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Pillsbury Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. Descendants of John & Anthony Emery, comp. by Rufus Emery, 1890, p.326 (Sarah Emery m. Joseph Pillsbury, removed to S. Thomaston, ME).

  2. Hist. of Thomaston, Rockland, & S. Thomaston, ME, Vol. II., p.358 (I. Joseph Pillsbury m. Sarah Emery; II. John m. Mary Kelloch; III. Mary Pillsbury m. Hezekiah Stover of St. George, ME).

  3. My Legacy, by E. Clark, p.44

  4. The Pillsbury Family, by David B. Pilsbury & Emily A. Getchell, pp. 1-4, 9, 12, 23, 35, 61-62, 114, 211 (I. William Pillsbury m. Dorothy Crosby; II. Moses m.1, Susannah, dau. of Lionel Worth, m.2, Priscilla ____; III. Jospeh m.1, Sarah ____, m.2, 1704, Elizabeth Godfrey, m.3, Mary ____; IV. Joseph m. m.1, 5 Dec. 1718, Mehitable Weed, m.2, 1725, Rebekah, dau. of Daniel and Hannah Fogg; V. Joseph m. Mehitable Dennett, of Kittery; VI. Joseph m. Sarah Emery; VII. John m. Mary Kelloch; VIII. Mary m. Hezekiah Stover, of St. George, 12 chil.).

William Pillsbury to Mary (Pillsbury) Stover.

1.      William Pillsbury m. 1641, in Dorchester, MA, Dorothy Crosby.  William died 19 June 1686, Newbury, MA.

                      i      Deborah Pillsbury b. 16 Apr. 1642, Dorchester, MA.
                      ii     Job Pillsbury b. 16 Oct. 1643, Dorcester, MA, d. 10 Sept. 1716.
            2.       iii     Moses b. 1645.
                      iv    Abel Pillsbury b. Dorchester, MA, d. bef. 1697.
                      v     Caleb Pillsbury b. 28 Jan. 1653, Newbury, MA, d. 4 July 1680.
                      vi    William Pillsbury b. 27 July 1656, Newbury, MA.
                      vii    Experience Pillsbury b. 10 Apr. 1658, Newbury, MA, d. 4 Aug. 1708.
                      viii   Increase Pillsbury b. 10 Oct. 1660, Newbury, MA, d. 1690.
                      ix    Thankful Pillsury b. 22 Apr. 1662, Newbury, MA.
                      x     Joshua Pillsbury b. 20 June 1671, Newbury, MA.

Second Generation 

2.      Moses Pillsbury b. 1645, Dorchester, MA, m. (1) Mar 1668, Susannah Worth, (daughter of Lionel Worth) m. (2) Priscilla ______.  Moses died 1701, Newbury, MA.

            3.       i      Joseph b. 6 Jun 1670.
                      ii     Moses Pillsbury b. 4 July 1672, d. 24 Mar. 1738.
                      iii     Dorothy Pillsbury b. 9 Apr. 1675.
                      iv    Susannah Pillsbury b. 1 Feb. 1677, d. 22 Dec. 1767.
                      v     Judith Pillsbury b. 16 Mar. 1679.
                      vi    Caleb Pillsbury b. 27 July 1681, d. 1759.
                      vii    Hannah Pillsbury b. 3 May 1686.
                      viii   Amos Pillsbury.
                      ix    Mary Pillsbury.

Third Generation 

3.      Joseph Pillsbury b. 6 Jun 1670, m. (1) Sarah, m. (2) 1704, Elizabeth Godfrey, m. (3) Mary.

            4.       i      Joseph b. 16 Jan 1694/5.

Fourth Generation 

4.      Joseph Pillsbury b. 16 Jan 1694/5, Newbury, MA, m. (1) 5 Dec 1718, in Newbury, MA, Mehitable Weed, m. (2) 1726, in Kittery, ME, Rebecca Fogg, b. 1688, Kittery, ME, (daughter of Daniel Fogg and Hannah Libby) d. ab. 1780.  Joseph died bef. 1749.

            5.       i      Joseph b. 5 Nov 1726.

Fifth Generation 

5.      Joseph Pillsbury b. 5 Nov 1726, Kittery, ME, m. 2 Jun 1752, Mehitable Dennett.

            6.       i      Joseph.
                      ii     Nathan Pillsbury b. 1760, Elliot, formerly Kittery, occupation a blacksmith, d. 23 May 1826, Ash Pt.  Dea.

Sixth Generation 

6.      Joseph Pillsbury b. Kittery, ME, occupation blacksmith, m. Sarah Emery, b. Kittery, ME, (daughter of Daniel Emery and Anne Emery). Joseph died S. Thomaston, ME.

                      i      Samuel Pillsbury b. S. Thomaston, ME, d. lost at sea.
                      ii     Betsey Pillsbury b. S. Thomaston, ME.
            7.       iii     John b. 1789.
                      iv    Joseph Pillsbury b. S. Thomaston, ME, d. 13 July 1822.
                      v     Sarah Pillsbury b. S. Thomaston, ME.
                      vi    Johnson Pillsbury b. 7 Dec. 1798, S. Thomaston, ME.
                      vii    Hannah Pillsbury b. S. Thomaston, ME.
                      viii   Nathan Pillsbury b. S. Thomaston, ME.
                      ix    Margaret Pillsbury b. S. Thomaston, ME. 

Seventh Generation 

7.      John Pillsbury b. 1789, Ash Point, ME, occupation Blacksmith, m. 27 Sep 1808, Mary Keller, (daughter of Finley Keller) d. 9 Feb 1882, Thomaston, ME.  John died 5 Sep 1832, S. Thomaston, ME.

            8.       i      Mary b. 1809.
                      ii     Jane Pillsbury d. d. young, Boston, MA.
                      iii     Hannah Pillsbury.
                      iv    Dennis Pillsbury b. 14 Nov. 1814, d. 24 Oct. 1852, S. Thomaston, ME.  Capt.
                      v     Mahitable (Mehitable) E. Pillsbury b. ab. 1817.
                      vi    George Pillsbury d. d. young.

Eighth Generation 

8.      Mary Pillsbury b. 1809, Ash Point, ME, m. p. 16 Dec. 1826, Hezekiah Stover, b. 1803/4, St. George, ME, (son of Caleb Stover and Sarah Clark). Mary died 10 Nov. 1857, St. George, ME.

                      i      John Stover b. 22 June 1827, St. George, ME.
            9.       ii     Mary Jane b. 26 Dec 1828.
                      iii     Hezekiah Stover b. 17 Jan. 1831, St. George, ME.
                      iv    Melissa Stover b. 1 Dec. 1832, St. George, ME.
                      v     Dennis Stover b. 2 Dec. 1834, St. George, ME.
                      vi    Elias Stover b. 22 Nov. 1836, St. George, ME.
                      vii    Ephraim Stover b. 6 Apr. 1839, St. George, ME.
                      viii   Andrew Stover b. 23 Feb. 1841, St. George, ME.
                      ix    Hannah Stover b. 4 Feb. 1843, St. George, ME.
                      x     Sarah Stover b. 13 Mar. 1844, St. George, ME.
                      xi    Julia Stover b. 10 May 1847, St. George, ME.
                      xii    Martha Stover b. 14 Oct. 1848, St. George, ME.
                      xiii   Loretta Stover b. 9 Sept. 1851, St. George, ME.

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