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Reverend Joseph Kalloch, First Reunion President - 1867

Virtual and In-Person Reunion - Saturday, August 20, 2022
10:45 – 2:00 PM Eastern Time

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In-Person Attendance

     For those who would like to attend in-person, the reunion will be held at Peter and Eleanor Richardson’s barn which is located at 22 Mechanic Street, Rockland, Maine. Attendance is limited to those who are fully vaccinated.

     Please bring your own lunch, and please RSVP to PTEMR@aol.com so we know how many to plan for! Your hosts will provide liquid refreshments.


     Our 155th Kalloch Family Reunion Association meeting will be held in Rockland, Maine and via ZOOM on August 20, 2022. This has been a challenging year for many of us making the time we spend reconnecting with family as we have for so many years, all the more meaningful. Whether on a small square on a computer screen or in person in Maine, I can’t wait to see you at the reunion!

Anita L Fernald


     We were pleased that so many new people could join us at our first virtual reunion in 2020. We’ve decided to have a hybrid reunion again this year and will broadcast the reunion virtually to family who cannot travel to Maine.

2020 Family Reunion Photo



10:45  Zoom sign-in and In-Person Registration
 11:00 Welcome - Anita Fernald, President
11:10 Introductions
11:30 Historians’ Talk: Genealogy –  Ken Kalloch and Peter Richardson
12:00 Lunch - Bring your own
12:25  Kalloch Reunion Family Photo
12:30 Live Music with the Kemos Brothers
12:45 Superlatives and Door Prizes
1:00 Goodbyes and invitation to business meeting
1:10 Business Meeting

a) Welcome and President’s Report – Anita Fernald
b) Treasurer’s Report – Paul Wilson
c) Web and Genealogy Report – Ken Kalloch
d) Historians’ Report – Ken Kalloch, Paul Wilson, and Peter Richardson
e) Celebration and Remembrances of Family: Marriages, Births, and
f) Election of Officers
2:00 Adjourn
  Annual Reports for the business meeting will be shared during the business meeting and by email. You may request hard copies by calling Tamsin at (207) 607-0476



Early Reunion at the Old Alexander Place, Warren, Maine


     If a year ends with a 0 or a 5 it is cause for celebration! This Reunion, August 20, will be our 155th! My first reunion was in 1944, age 4, in the St. George Grange Hall. I remember being surrounded by old people with baskets full of cakes, pies, and cookies! Attendance after that was occasional when we happened to be visiting my Great Aunt, Mabel Rollins, at Reunion time. In 1972 I visited again, with my wife, and two very cute little daughters. They no doubt appreciated the cakes, pies, and cookies as well! I made a Kalloch genealogical wall chart on a wide sheet of pink butcher’s paper and the next year they elected me President!
     There are many stories like this. It is said we are clannish. After all we are a Scots-Irish family, arriving in Boston in 1718 and on to the great Maine frontier as first settlers in the Town of Warren in 1735. It is here we created farms, fought and fled from Indians, resettled, fought in the American Revolution, elected Presidents and local Selectmen, founded churches, and helped form the State of Maine in 1819-20. Some went west, enough of us so that there are Kallochs in every state of the Union and in western Canada!
     And meanwhile back here in Knox County we have been meeting nearly every year for more than a century and a half. And we have a prize-winning Kalloch.org and a Facebook page. And we know how to Zoom. I remember one year two young men hitch-hiked their way from British Columbia, only to arrive at the Rebecca’s Hall in Warren just as we were putting things away. We gave them a warm welcome and chatted a bit. Such is our extended family! We continue our annual ritual this August 20 in the Old Red Kalloch Barn, 22 Mechanic St, Rockland.

     P. T. Richardson, co-historian



Nicole Kalloch was elected to the Rockland City Council.

Congratulations to Lisa Webb-Kalloch for being honored in the top 7% of Coldwell Banker agents worldwide!


