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Hall Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. Extracts From "Hall-White Annals", comp. by Oliver Gray Hall, Apr. 1903 (Isaac Hall came from Eng. about 1722, m. Abigail ____; II. Isaac, Jr.; III. Mehitable).

  2. Hist. of Thomaston, Rockland and South Thomaston, ME, p.247 (I. ____ Hall, a baker by trade, came over from Eng. about 1722 and settled in State [the King] Street, Boston, but removed to New Meadows, ab. 1737; II. Isaac m. Miss Coombs, of New Meadows; III. Mehitable m. a Stover).

  3. Philip Huntoon and His Descendants, by T.V. Huntoon, 1881, p.? (Philip Huntoon m. Betsey Hall).

I. Isaac Hall to Mehitable (Hall) Stover.

1.      Isaac Hall b. Eng., occupation a baker, m. Abigail ______.  (HALL, ________, a baker by trade, came over from England about 1722 and settled in State (then King) street, Boston, but removed to New Meadows or Harpswell, ab. 1737). See: York, ME Vital Records.

            2.       i      Isaac b. 31 Jan 1724.
                      ii     Joseph Hall b. Boston, MA.
                      iii    Nathaniel Hall b. 16 Oct. 1727, Boston, MA. 

Second Generation 

2.      Isaac Hall b. 31 Jan 1724, Boston, MA, m. (1) Joanne Coombs, b. New Meadows, ME, (daughter of ? Anthony Coombs). Isaac died St. George, ME.

                      i      Caleb Hall b. 1749, Thomaston or St. George, ME, d. 13 Nov. 1816.
                      ii     Isaac Hall b. Thomaston or St. George, ME.  Rev.
            3.       iii    Mehitable b. 1755.
                      iv    Peter Hall b. Thomaston or St. George, ME.  Dea.
                      v     Joanna Hall b. 1759, Thomaston or St. George, ME, d. 19 Aug. 1806.
                      vi    Elijah Hall b. Thomaston or St. George, ME, d. 1 May 1828.  Esq.
                      vii    Ephriam Hall b. 1761, Thomaston or St. George, ME, d. 5 Oct. 1809.  Rev.
                      viii   Lewis Hall b. 28 Feb. 1765, d. 4 Nov. 1845, S. Thomaston, ME.

Third Generation 

3.      Mehitable Hall b. 1755, Thomaston or St. George, ME, m. Christopher Stover, b. 1756, Harpswell, ME.  Mehitable died 27 Apr 1812, St. George, ME.

            4.       i      Caleb b. 1774.


1.      Betsey Hall m. ab. 1687, Philip Huntoon, b. ab. 1664, (son of William Huntoon) d. 10 May 1752.  Betsey died bef. 1703.

                      i      Samuel Huntoon b. ab. 1689.
                      ii     Philip Huntoon b. ab. 1694, d. 19 May 1780.
            2.       iii    John b. ab. 1696.
                      iv    Sarah Huntoon b. 21 Apr., d. 15 May 1703.
                      v     Elizabeth Huntoon.
                      vi    Sarah Huntoon.

Second Generation 

2.      John Huntoon b. ab. 1696, m. Mary Rundlet, (daughter of Charles Rundlet and Lydia Ladd). John buried: 8 Dec 1778, lived in Kingston, NH.

            3.       i      Samuel b. 18 June 1718.
                      ii     Nathaniel Huntoon b. 1721, Kingston, NH.
                      iii    Charles Huntoon b. 12 Oct. 1725, Kingston, NH, d. 27 May 1818.
                      iv    Lydia Huntoon b. Kingston, NH.
                      v     John Huntoon b. Kingston, NH.
                      vi    Josiah Huntoon b. Kingston, NH.
                      vii    Daniel Huntoon  7 Nov. 1731, Kingston, NH, d. 4 July 1735.
                      viii   Mary Huntoon  26 May 1734, Kingston, NH, d. 22 July 1735.
                      ix    Mary Huntoon  4 July 1736, Kingston, NH, d. 30 Sept. 1747.
                      x     Daniel Huntoon b. Kingston, NH.
                      xi    Joseph Huntoon b. Kingston, NH.
                      xii    Benjamin Huntoon b. Kingston, NH.

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