn Kalloch b. 13 Jul 1914, Concord, NH, occupation Telephone Company, d. 6 Oct 1982.
                      iv    Dorothy Elaine Kalloch b. 3 Nov 1916, Concord, NH, d. 9 Jan. 2002, Concord, NH, buried: 12 Jan. 2002, Blossom Hill, Concord, NH.
            13.     v     David Harold b. 10 OCT 1924.

Eighth Generation 

12.    Caroline (Callie) Tyler Chaples (See marriage to number 9.)

13.    David Harold Kalloch b. 10 OCT 1924, Concord, NH, occupation Printer, m. Catherine E. Messer, (details excluded), (daughter of Fred Carlton Messer and Mabel M. Marshall). David died 30 JUN 1983, Concord, NH.

                      i      Kenneth Robert Kalloch b. 7 Dec 1957, d. 7 Dec 1957.
            14.     ii     Kenneth David (details excluded).

Ninth Generation 

14.    Kenneth David Kalloch (details excluded), m. Marjorie E. DeMeester, (details excluded), (daughter of Louis DeMeester and Mary Lou Skinner).

                      i      Katherine Elizabeth Kalloch (details excluded).
                      ii     David Louis Kalloch (details excluded).
                      iii     Susan Anne Kalloch (details excluded).
                      iv    John Daniel Kalloch (details excluded). 

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