Marlene Dell Cline, daughter of Sarah (Brazz) and Jess Cline of Hardin, MT, was born June 11, 2021. She is the granddaughter of Bradbury (Richardson) Chadbourne of Kennebunk, and Douglas Brazz of Sidney, ME. Her great-grandparents are Rev. Peter Richardson and Caroline Bean of Brunswick.

to Michael & Kara Wilson for the birth of their son Kaiden James on Feb. 22nd.

And to Jonathan and Ana Clark on the recent birth of their children Johannes and Milena!! Jonathan is a son of Robert John Clark and 4th great grandson of Jane Perry Kelloch and Spencer Drake in the "John" branch of our Kalloch family tree.

Congratulations to Lucas and Oliva Kalloch on the birth of their daughter Hazel Jude Kalloch on May 20th.

Congratulations!! to Kevin James Kalloch and his wife Jessica on the birth of their son Roman Lorenzo Kalloch on March 5th. Roman is a great-grandson of Fred and Gail Kalloch who were frequent Kalloch reunion attendees.


Congratulations to Chance Evan Kalloch and Tara Lyn Zinda who married on February 22.


Lois Elizabeth Keller

Lois Elizabeth Keller
July 8, 1924 - April 5 2022

Daughter of William and Elizabeth Thompson, wife of Merton Keller.


Rodney Jackson Graves
  Rodney Jackson Graves
January 26, 1941 - December 31, 2021

Son of Rodney Eldrich Graves and Helen Eugenia (Baker) Graves.


Glenna Marie Keller
  Glenna Marie Keller
May 22, 1963 - January 19, 2022

Daughter of Daniel Bill Keller and Kay (Hanson) Keller.

James Gilchrest Skoglund
James Gilchrest Skoglund, Sr.
May 6, 1940 - February 23, 2022

Son of  Sten Bertil and Marianne Williamson (Gilchrest) Skoglund.


Craig Johnson Kalloch
Craig Johnson Kalloch
September 12, 1948 - March 1, 2022

Son of Carl Herbert Kalloch and Frances Janet Marie (Johnson) Kalloch.


Hilda Mary (Keller) Randall
Hilda Mary (Keller) Randall
|November 4 1947 - February 18, 2022

Daughter of Herbert Russell Keller and Ferne Irene (Brann) Keller, wife of Leslie Randall, Jr.


Monika Regina Clark
Monika Regina Clark
April 14, 1958 - February 6, 2022

Daughter of Carl Jachulke and Silvia (Bauch) Jachulke, wife of Robert John Clark.

Lee Thomas Kalloch
Lee Thomas Kalloch
November 22, 1982 - January 18, 2022

Son of Wade Lewis Kalloch and Louise Marie (Holmberg) Kalloch.


Photo from our 2021 Kalloch Family Reunion held at “The Barn” in Rockland, Maine and online with Zoom



Greetings, Kallochs! If you’re anything like I was when I first started attending the Kalloch Reunion, you may be wondering why we want your money. It’s a valid question, and here’s what I hope you will consider to be a valid answer: In short, ensuring that we continue our family legacy and preserve our history for the current and future generations is not free. We use our funds to pay for the cost of printing and mailing our annual newsletter. We have to pay for the use of the space, refreshments, and now a Zoom subscription for our gathering each year. Outside of our annual gathering, our funds go toward maintaining our family website, gravestone repair, and other miscellaneous expenses. We are an entirely non-profit organization, and all of our officers are unpaid volunteers. It is only through the generosity of donors like you that we are able to keep our family traditions alive.

I hope you will consider making a donation to our reunion association this year. For the first time, we will be offering a donate button on our website.

And as always, you will have the option to mail a check or contribute in-person at the gathering. Many of you are familiar with our tradition of passing around the tin coffee pot to collect donations at the reunion. As we have the opportunity to meet safely in person once again, we will continue our tradition of “passing the pot” that has been used to support the Kalloch Reunion for generations. The other officers and I thank you very much in advance for your contributions.

Familial regards,
Paul Wilson, Treasurer

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Feel free to visit our prize winning web site Kalloch.org and conversations on our KFRA Facebook Page,
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