Surname Page from the Genealogy of Kenneth D. Kalloch

Young Family

John Young to Matthew Kelloch.

1.      John Young.

            2.       i      Mary b. 12 Jun 1700. 

Second Generation 

2.      Mary Young b. 12 Jun 1700, m. Finley Killough, b. 1719, N. Ireland, (son of Robert Killough and Margaret Finley). Mary died 21 Sep 1795, Warren, ME.  Finley: Finley was only 14 when his first child, David was born in 1725.  This may explain why he came north in 1735 with his parents-in-law.  His wife, Mary Young was 11 years his senior.  For several generations none of the Maine Kellochs named their children after Finley's father, Robert, making it likely a family dispute was associated with this move.

                      i      David Kelloch b. 1725, d. 18 Feb. 1802.  d. without chil.
                      ii     John Kelloch d. St. George.  (The "Annals of Warren, ME", p. 403 states that: John m. ________McFetheredge).
                      iii     Mary Kelloch.
            3.       iv    Matthew b. 29 Mar 1737.
                      v     Alexander Kelloch b. 1740, d. 14 Feb. 1826, Warren, ME.
                      vi    Margaret Kelloch.

Third Generation 

3.      Matthew Kelloch b. 29 Mar 1737, Warren, ME, m. 3 May 1758, Mary Robinson, b. 31 Jan 1739, Warren, ME, (daughter of Moses Robinson and Mary Fitzgerald) d. 31 Nov 1839, St. George, ME.  Matthew died 22 Mar 1824, St. George, ME.

                      i      David Kelloch.
                      ii     Margaret Kelloch d. unmarried, St. George.
            4.       iii     Finley.
                      iv    Moses Kelloch d. ab. 1826.
                      v     Mary (Polly) Kelloch d. St George.
                      vi    Susannah Jane Kelloch d. St. George.
                      vii    Catherine Y. (Katie) Kelloch d. St. George.
                      viii   Matthew Kelloch Jr..
            5.       ix    Hanse Robinson b. 16 Aug 1778.
                      x     Sarah Kelloch. 

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