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Gove Family

Sources & Research Notes:
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  2. ibid., p.160 (Hannah Partridge m. Edward Gove).

  3. ibid., p.148 (Joseph Sanborn m. Mary, dau. of Edward Gove, their dau. Abigail m. Ebenezer Dearborn).

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  6. Gove Genealogy, by William Gove, 1922, pp.13, 50 (I. Edward Gove m. Hannah, dau. of William Partridge; II. Mary m.1 Joseph, son of Lt. John and Mary [Tuck] Sanborn; III. Abigail Sanborn m. Ebenezer Dearborn).

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1.      John Gove b. ab. 1601, London, Eng., m. (1) ab. 1625, Sarah Mott, m. (2) Mary Sale, m. (3) 6 Feb. 1631, in St. Nicholas Cole Abby, Eng., Mary Shard,  25 Feb. 1610, St. Giles, Cripplegate, London, Eng., (daughter of Humphrey Shard) d. 4 Mar. 1682, Hampton, NH.  John died 28 Feb 1648, Charlstown, MA.

                      i      John Gove  25 Mar. 1632, St. Botalphs, London, Eng., d. 24 Dec. 1704.
                      ii     Humphrey Gove  30 Mar. 1634, Eng., d. 27 Nov. 1634.
            2.       iii    Edward b. ab. 1639.
                      iv    Mary Gove  19 Sept. 1641, St. Nicholas Cole Abby, Eng.

Second Generation 

2.      Edward Gove b. ab. 1639, London, Eng., m. ab. 1660, Hannah Partridge, b. ab. 1641, (daughter of William Partridge and Ann Gerrish). Edward died 29 May 1691.  Hannah: or Titcomb?

                      i      John Gove b. 19 Sept. 1661, d. 15 Oct. 1737.
                      ii     William Gove b. 21 Oct. 1662, d. 1  Mar. 1662/3.
                      iii    Hannah Gove b. Mar. 1664.
            3.       iv    Mary b. 14 Apr 1666.
                      v     Abiel Gove b. 23 July 1667, d. 28 Aug. 1667.
                      vi    Penuel Gove b. 10 July 1668, d. 1 Aug. 1671.
                      vii    Abigail Gove b. 17 Apr. 1670, Hampton, NH, d. 8 May 1751.
                      viii   Ebenezer Gove b. 23 June 1671.
                      ix    Edward Gove b. 13 May 1673, d. 12 Nov. 1675.
                      x     Jeremiah Gove b. Oct. 1674, d. 7 Sept. 1692.
                      xi    Rachel Gove b. 26 Jan. 1676, d. prob. d. young.
                      xii    Ann Gove b. 9 Jan. 1677, Hampton, NH, d. 12 Feb. 1723, Hampton, NH.
                      xiii   Sarah Gove b. 5 Nov. 1678.

Third Generation 

3.      Mary Gove b. 14 Apr 1666, Hampton, NH, m. (1) 28 Dec 1682, Joseph Samborne, b. 13 Mar 1659, Hampton, NH, (son of John Samborne and Mary Tuck) d. bet. 1722-24, Hampton, NH, m. (2) Moses Morrill, b. of Salisbury.  Moses: Lieut. (Mary separated from him & came back to live on the homestead at Hampton Falls).

            4.       i      Abigail b. 1 Apr 1686.
                      ii     Huldah Sanborn b. 3 May 1688, Hampton Falls, NH, d. 7 Oct. 1758.
                      iii    Reuben Sanborn b. 18 May 1692, Hampton, NH, d. 22 Apr. 1756.
                      iv    Edward Sanborn b. 7 Apr.1695, Hampton, NH, d. d. as early as 1729.
                      v     Abraham Sanborn b. 10 Mar. 1696, of Kensington, NH, d. 2 Sept. 1757.
                      vi    Mary Sanborn b. 28 July 1697, of Kensington, NH, d. 28 May 1757.
                      vii    Joseph Sanborn b. 22 July 1700, of Kensington, NH, d. 26 Jan. 1773.  Lt.
                      viii   David Sanborn b. 16 Jan. 1702, of Hampton Falls, NH.

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