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Sherburn Family

Sources & Research Notes:
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  2. Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & N.H., by Noyes, Libby, Davis, pp.628-30 (Henry Sherburn, son of Joseph, m. Rebecca Gibbons; II. Capt. Samuel, m. Love, dau. of John Hutchins; IIIa. Elizabeth, m. Capt. Jonathan Sanborn; IIIb. Sarah, m. Joseph Fifield).

  3. ibid., p.259 (Rebecca Gibbins, m. Henry Sherburne).

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1.      Henry Sherburne d. 1598.

            2.       i      Joseph.

Second Generation 

2.      Joseph Sherburne d. 1621.

            3.       i      Henry b. 1611.

Third Generation 

3.      Henry Sherburne b. 1611, Odeham, Hampshire, Eng., m. 13 Nov. 1637, Rebecca Gibbons, b. 1620/3, (daughter of Ambrose Gibbons and Rebecca) d. 3 June 1667, Portsmouth, NH.  Henry died 1680, Strawberry Bank, NH.

            4.       i      Samuel b. 1638.
                      ii     Elizabeth Sherburne b. 1638, Strawberry Bank, Portsmouth, NH.  twin
                      iii    Mary Sherburne b. 1640, Strawberry Bank, Portsmouth, NH.
                      iv    Henry Sherburne b. 1642, Strawberry Bank, Portsmouth, NH.
                      v     John Sherburne b. 1647, Strawberry Bank, Portsmouth, NH, d. 1696.
                      vi    Ambros Sherburne b. 1649, Strawberry Bank, Portsmouth, NH.
                      vii    Sarah Sherburne b. 1651, Strawberry Bank, Portsmouth, NH.
                      viii   Rebecca Sherburne b. 1654, Strawberry Bank, Portsmouth, NH, d. 1696.
                      ix    Rachel Sherburne b. 1656, Strawberry Bank, Portsmouth, NH, d. d. ae 1 yr.
                      x     Martha Sherburne b. 1657, Strawberry Bank, Portsmouth, NH.
                      xi    Ruth Sherburne b. 1660, Strawberry Bank, Portsmouth, NH.

Fourth Generation 

4.      Samuel Sherburne b. 1638, Strawberry Bank, Portsmouth, NH, m. 15 Dec 1668, Love Hutchings, b. 15 Dec 1647, Haverhill, MA, (daughter of John Hutchings and Frances ______) d. Feb 1739, Kingston, NH.  Samuel died 4 Aug 1691, Casco, ME.  Capt.

            5.       i      Elizabeth b. 5 Feb 1672.
                      ii     Henry Sherburn b. 1674, Little Harbor, NH, d. 1757.
                      iii    Mary Sherburn b. 1680.
                      iv    Francis Sherburn.
                      v     John Sherburn.
                      vi    Mary (or Margaret) Sherburn.
                      vii    Samuel Sherburn b. 1684, d. 1765 unm.
            6.       viii   Sarah.
                      ix    Love Sherburn.
                      x     Achaicus Sherburn.

Fifth Generation 

5.      Elizabeth Sherburn b. 5 Feb 1672, Little Harbor, NH, m. 4 Feb 1691/2, Jonathan Samborne, b. 25 May 1672, Hampton, NH, (son of John Samborne and Margaret Page) d. 20 Jun 1741, Kingston, NH.  Jonathan: Capt.

                      i      Elizabeth Samborne b. 27 Dec. 1692.
            7.       ii     Samuel b. 7 Sep 1694.
                      iii    Achaicus Samborne b. 1696, d. unm.
                      iv    Margaret Samborne  20 Mar. 1698.
                      v     Jonathan Samborne.
                      vi    Love Samborne b. 30 Apr. 1702, (or Aug. 1702), d. Mar. 1725.
                      vii    Dorothy Samborne b. 30 Aug. 1704, d. Nov. 1705.
                      viii   Dorothy Samborne b. 22 Aug. 1706, d. d. young.
                      ix    Sarah Samborne b. 18 Apr. 1708.
                      x     John Samborne b. 19 Dec. 1710, d. Feb. 1711.
                      xi    Benjamin Samborne b. 22 June 1712, d. 7 Apr. 1718.
                      xii    Mary Samborne b. 7 Dec. 1713.

 6.      Sarah Sherburn m. 24 Apr 1701, Joseph Fifield, b. 7 Mar 1677, Hampton Falls, NH, (son of Benjamin Fifield and Mary Colcord) d. 7 Jun 1761, Hampton Falls, NH.  Sarah died 3 Apr. 1765, Kingston?, NH.

                      i      Shuah Fifield b. 13 Mar. 1703, (or bap. 1 June 1707), Hampton, NH.
                      ii     Samuel Fifield b. 28 Oct. 1704, (or bap. 1 June 1707), Hampton, NH.
                      iii    John Fifield b. 17 Dec. 1712, d. bf. 9 Mar. 1761.
                      iv    Sarah Fifield  7 June 1713.
            8.       v     Margaret b. 6 Jun 1716.

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