Surname Page from the Genealogy of Kenneth D. Kalloch

Eastman Family

Sources & Research Notes:
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Roger EASTMAN to Kenneth D. KALLOCH

1.      Roger Eastman.

            2.       i      John.

Second Generation 

2.      John Eastman m. Ann, b. Eng., d. Eng.  John died 1602, Ramsey, Co., Southampton, Eng.

            3.       i      Roger b. 1611.

Third Generation 

3.      Roger Eastman b. 1611, Wales* Wilts., Eng., m. Sarah Smith, b. 1621, (daughter of Thomas Smith and Mary Knapp) d. 11 Mar 1697, Salisbury, MA.  Roger died 16 Dec 1694, Salisbury, MA.

*(Note from Loretta Eastman Landerman, 3/7/09: As an Eastman Genealogist, I see on your site a mistake which I hope you won't mind my correcting. Guy Rix made a mistake when he said Roger Eastman (1610-11) was born in Wales. He was born in Wilts, England. This is an easy mistake as writing the word Wilts could be interpreted as Wales. But the Eastmans were never Welsh. I have visited the town where Roger was born and have found may facts to prove this. I read often where so many Eastmans think they are Welsh and it is because of Rix's mistake. I hope you can repair the mistake on your site and pass the word on. Wilts is short for Wiltshire, a county north of Southhampton, and it was from that town that Roger eventually sailed to America.)

                      i      John Eastman b. 9 Jan. 1640, Salisbury, MA, d. 25 Mar. 1720.
                      ii     Nathaniel Eastman b. 18 Mar. 1643, Salisbury, MA, d. 30 Nov. 1709.
                      iii    Philip Eastman b. 20 Oct. 1644, Salisbury, MA.
                      iv    Thomas Eastman b. 11 Sept. 1646, Salisbury, MA, d. 29 Apr. 1688, Haverhill.
                      v     Timothy Eastman b. 29 Sept. 1648, Salisbury, MA, d. 1 Apr. 1733, Hadley, MA.
                      vi    Joseph Eastman b. 8 Nov. 1650, Salisbury, MA, d. 4 Apr. 1692.
            4.       vii    Benjamin b. 12 Dec 1652.
                      viii   Sarah Eastman b. 25 July 1655, Salisbury, MA, d. 1 Dec. 1745.
                      ix    Samuel Eastman b. 20 Sept. 1657, Salisbury, MA, d. 27 Feb. 1725.
                      x     Ruth Eastman b. 21 Jan. 1661, Salisbury, MA.

Fourth Generation

4.      Benjamin Eastman b. 12 Dec 1652, Salisbury, MA, m. (1) 5 Apr 1678, Anne Pitts, d. 13 Dec 1698, m. (2) 4 Apr. 1699, Naomi Flanders, d. 24 July 1718, m. (3) 5 Oct. 1719, Sarah ______.  Benjamin died bef. 4 Mar 1728.

                      i      Benjamin Eastman b. 8 Feb. 1678/9, Salisbury, MA.
            5.       ii     Edmund b. 20 Jan 1680.
                      iii    Jeremiah Eastman b. 18 Feb. 1682, Salisbury, MA, d. 1733.
                      iv    Joseph Eastman b. 29 Mar. 1685, d. d. young.
                      v     Joseph Eastman b. 17 July 1700, Salisbury, MA.

Fifth Generation 

5.      Edmund Eastman b. 20 Jan 1680, Salisbury, MA, m. 10 May 1708, Susannah Singletary, b. 19 Sept. 1681, Haverhill, MA, (daughter of Nathaniel Singletary and Sarah Belknap) d. 1761.  Edmund died 18 Mar 1719.

                      i      Hannah Eastman b. 13 Feb. 1710, d. 4 Oct. 1810.
            6.       ii     Edmund b. 21 May 1715.
                      iii    Benjamin Eastman b. 23 Aug. 1717.

Sixth Generation 

6.      Edmund Eastman b. 21 May 1715, m. 17 Aug 1743, (wid.) Hannah Hill, b. 1715, d. 21 Aug 1806.  Edmund died 21 Oct 1804.  (wid.): Grandmother of Gov. Hill of N.H.

                      i      Jemima Eastman b. 1 Mar. 1750, Hampstead, NH, d. 10 Mar. 1821.
            7.       ii     Edmund b. 3 Apr 1752.
                      iii    Joshua Eastman b. 31 Aug. 1754, Hampstead, NH, d. 1 Feb. 1841.
                      iv    Susannah Eastman b. 13 Oct. 1763, Hampstead, NH.

Seventh Generation 

7.      Edmund Eastman b. 3 Apr 1752, Hampstead, NH, m. Mary Davis, b. 1752, d. 30 Aug 1836, Corinth, VT.  Edmund died 15 Mar 1838, Corinth, VT.

                      i      Hannah Eastman b. 17 Jan. 1771, Corinth, VT.
                      ii     Joshua Eastman b. 8 Mar. 1773, Corinth, VT.
                      iii    James Eastman b. 22 Mar. 1775, Corinth, VT.
                      iv    Edmond Eastman b. 28 Feb. 1777, Corinth, VT, d. 1858.
                      v     Josiah Eastman b. 1 Mar. 1779, Corinth, VT.
                      vi    Susannah Eastman b. 14 Oct. 1781, Corinth, VT.
                      vii    Orsamus Eastman b. 10 Aug. 1783, Corinth, VT, d. 7 Nov. 1862.
                      viii   Dorothy Eastman b. 14 Aug. 1785, Corinth, VT.
                      ix    Jesse Eastman b. 24 Oct. 1787, Corinth, VT.
                      x     Elidia Eastman b. 22 Nov. 1789, Corinth, VT.
                      xi    John Eastman b. 3 Sept 1791, Corinth, VT.
            8.       xii    Jesse b. 1 Jul 1793.
                      xiii   Harold Eastman b. 1 Nov. 1795, Corinth, VT.

