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Chaples/Chapples Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. Grave Stone, Old North Parish Cemetery, St. George, ME (Mary, wife of Robert Chaples, died, Jan. 31, 1865, AE. 73 years).

  2. ibid., (Robert Chaples, died, Sept. 26, 1872, AE. 80 y's & 24 d's).

  3. Hist. of St. George, ME, by Albert J. Smalley, p.10 (Chaples, Mary Stover; chil.: Laura, Cloria, Elsina, Callie, William H., Lydia).

  4. Information from James Skoglund, St. George, ME, 8/26/86 (Hezekiah Stover m. Mary Pillsbury, dau. of John & Mary Kelloch Pillsbury; dau. Mary, m. Richard Chaples, chil. Laura, Cloria, Elsina, Callie, Lydia, William H.).

  5. NH Vital Stats., Death Cert. (Caroline Tyler Kalloch, d. 21 Dec. 1941; b. 28 Nov. 1857; Name of husband: Adam Kallock; Name of Father: Robert Chapples, birthplace: St. George, ME; Name of Mother: Mary Stover, birthplace: St. George, ME; Place of Burial: Rockland, ME, Achorn Cemetery).

Robert Chaples to Sumner Boyd Kalloch.

1.      Robert Chaples b. 1782-86, m. 22 Jul 1808, Mary Jones, b. 1791/2, d. 31 Jan 1865, St. George, ME.  Robert died 26 Sep 1872, St. George, ME.  Father might be Richard Chaples, born bef. 1755?, and son of Boothbay Chaples Mary: 1. According to Steve Sullivan, she is sister of Wm. Jones of St. George, ME.; 2. The Hist. of Rockland, ME, by Smalley, p.76 states: "The Jones family came from Boothbay and are no doubt descended from one of the Jones brothers who came from Ballymony, Ireland to Walpole in 1730". -Steve Sullivan is certain that this information is not correct.

            2.       i      Robert b. 1826.

Second Generation 

2.      Robert Chaples b. 1826, m. Mary Jane Stover, b. 26 Dec 1828, (daughter of Hezekiah Stover and Mary Pillsbury) d. 14 Mar 1915.  Robert died 7 Oct 1888.

                      i      Laura Chaples b. 2 Apr 1851, St. George, ME.
                      ii     Cloria (Chloe L.) Chaples b. 11 May 1853, St. George, ME.
                      iii     Elsina Chaples b. 11 Apr 1855, St. George, ME.
            3.       iv    Caroline (Callie) Tyler b. 28 Nov. 1857.
                      v     Lydia Chaples b. 11 Oct 1860, St. George, ME, d. 23 Feb 1910.
                      vi    William H. Chaples b. 5 Feb 1863, St. George, ME, d. 24 Feb 1900.
                      vii    Emma Chaples b. 6 Jan 1866, St. George, ME, d. 21 Oct 1888. 

Third Generation 

3.      Caroline (Callie) Tyler Chaples b. 28 Nov. 1857, St. George, ME, m. 8 Apr. 1877, Adam Boyd Kalloch, b. 29 Aug. 1853, St. George, ME, (son of Adam Boyd Kalloch and Ephia (Effie) Linneken) d. 12 July 1917, Rockland, ME.  Caroline died 21 Dec. 1941, Concord, NH.

                      i      Myrtle (Myrtie) Snow Kalloch b. 18 Nov. 1877, St. George, ME, d. 6 July 1928.
                      ii     Laura M. Kalloch b. 25 June 1879, St. George, ME, d. 19 June 1967.
            4.       iii     Sumner Boyd b. 11 APR 1881.
                      iv    Alice M. Kalloch b. 4 Apr. 1887, St. George, ME, d. 28 Apr. 1985, Concord, NH.
                      v     Horace W. Kalloch b. 17 Aug. 1888, St. George, ME, d. 1909, At Sea.
                      vi    Leroy F. Kalloch b. 7 Jan. 1892, St. George, ME.
                      vii    Olive Hazel Kalloch b. 2 June 1893, St. George, ME, d. 8 Dec. 1973.
                      viii   Herbert Kalloch b. 18 June 1895, St. George, ME.
                      ix    Harold Kalloch b. 18 June 1895, St. George, ME.
                      x     Ethel E. Kalloch b. 28 Jan. 1897, St. George, ME.
                      xi    Elmer D. Kalloch b. 8 Nov. 1897, St. George, ME, d. 11 Sept. 1962.
                      xii    Carl Hazelton Kalloch b. 14 May 1901, St. George, ME. 

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