Surname Page from the Genealogy of Kenneth D. Kalloch

Phinney Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. Hist. of Lexington, MA, by C. Hudson, 1913, p.528 [Elias Phinney, son of Benjamin Phinney. No mention of Sarah H. Phinney].

  2. Hist. of Thomaston, Rockland & South Thomaston, ME, Vol. II., p.294 (Hanse Kalloch m. Sally Phinney).

  3. ibid., Vol. I., p.270 (1807 -The town having complained of for neglecting to make the county road laid out by Tolman's Pond in 1804, chose a new lawyer, Elias Phinney, agent to answer to that and any other matter that may be brought against it. Phinney was b. at Lexington in 1778; graduated at Harvard in 1801). [Any relation to Sarah H. Phinney??]

  4. War of 1812, Declaration of a Widow for Pension, (Hanse Kalloch m. 7 Jun. 1814, Sarah H. Phinney, neither of them had been m. before).

Sarah H. Phinney to Adam Boyd Kelloch.

1.      Sarah H. Phinney (daughter of ? and ?) m. 7 Jun 1814, Hanse Robinson Kelloch, b. 16 Aug 1778, St. George, ME, (son of Matthew Kelloch and Mary Robinson) d. 9 Dec 1866, St. George, ME.

                      i      Matthew Kalloch d. unm.
                      ii     Shepard Kalloch d. unm.
            2.       iii     Adam Boyd b. Oct 1822.
                      iv    Josiah Kalloch d. At Sea.  Capt.
                      v     Hanse Kalloch d. California.
                      vi    William Kalloch d. At Sea.
                      vii    Warren D. Kalloch b. ab. 1827, occupation a mariner, d. 1864, by accident on board ship at Buffalo.
                      viii   Ludwig  S. Kalloch.
                      ix    Jane Ann Kalloch d. Framingham, MA.
                      x     Eliza Helen M. Kalloch.
                      xi    Moses L. Kelloch (?). 

Second Generation 

2.      Adam Boyd Kalloch b. Oct 1822, St. George, ME, m. 7 Dec 1845, Ephia (Effie) Linneken, b. 18 Nov 1827, St. George, ME, (daughter of James Linekin and Sarah "Sally" Gilchrest) d. 15 Jul 1910, Thomaston, ME, buried: N. Parrish, St. George, ME.  Adam died 13 Feb 1854, At Sea.

                      i      Raymond G. Kalloch b. 1848, St. George, ME, d. 13 Apr 1878.
                      ii     Alice M. Kalloch b. 20 Dec 1851, St. George, ME.
            3.       iii     Adam Boyd b. 29 Aug. 1853.

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