Surname Page from the Genealogy of Kenneth D. Kalloch

Avery Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. Family Bible, pub. 1861, Marriages, (Elias J. Avery and Mary S. Woodman were m. 19 Sept. 1833 in Washington, Orange Co., VT; Allen J. Dearborn and Almenah M. Avery were m. 21 Aug. 1859).

  2. Gazetter of Orange County, VT 1762-1888, comp. & pub. by Hamilton Child, 1888, p.251 (Christopher Avery, a native of New London, Conn, came to this town [Corinth] with his wife Sally Jones, on horseback, among the early settlers. Had chil. Elias J., he m. Mary S. Woodman of Washington, dau. of Peter and Mary (Glines) Woodman, they had dau. Almeda M.).

  3. The Groton Avery Clan, Vol. I, 1912, p.27 (Christopher1); p.43 (Capt. James2); p.109 (John3); p.143 (Nathaniel4); p.208 (Andrew5); p.339 (Christopher6); p.544 (Elias Jones7); p.878 (Alamanah Melverda8 m. Allen John Dearborn son of Nehemiah and Judith (Huntoon) Dearborn, ch. Eckley Osgood Dearborn m. Mattie J. Eastman).

  4. History of Corinth, VT, 1964, pp.307-309 (Christopher Avery m. Sally Jones; Elias J. Avery m. Mary D. Woodman, dau. of Peter and Mary (Glines) Woodman, had ch. Amenah m. Allen J. Dearborn); p.349 (John Allen Dearborn m. Almina M. Avery).

  5. Newspaper death notice, 11 Mar. 1935, (Eckley Osgood Dearborn d. son of John A. and Almena (Avery) Dearborn).

Christopher AVERY to Kenneth D. KALLOCH.

1.      Christopher Avery b. ab. 1590, Eng., occupation a weaver, m. ab.Aug 1616, in Ipplepen, Devonshire, Eng., Mary (Margery) Stephens.  (m. about 26 Aug. 1616). In the opening chapter of Homer D.L. Sweet's history of "The Avery's of Groton" (Syracuse, 1894), it is stated that "Christopher Avery, a weaver, was born in England about 1590," that he came to New England bringing with him his only son, James, and leaving his wife in the mother country.

            2.       i      James b. ab. 1620.

Second Generation 

2.      James Avery b. ab. 1620, Eng., m. (1) 10 Nov 1643, in Boston, MA, Joanna Greenslade, m. (2) 4 July 1698, Abigail ______, m. (3) 4 July 1698, Abigail ______.  James died 18 Apr. 1700.  Christopher Avery.  In studying the record of those days, the careful student is strongly impressed with the fact that Capt. James Avery was a very remarkable man.  Living as he did in stirring times, he was a leader among strong men, enjoying their confidence and respect because he deserved them. (The Groton Avery Clan, pg. 78). Capt.

                      i      Hannah Avery b. 11 Oct. 1644, Gloucester, MA, d. 22 Aug. 1721.
                      ii     James Avery b. 16 Dec. 1646, Gloucester, MA, d. 22 Aug. 1728.
                      iii     Mary Avery b. 29 Feb. 1647/8, Gloucester, MA, d. 2 Feb. 1708.
                      iv    Thomas Avery b. 6 May 1651, New London, CT, d. 5 Jan. 1736.
            3.       v     John b. 10 Feb. 1654.
                      vi    Rebecca Avery b. 6 Oct. 1656, New London, CT.
                      vii    Jonathan Avery b. 5 Jan. 1658, New London, CT, buried: 15 Sept. 1681, New London, CT.  unmarried.
                      viii   Christopher Avery b. 30 Apr. 1661, New London, CT, d. 8 Dec. 1683, New London, CT.  unmarried.
                      ix    Samuel Avery b. 14 Aug. 1664, New London, CT.

Third Generation 

3.      John Avery b. 10 Feb. 1654, New London, CT, m. 29 Nov. 1675, in Stonington, CT, Abigail Chesebrough, b. 30 Sept. 1656, Stonington, CT, (daughter of Samuel Chesebrough and Abigail ______). Capt.

