Surname Page from the Genealogy of Kenneth D. Kalloch

Clark Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. History of Thomaston, Rockland and South Thomaston, ME, p.419 (Caleb Stover, m. a Clark of Clark's Is.).

  2. The Huntington Family in America, pub. by The Huntington Family Association, 1915, p.419 (Simon Huntington, m. Sarah, dau. of John Clarke, of Saybrook, and later of Milford).

  3. Information from Steve Sullivan, Camden, ME, (Sarah Clark, dau. of John Clark and Mary Wilson, m. Caleb Stover. The parents of John Clark may have been, Josiah Clark? and Sarah Nute? of Dover, NH).

  4. Morse Genealogy, comp. by J.H. Morse & E.W. Leavit, 1905, p.15 (Daniel Morse, m. Elizabeth, dau. of George and Elizabeth [Clark] Barbour).

  5. My Legacy, by E. Clark, p.41 (Edward Gilman, m. Mary Clark).

I.  John Clark (of Harpswell, ME) to Mary Jane (Stover) chaples.

1.      John Clark b. 5 Jan 1765, Harpswell, ME, (son of ?Josiah Clark and ?Sarah Nute) m. Mary Wilson, b. 1761/2, Portland, ME, (daughter of William Wilson and Elizabeth Spear) d. 25 Feb 1851, St. George, ME.

            2.       i      Sarah b. 1786/7. 

Second Generation 

2.      Sarah Clark b. 1786/7, m. Caleb Stover, b. 1774, (son of Christopher Stover and Mehitable Hall) d. 22 Jan 1862, St. George, ME.  Sarah died 6 Oct 1831, St. George, ME.

            3.       i      Hezekiah b. 1803/4. 

Third Generation 

3.      Hezekiah Stover b. 1803/4, St. George, ME, m. (1) p. 16 Dec. 1826, Mary Pillsbury, b. 1809, Ash Point, ME, (daughter of John Pillsbury and Mary Keller) d. 10 Nov. 1857, St. George, ME, m. (2) 17 Apr 1858, Mrs. Eliza Pierson Chaples.

                      i      John Stover b. 22 June 1827, St. George, ME.
            4.       ii     Mary Jane b. 26 Dec 1828.
                      iii     Hezekiah Stover b. 17 Jan. 1831, St. George, ME.
                      iv    Melissa Stover b. 1 Dec. 1832, St. George, ME.
                      v     Dennis Stover b. 2 Dec. 1834, St. George, ME.
                      vi    Elias Stover b. 22 Nov. 1836, St. George, ME.
                      vii    Ephraim Stover b. 6 Apr. 1839, St. George, ME.
                      viii   Andrew Stover b. 23 Feb. 1841, St. George, ME.
                      ix    Hannah Stover b. 4 Feb. 1843, St. George, ME.
                      x     Sarah Stover b. 13 Mar. 1844, St. George, ME.
                      xi    Julia Stover b. 10 May 1847, St. George, ME.
                      xii    Martha Stover b. 14 Oct. 1848, St. George, ME.
                     xiii   Loretta Stover b. 9 Sept. 1851, St. George, ME.

Fourth Generation

4.      Mary Jane Stover b. 26 Dec 1828, m. Robert Chaples, b. 1826, (son of Robert Chaples and Mary Jones) d. 7 Oct 1888.  Mary died 14 Mar 1915.

                      i      Laura Chaples b. 2 Apr 1851, St. George, ME.
                      ii     Cloria (Chloe L.) Chaples b. 11 May 1853, St. George, ME.
                      iii     Elsina Chaples b. 11 Apr 1855, St. George, ME.
            5.       iv    Caroline (Callie) Tyler b. 28 Nov. 1857.
                      v     Lydia Chaples b. 11 Oct 1860, St. George, ME, d. 23 Feb 1910.
                      vi    William H. Chaples b. 5 Feb 1863, St. George, ME, d. 24 Feb 1900.
                      vii    Emma Chaples b. 6 Jan 1866, St. George, ME, d. 21 Oct 1888.

II.  John Clark (of Saybrook, CT) to Sarah (CLARKE) HUNTINGTON.

1.      John Clark b. of Saybrook, later Milford, CT.

            2.       i      Sarah b. 1633.

Second Generation 

2.      Sarah Clarke b. 1633, m. Oct. 1653, Simon Huntington, b. 1629, Eng., d. 28 June 1706, Norwich, CT.  Sarah died 1721, Milford, CT.  Simon: Dea.

                      i      Sarah Huntington b. Aug. 1654, Saybrook, CT, d. 1683.
                      ii     Mary Huntington b. Aug. 1657, Saybrook, CT.
                      iii     Simon Huntington b. 6 Feb. 1659, Saybrook, CT.
            3.       iv    Joseph b. Sept. 1661.
                      v     Elizabeth Huntington b. Feb. 1664, Norwich town, CT, d. d. in infancy.
                      vi    Samuel Huntington b. 1 Mar. 1665, Norwich town, CT.
                      vii    Elizabeth Huntington b. 6 Oct. 1669, Norwich town, CT.
                      viii   Nathaniel Huntington b. 10 July 1672, Norwich town, CT, d. d. young.
                      ix    Daniel Huntington b. 13 Mar. 1675/6, Norwich town, CT.
                      x     James Huntington b. 18 May 1680, Norwich town, CT.

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