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Wilson Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. Information from Steve Sullivan, (I. Roger Wilson, of Braintree, MA; II. William Wilson m. Elizabeth Spear; III. Mary Wilson m. John Clark). [Sources??]

Roger Wilson to Sarah (Clark) Stover.

1.      Roger Wilson m. Hannah.  Roger died Braintree, MA.

            2.       i      William b. 1726.

Second Generation 

2.      William Wilson b. 1726, Braintree, MA, m. Elizabeth Spear.

            3.       i      Mary b. 1761/2.

Third Generation 

3.      Mary Wilson b. 1761/2, Portland, ME, m. John Clark, b. 5 Jan 1765, Harpswell, ME, (son of ?Josiah Clark and ?Sarah Nute). Mary died 25 Feb 1851, St. George, ME.

            4.       i      Sarah b. 1786/7.

Fourth Generation 

4.      Sarah Clark b. 1786/7, m. Caleb Stover, b. 1774, (son of Christopher Stover and Mehitable Hall) d. 22 Jan 1862, St. George, ME.  Sarah died 6 Oct 1831, St. George, ME.

            5.       i      Hezekiah b. 1803/4.

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