                      i      Abigail Avery b. 15 Jan 1676/7, New London, CT, d. 18 July 1677, New London, CT.
                      ii     Abigail Avery b. 18 Jan. 1679, New London, CT, d. 16 Nov. 1722.
                      iii     Mary Avery b. 14 Nov. 1680, New London, CT, d. 1762.
                      iv    John Avery  1 Apr. 1683, New London, CT, d. in 80th year.
                      v     Benjamin? Avery b. 1686, New London, CT, d. 3 Dec. 1762.  Listed in Gen. of des.'s of Wm Chesebrough, p.24 Not in Groton Avery Clan
            4.       vi    Nathaniel.
                      vii    Joseph Avery  19 June 1692, New London, CT, d. bf. 1 May 1714.
                      viii   William Avery  19 June 1692, New London, CT.
                      ix    Elizabeth? Avery b. 27 Oct. 1690, New London, CT.  Listed in Gen. of the des.'s of Wm Chesebrough, p.24 Not listed in Groton Avery Clan
                      x     Anna Avery  19 June 1692, New London, CT.
                      xi    Elisha Avery b. 1694, New London, CT.
                      xii    Josiah? Avery. Listed in Gen. of the des.'s of Wm Chesebrough, p.24 Not listed in Groton Avery Clan
                      xiii   Desire Avery b. 1694, New London, CT.
                      xiv   Daniel Avery  5 Nov. 1699, New London, CT.
                      xv   Thomas Avery  1704?, New London, CT.

Fourth Generation 

4.      Nathaniel Avery  19 June 1692, New London, CT, m. prob. bef 1721, Rachel Yeomans,  31 July 1692, Stonnington, CT, (daughter of Edward Yeomans and Mary).

                      i      Nathaniel Avery.
                      ii     William Avery d. (will made 16 July 1761).
                      iii     Elisha Avery b. 16 Nov. 1726, Lyme,.
                      iv    Mary Avery  4 May 1729, Groton, CT.
            5.       v     Andrew.
                      vi    Amos Avery.
                      vii    Desire Avery.
                      viii   Ann Avery d. 27 Feb. 1760.
                      ix    Abigail Avery.

Fifth Generation 

5.      Andrew Avery  16 Apr. 1732, Groton, CT, m. Martha ______.  Andrew  1774 (Will), New London, CT.  After his death the family moved to Corinth, VT.

                      i      Amos Avery.
                      ii     Nathaniel Avery b. May 1764, Lyme,.
                      iii     Abigail Avery.
                      iv    Andrew Avery.
            6.       v     Christopher b. 15 Oct. 1773.

Sixth Generation 

6.      Christopher Avery b. 15 Oct. 1773, Groton, CT, occupation grandfather clock maker, m. (1) 15 Dec 1794, in Merridian, CT, Sally Jones, b. 20 Jan. 1776, d. 15 July 1819, Corinth, VT, m. (2) 4 Apr. 1820, in Corinth, VT, Sophia Lund, b. 15 Aug. 1790, d. Nov. 1872.  Christopher died 30 Mar. 1843, Corinth, VT.  Christopher Avery, a native of New London, Conn., came to this town (Corinth, VT) on horseback, among the early settlers.

                      i      Oliver Avery b. 17 Sept. 1795, Corinth, VT, d. 24 Dec. 1850.
                      ii     Alvah Avery b. 30 June 1798, Corinth, VT, d. 7 Aug. 1861.
                      iii     Laura Avery b. 24 Aug. 1800, Corinth, VT.
                      iv    Nathaniel Avery b. 13 Jan. 1803, Corinth, VT, d. 16 June 1876.
                      v     Christopher Avery b. 29 Apr. 1805, Corinth, VT, d. 25 May 1888.
                      vi    Sally Avery b. 24 June 1807, Corinth, VT, d. 2 July 1824, unm.
            7.       vii    Elias Jones b. 20 July 1809.
                      viii   Smith Putnam Avery b. 27 Nov. 1811, Corinth, VT, d. 22 Apr. 1886.
                      ix    Simeon Avery b. 15 May 1814, Corinth, VT, d. 27 Mar. 1858.
                      x     Philander Avery b. 20 Jan. 1817, Corinth, VT, d. 10 July 1846.
                      xi    Harriet C. Avery b. 10 Jan. 1819, Corinth, VT, d. 16 Sept. 1849.
                      xii    Caroline Avery b. 10 Jan. 1821, Corinth, VT, d. 1 Apr. 1827.
                      xiii   Noah Lund Avery b. 7 Nov. 1822, d. 5 Apr. 1880.
                      xiv   Newell T. Avery b. 14 Sept. 1824, d. 30 June 1891.
                      xv   Leonard Avery b. 9 May 1826.
                      xvi   Osgood Avery b. Dec. 1827, d. d. young.
                      xvii  Melville Malcolm Avery b. 1 Aug. 1829, d. 17 Mar. 1892.
                      xviii Caroline R. Avery b. 30 July 1832, d. Apr. 1886.
                      xix   Joel Avery b. 1834, d. 3 Feb. 1842.

