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Scribner Family

Sources & Research Notes:
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  10. ibid., Death Cert. (Matilda H. Scribner, d. 23 Apr. 1907; Name of Father & Mother: Roswell Booth, Matilda Hurd).


1.      Benjamin Scribner b. Eng., m. (1) ?, m. (2) 6 Mar. 1680, Hannah Crampton, (daughter of John Crampton). Benjamin died Norwalk, CT.

                      i      Thomas Scribner.
            2.       ii     John (Scrivener).
                      iii    Abraham Scribner.
                      iv    Matthew Scribner. great grandfather of Charles, founder of Scribner's magazine

Second Generation 

2.      John (Scrivener) Scribner b. Eng., m. Mary ______.  John died 2 Oct. 1675, Dover, NH.

                      i      John Scribner.
                      ii     Edward Scribner.
            3.       iii    Thomas.
                      iv    Elizabeth Scribner.

 Third Generation 

3.      Thomas Scribner b. prob. Hampton, NH, m. (1) 25 Dec. 1702, Sarah Clifford, d. 5 June 1706, m. (2) 4 Feb 1708/9, Hannah Welch, b. 1680, (daughter of Philip Welch). Thomas died 1718, Kingston, NH.

                      i      John Scribner b. 6 Dec. 1703, Kingston, NH.
                      ii     Deborah Scribner b. 7 Sept. 1705, Kingston, NH.
                      iii     Sarah Scribner b. 18 Nov. 17??, Kingston, NH.
                      iv    Elizabeth Scribner b. 1 May 1709, Kingston, NH.
                      v     Edward Scribner b. 27 Apr. 1711, Kingston, NH.
                      vi    Samuel Scribner b. 29 Mar. 1713, Kingston, NH.
            4.       vii    Samuel b. 29 Apr 1716.

Fourth Generation 

4.      Samuel Scribner b. 29 Apr 1716, Kingston, NH, m. 4 Nov 1740, in Kingston, NH, Hannah Webster, (daughter of Ebenezer Webster and Hannah Judkins). Samuel died 5 Feb 1794, Andover, NH.

                      i      Susannah Scribner b. 29 Oct. 1741, Kingston, NH.
                      ii     Samuel Scribner b. 28 Dec. 1743, Kingston, NH.
                      iii     Iddo Scribner b. 12 Feb. 1745, Kingston, NH.
                      iv    Joseph Scribner b. 12 Feb. 1745, Kingston, NH.
                      v     Hannah Scribner b. 1 Feb. 1747, Kingston, NH.
            5.       vi    Josiah b. 11 Jul 1750.
                      vii    Iddo Scribner b. 11 Nov. 1752, Kingston, NH.
                      viii   Ebenezer Scribner b. 28 Mar. 1755, Salisbury, NH.
                      ix    Mary Scribner b. 5 Oct. 1759, Salisbury, NH.
                      x     Elizabeth Scribner b. 14 Aug. 1762, Salisbury, NH.

Fifth Generation 

5.      Josiah Scribner b. 11 Jul 1750, Kingston, NH, m. (1) ______ Cross, m. (2) Mary A. White.  Josiah died 13 Aug 1821, Andover, NH.  m. 1st. ______Cross; m. 2nd. Mary A. (White)  Farmer Capt.

                      i      Samuel Scribner.
                      ii     Hannah Scribner.
                      iii    Josiah Scribner.
                      iv    Phebe Scribner b. 28 Nov. 1776.
                      v     Charlotte Scribner.
                      vi    John Scribner b. 28 Jan. 1784.
                      vii    Polly Scribner.
            6.       viii   William b. 1790.
                      ix    Parker Scribner.
                      x     Arethusa Scribner.
                      xi    Mary Ann Scribner.
                      xii    Benjamin F. Scribner b. 1806.
                      xiii   Isaac W. Scribner b. 1808, d. 1864, res. Lowell, MA.
                      xiv   Jonathan F. Scribner. 

Sixth Generation 

6.      William Scribner b. 1790, Andover, NH, m. 8 Mar 1812, in Boscawen, NH, Nancy Sheppard, b. NY, d. 1855, Andover, NH.  William died 1857, Andover, NH.

                      i      Jonathan Scribner b. 26 May 1813, Andover, NH, d. 26 Aug. 1888.
                      ii     Betsey Scribner d. unm. 1842.
                      iii    Mary Scribner.
            7.       iv    John b. 1 Jan 1816.
                      v     Osgood Scribner.
                      vi    infant d. 29 Dec. 1829.
                      vii    Osgood Scribner b. 1830, Andover, NH, d. 1892.
                      viii   Andrew Jackson Scribner b. 1832, d. 10 Apr. 1872.  No children
                      ix    Abbie Scribner b. 1834, d. 1893.
                      x     Harriet M. Scribner b. 1838.

Seventh Generation 

7.      John Scribner b. 1 Jan 1816, Andover, NH, m. (1) 16 Mar. 1843, Martha M. Scovell, b. of Walpole, d. 18 Nov. 1850, m. (2) 31 Aug 1851, Matilda H. Booth, b. 3 May 1826, Lempster, MA, (daughter of Roswell Booth and Matilda Hurd) d. 23 Apr 1907, Newport, NH.  John died 21 Sep 1890, Newport, NH.

                      i      Elbridge L. Scribner b. 29 Jan. 1846.
            8.       ii     Clara Matilda b. 7 Mar 1852.
                      iii     George A. Scribner b. 31 Mar. 1855, Newport, NH, d. 27 Aug. 1905.
                      iv    Jennie Mariah Scribner b. 19 Sept. 1858, Newport, NH.

Eighth Generation 

8.      Clara Matilda Scribner b. 7 Mar 1852, Newport, NH, m. Otho Willard Eastman, b. 5 Apr 1845, Corinth, VT, (son of Jesse Eastman and Lorinda Heath) d. 5 Sep 1913, Corinth, VT.  Clara died 30 Jun 1911.

                      i      John R. Eastman b. 17 Apr. 1873, Newport, NH, d. 21 May 1938.
            9.       ii     Jennie M. b. 18 Jun 1879.
                      iii    Herman L. Eastman b. Goshen, NH.
                      iv    Bertha L. Eastman (details excluded).
                      v     Archie S. Eastman b. 6 May 1889, Corinth, VT, d. 1954.
                      vi    Lyle B. Eastman b. 1 Dec. 1896, Corinth, VT, d. 3 Aug. 1937.

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