Surname Page from the Genealogy of Kenneth D. Kalloch

Sanborn Family

Sources & Research Notes:
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  6. Gove Genalogy, by William Gove, 1922, p.50 (Mary Gove m.1 Joseph, son of Lt. John and Mary [Tuck] Sanborn of Hampton; had dau. Abigail, who m. Ebenezer Dearborn, of Chester).

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1.      Sir. William Sambourne b. 1390, Sunning Oxfordshire, Eng., m. Ann, (daughter of Sir. William Lushell).

            2.       i      John.

Second Generation 

2.      John Samborne b. of Timsbury, Eng., m. (dau. of) Sir. John de la Riviere, (daughter of Sir. John de la Riviere).

            3.       i      Richard.

Third Generation 

3.      Richard Samborne b. of Timsbury, Eng., m. Dorothy Tickbourne, b. of Hants, Eng.

            4.       i      John.

Fourth Generation 

4.      John Samborne b. of Timsbury, Eng., m. (dau. of) Lisley, (daughter of Lisley (L'Isle)).

            5.       i      Frances b. 1544.

Fifth Generation 

5.      Frances Samborne b. 1544, Maiden Newton Dorset, Eng.

            6.       i      John b. ab. 1590.

Sixth Generation 

6.      John Sambourne b. ab. 1590, Eng., m. ab. 1619, in Eng., Anne (Batchelder) Bachiler, b. 1600, (daughter of Stephen (Batchelder) Bachiler and ________ Bates?).

            7.       i      John b. ab. 1620.
                      ii     William Sambourne b. ab. 1622, d. 18 Sept. 1692.
                      iii    Stephen Sambourne d. ret. to England.

Seventh Generation 

7.      John Samborne b. ab. 1620, Hampshire, Eng., m. (1) Mary Tuck, b. Garlston, Eng., (daughter of Robert Tuck and Joanna ______) d. 30 Dec 1668, Hampton, NH, m. (2) 2 Aug 1671, Margaret Page, b. ab. 1629, Eng., (daughter of Robert Page and Lucy ______) d. 13 Jul 1699.  John died 20 Oct 1692, Hampton, NH.  Lieut.

                      i      John Samborne b. ab. 1649, Hampton, NH, d. 10 Nov. 1723, (or d. 23 Sept. 1727).
                      ii     Mary Samborne b. 1651, Hampton, NH, d. 1654, Hampton, NH.
                      iii    Abigail Samborne b. 23 Feb. 1653, Hampton, NH, d. 3 Jan. 1743.
                      iv    Richard Samborne b. 4 Jan. 1655, Hampton, NH.
                      v     Mary Samborne b. 1657, Hampton, NH, d. 1660, Hampton, NH.
            8.       vi    Joseph b. 13 Mar 1659.
                      vii    Stephen Samborne b. 1661, Hampton, NH, d. 1662, Hampton, NH.
                      viii   Ann Samborne b. 20 Nov. 1662, d. 4 Oct. 1745.
                      ix    Dinah Samborne b. Hampton, NH.  she may have been instead a daughter of William Sanborn
                      x     Nathaniel Samborne b. 27 Jan. 1666, Hampton, NH, d. 9 Nov. 1723.
                      xi    Benjamin Samborne d. 15 Dec. 1740, Hampton Falls, NH.  Dea.
            9.       xii    Jonathan b. 25 May 1672.

 Eighth Generation 

8.      Joseph Samborne b. 13 Mar 1659, Hampton, NH, m. 28 Dec 1682, Mary Gove, b. 14 Apr 1666, Hampton, NH, (daughter of Edward Gove and Hannah Partridge). Joseph died bet. 1722-24, Hampton, NH.

            10.     i      Abigail b. 1 Apr 1686.
                      ii     Huldah Sanborn b. 3 May 1688, Hampton Falls, NH, d. 7 Oct. 1758.
                      iii    Reuben Sanborn b. 18 May 1692, Hampton, NH, d. 22 Apr. 1756.
                      iv    Edward Sanborn b. 7 Apr.1695, Hampton, NH, d. d. as early as 1729.
                      v     Abraham Sanborn b. 10 Mar. 1696, of Kensington, NH, d. 2 Sept. 1757.
                      vi    Mary Sanborn b. 28 July 1697, of Kensington, NH, d. 28 May 1757.
                      vii    Joseph Sanborn b. 22 July 1700, of Kensington, NH, d. 26 Jan. 1773.  Lt.
                      viii   David Sanborn b. 16 Jan. 1702, of Hampton Falls, NH.

9.      Jonathan Samborne b. 25 May 1672, Hampton, NH, m. 4 Feb 1691/2, Elizabeth Sherburn, b. 5 Feb 1672, Little Harbor, NH, (daughter of Samuel Sherburne and Love Hutchings). Jonathan died 20 Jun 1741, Kingston, NH.  Capt.

                      i      Elizabeth Samborne b. 27 Dec. 1692.
            11.     ii     Samuel b. 7 Sep 1694.
                      iii    Achaicus Samborne b. 1696, d. unm.
                      iv    Margaret Samborne  20 Mar. 1698.
                      v     Jonathan Samborne.
                      vi    Love Samborne b. 30 Apr. 1702, (or Aug. 1702), d. Mar. 1725.
                      vii    Dorothy Samborne b. 30 Aug. 1704, d. Nov. 1705.
                      viii   Dorothy Samborne b. 22 Aug. 1706, d. d. young.
                      ix    Sarah Samborne b. 18 Apr. 1708.
                      x     John Samborne b. 19 Dec. 1710, d. Feb. 1711.
                      xi    Benjamin Samborne b. 22 June 1712, d. 7 Apr. 1718.
                      xii    Mary Samborne b. 7 Dec. 1713.