Seventh Generation 

7.      Elias Jones Avery b. 20 July 1809, Corinth, VT, occupation a farmer, m. 12 Sep 1833, in Washington, VT, Mary Sargent Woodman, b. 22 Jan. 1805, Washington, VT, (daughter of Peter Woodman and Mary A. Glines) d. 9 May 1885, Corinth, VT.  Elias died 3 Apr. 1895, Corinth, VT.

                      i      Fernald Spoksfield Avery b. 30 Apr. 1835, Corinth, VT, d. 13 Oct. 1866.
            8.       ii     Almanah Melverda b. 19 Nov. 1837.
                      iii     Sally Jones Avery b. 17 Mar. 1840, Corinth, VT, d. 18 Feb. 1859.
                      iv    Joel Osgood Avery b. 4 July 1842, Corinth, VT, d. 3 Apr. 1867.
                      v     George B. Avery b. 26 July 1845, Corinth, VT, d. 3 Sept. 1846.


Eighth Generation 

8.      Almanah Melverda Avery b. 19 Nov. 1837, Corinth, VT, m. 21 Aug. 1859, in Corinth, VT, Allen John Dearborn, b. 28 Jan. 1839, Vershire, VT, (son of Nehemiah Dearborn and Judith C. Huntoon) d. 7 Mar. 1915, Concord, NH.  Almanah died 17 Apr. 1882, Vershire, VT.

                      i      Elmer M. Dearborn b. 16 May 1861, Verishire, VT, d. 11 Nov. 1935.
            9.       ii     Eckley Osgood b. 26 May 1866.
                      iii     Ada M. Dearborn b. 20 Nov. 1868, Corinth, VT, d. 6 Nov. 1886.
                      iv    Cora F. Dearborn b. 10 Aug. 1870, Corinth, VT, d. 12 Nov. 1886.
                      v     Nora S. Dearborn b. 10 Aug. 1870, Corinth, VT, d. 22 July 1945.
                      vi    Anna B. Dearborn b. 27 Apr. 1884, Corinth, VT, d. 28 Apr. 1884, Corinth, VT.
                      vii    William A. Dearborn b. 16 Jan. 1886, Corinth, VT, d. 16 Jan. 1886, Corinth, VT.

Ninth Generation 

9.      Eckley Osgood Dearborn b. 26 May 1866, Vershire, VT, m. 31 Oct 1887, Jennie M. Eastman, b. 18 Jun 1879, Newport, NH, (daughter of Otho Willard Eastman and Clara Matilda Scribner) d. 2 Jan 1962, Concord, NH, buried: Blossom Hill, Concord, NH.  Eckley died 11 Mar 1935, Concord, NH, buried: Blossom Hill, Concord, NH.  The Groton Avery Clan, p. 878, has wife listed as: Mattie J. Eastman.

            10.     i      Ethel M. b. 28 JUL 1888.

Tenth Generation 

10.    Ethel M. Dearborn b. 28 JUL 1888, Newport, NH, m. 14 OCT 1908, Sumner Boyd Kalloch, b. 11 APR 1881, St. George, ME, (son of Adam Boyd Kalloch and Caroline (Callie) Tyler Chaples) occupation Railroad Express, d. 15 MAY 1967, Concord, NH, buried: Blossom Hill, Concord, NH.  Ethel died 18 MAR 1959, Concord, NH, buried: Blossom Hill, Concord, NH.

                      i      Maurice Boyd Kalloch b. 11 May 1910, Concord, NH, occupation Teacher, d. 21 Apr 1974, Concord, NH.
                      ii     Olive Louise Kalloch b. 17 Jul 1912, Concord, NH, d. 22 Sep 1913, Concord, NH.
                      iii     Richard Dearborn Kalloch b. 13 Jul 1914, Concord, NH, occupation Telephone Company, d. 6 Oct 1982.
                      iv    Dorothy Elaine Kalloch b. 3 Nov 1916, Concord, NH, d. 9 Jan. 2002, Concord, NH, buried: 12 Jan. 2002, Blossom Hill, Concord, NH.
            11.     v     David Harold b. 10 OCT 1924.

Eleventh Generation 

11.    David Harold Kalloch b. 10 OCT 1924, Concord, NH, occupation Printer, m. Catherine E. Messer, (details excluded), (daughter of Fred Carlton Messer and Mabel M. Marshall). David died 30 JUN 1983, Concord, NH.

                      i      Kenneth Robert Kalloch b. 7 Dec 1957, d. 7 Dec 1957.
            12.     ii     Kenneth David (details excluded).

Twelfth Generation 

12.    Kenneth David Kalloch (details excluded), m. Marjorie E. DeMeester, (details excluded), (daughter of Louis DeMeester and Mary Lou Skinner).

                      i      Katherine Elizabeth Kalloch (details excluded).
                      ii     David Louis Kalloch (details excluded).
                      iii     Susan Anne Kalloch (details excluded).
                      iv    John Daniel Kalloch (details excluded).

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