Eighth Generation 

8.      Jesse Eastman b. 1 Jul 1793, Corinth, VT, m. Lorinda Heath, d. 10 Sep 1875, Corinth, VT, buried: Meadow Cem., Corinth, VT.  Jesse died 18 Nov 1877, Corinth, VT, buried: Meadow, Cem., Corinth, VT.

                      i      Joseph Heath Eastman b. 26 Nov. 1830, Corinth, VT, d. 21 Jan. 1913.
                      ii     Marinda Eastman.
                      iii    Cordelia L. Eastman b. Mar. 1833, d. 24 Apr. 1834.
                      iv     Maria Eastman.
            9.       v      Otho Willard b. 5 Apr 1845.
                      vi     James Warren Eastman b. 25 May 18??.
                      vii    Medelia Leah Eastman.
                      viii   William Henry Harrison Eastman.
                      ix    George Wrentham Eastman.
                      x     ?Hellen M. Eastman b. May 1939?, d. 13 Feb. 1842.

Ninth Generation 

9.      Otho Willard Eastman b. 5 Apr 1845, Corinth, VT, m. Clara Matilda Scribner, b. 7 Mar 1852, Newport, NH, (daughter of John Scribner and Matilda H. Booth) d. 30 Jun 1911.  Otho died 5 Sep 1913, Corinth, VT.

                      i     John R. Eastman b. 17 Apr. 1873, Newport, NH, d. 21 May 1938.
            10.     ii     Jennie M. b. 18 Jun 1879.
                      iii    Herman L. Eastman b. Goshen, NH.
                      iv    Bertha L. Eastman (details excluded).
                      v     Archie S. Eastman b. 6 May 1889, Corinth, VT, d. 1954.
                      vi    Lyle B. Eastman b. 1 Dec. 1896, Corinth, VT, d. 3 Aug. 1937.

Tenth Generation 

10.    Jennie M. Eastman b. 18 Jun 1879, Newport, NH, m. 31 Oct 1887, Eckley Osgood Dearborn, b. 26 May 1866, Vershire, VT, (son of Allen John Dearborn and Almanah Melverda Avery) d. 11 Mar 1935, Concord, NH, buried: Blossom Hill, Concord, NH.  Jennie died 2 Jan 1962, Concord, NH, buried: Blossom Hill, Concord, NH.  Eckley: The Groton Avery Clan, p. 878, has wife listed as: Mattie J. Eastman.

            11.     i      Ethel M. b. 28 JUL 1888.

Eleventh Generation 

11.    Ethel M. Dearborn b. 28 JUL 1888, Newport, NH, m. 14 OCT 1908, Sumner Boyd Kalloch, b. 11 APR 1881, St. George, ME, (son of Adam Boyd Kalloch and Caroline (Callie) Tyler Chaples) occupation Railroad Express, d. 15 MAY 1967, Concord, NH, buried: Blossom Hill, Concord, NH.  Ethel died 18 MAR 1959, Concord, NH, buried: Blossom Hill, Concord, NH.

                      i     Maurice Boyd Kalloch b. 11 May 1910, Concord, NH, occupation Teacher, d. 21 Apr 1974, Concord, NH.
                      ii    Olive Louise Kalloch b. 17 Jul 1912, Concord, NH, d. 22 Sep 1913, Concord, NH.
                      iii    Richard Dearborn Kalloch b. 13 Jul 1914, Concord, NH, occupation Telephone Company, d. 6 Oct 1982.
                      iv    Dorothy Elaine Kalloch b. 3 Nov 1916, Concord, NH, d. 9 Jan. 2002, Concord, NH, buried: 12 Jan. 2002, Blossom Hill, Concord, NH.
            12.     v     David Harold b. 10 OCT 1924.

Twelfth Generation 

12.    David Harold Kalloch b. 10 OCT 1924, Concord, NH, occupation Printer, m. Catherine E. Messer, (details excluded), (daughter of Fred Carlton Messer and Mabel M. Marshall). David died 30 JUN 1983, Concord, NH.

                      i     Kenneth Robert Kalloch b. 7 Dec 1957, d. 7 Dec 1957.
            13.     ii     Kenneth David (details excluded).

Thirteenth Generation 

13.    Kenneth David Kalloch (details excluded), m. Marjorie E. DeMeester, (details excluded), (daughter of Louis DeMeester and Mary Lou Skinner).

                      i      Katherine Elizabeth Kalloch (details excluded).
                      ii     David Louis Kalloch (details excluded).
                      iii    Susan Anne Kalloch (details excluded).
                      iv    John Daniel Kalloch (details excluded).

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