Ninth Generation 

10.    Abigail Sanborn b. 1 Apr 1686, Hampton Falls, NH, m. 7 Oct 1703, Ebenezer Dearborn, b. 3 Oct 1679, Hampton, NH, (son of Thomas Dearborn and Hannah (Colwell) Colcord) d. 15 Mar 1772, Chester, NH.  Abigail died 26 Feb 1768, Chester, NH.

                      i      Ebenezer Dearborn b. 27 Jan. 1705, Hampton, NH, d. 10 Jan. 1790.  Lieut.
                      ii     Hannah Dearborn  9 Mar. 1707, Hampton, NH, d. prob. d. young.
                      iii    Mehetable Dearborn b. 14 Nov. 1708, (or 12 Nov. 1703) Hampton, NH, d. 11 June 1765.
            12.     iv    Peter b. 14 Nov 1710.
                      v     Benjamin Dearborn b. 1 Aug. 1713, Hampton, NH, d. settled in Plymouth.
            13.     vi    Thomas b. 3 Dec. 1713.
                      vii    Michael Dearborn b. Apr. 1719, Hampton, NH, d. 1753.
                      viii   Abigail Dearborn b. 27 Jan. 1721, Hampton, NH.
                      ix    Mary Dearborn b. 11 June 1723, Hampton, NH. 

11.    Samuel Samborne b. 7 Sep 1694, Hampton, NH, m. 19 Aug 1718, Elizabeth Folsom, (daughter of Peter Folsom and Susanna Mills) d. 8 Apr 1756.  Samuel died 8 Apr. 1765, Kingston?, NH.

                      i      Benjamin Samborn b. 20 May 1719, Kingston?, NH.
            14.     ii     Dorothy (Dolly) b. 3 May 1721.
                      iii    Elizabeth Samborn b. 7 Apr. 1723, Kingston?, NH.

Tenth Generation

12.    Peter Dearborn b. 14 Nov 1710, Chester, NH, m. 2 Dec 1736, Margaret Fifield, b. 6 Jun 1716, Kingston, NH, (daughter of Joseph Fifield and Sarah Sherburn) d. Chester, NH.  Peter died 28 Oct 1781, Chester, NH.

                      i      Anna Dearborn b. 17 Oct. 1737, Chester, NH, d. Nov. 1780.
                      ii     Peter Dearborn b. 26 Jan. 1740, Chester, NH, d. 24 Oct. 1770.
                      iii    Joseph Dearborn b. 17 Aug. 1742, Chester, NH, d. Jan. 1816.  Dea.
                      iv    Mary Dearborn b. 1746, Chester, NH.
            15.     v     Josiah b. 6 Nov 1751.
                      vi    Asa Dearborn b. 25 July 1756, Chester, NH.
                      vii    Sherburne Dearborn b. 5 Sept. 1758, Chester, NH, d. 9 Oct. 1852.
                      viii   Sarah Dearborn b. 16 Sept. 1764, Chester, NH.
                      ix    Sarah Dearborn.

13.    Thomas Dearborn b. 3 Dec. 1713, m. 10 Aug 1741, in (or 10 Sept. 1741), Dorothy (Dolly) Sanborn, b. 3 May 1721, (daughter of Samuel Samborne and Elizabeth Folsom) d. 25 Mar 1804.  Thomas died 1754, (will proved 10 Jan. 1754).  See hist. or Chester, NH pp. 508-9

                      i      John Sanborn Dearborn b. 12 Dec. 1743, d. 2 Dec. 1813.
                      ii     Thomas Dearborn b. 11 Mar. 1745, d. 1778, R.I. (killed by cannon ball).
                      iii    Dolly Dearborn b. 12 Jan 1748.
                      iv    Samuel Dearborn b. 7 Nov. 1751, d. 1818.
                      v     Elizabeth Dearborn d. d. young.
                      vi    Mary Dearborn b. 23 May 1752.

14.    Dorothy (Dolly) Sanborn b. 3 May 1721, m. (1) 10 Aug 1741, in (or 10 Sept. 1741), Thomas Dearborn, (See marriage to number 13) m. (2) 26 NOV 1754, Samuel Emerson, b. 8 JAN 1707/8, Haverhill, MA, (son of Jonathan Emerson and Hannah Day) d. 26 SEP 1793.  Dorothy died 25 Mar 1804.  Thomas: See hist. or Chester, NH pp. 508-9 Samuel: Esq.

                      vii    Moses Emerson b. 15 Nov. 1755.
                      viii   John Emerson b. 13 Aug. 1757.
                      ix    Nabby Emerson b. 13 Oct. 1760.
            16.     x     Susannah b. 13 Apr 1762.
                      xi    Anna Emerson d. 1798, rem. to Chelsea, VT.
                      xii    Samuel Emerson d. d. young.

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