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Colcord Family

Sources & Research Notes:
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1.      Edward (Colcott) Colcord b. 1615/6, Eng., m. Ann (Nudd?) Wadd, b. ab. 1622, of Dover, d. 24 Jan 1688/9, Dover, NH.  Edward died 10 Feb 1682, Hampton, NH.

                      i      Jonathan Colcord b. ab. 1640/1, d. 31 Aug. 1661.
            2.       ii     Hannah (Colwell) b. ab. 1643.
                      iii    Sarah Colcord b. ab. 1646/7, Hampton, NH.
            3.       iv    Mary b. 4 Oct 1648.
                      v     Edward Colcord b. 2 Feb. 1651/2, Hampton, NH, d. 13 June 1677.
                      vi    Samuel Colcord b. ab. 1655/6.  Lieut.
                      vii    Mehitable Colcord b. ab. 1658.
                      viii   Shuah Colcord b. 12 June 1662?.
                      ix    Deborah Colcord b. 21 May 1664.
                      x     Abigail Colcord b. 23 July 1667.
                      xi    Elizabeth Colcord.

 Second Generation 

2.      Hannah (Colwell) Colcord b. ab. 1643, Hampton, NH, m. 28 Dec 1665, in Hampton, NH, Thomas Dearborn, b. ab. 1634, Eng., (son of Godfrey Dearborn) d. 14 Apr 1710, Hampton, NH.  Hannah died 17 Jun 1720.

                      i      Samuel Dearborn b. 27 May 1676, Hampton, NH.
            4.       ii     Ebenezer b. 3 Oct 1679.
                      iii    Thomas Dearborn b. ab. 1681, Hampton, NH.
                      iv    Jonathan Dearborn b. 18 Nov. 1686, Hampton, NH, d. 10 Sept. 1771. 

3.      Mary Colcord b. 4 Oct 1648, Hampton Falls, NH, m. 28 Dec 1670, Benjamin Fifield, b. ab. 1648, Hampton, NH, (son of William Fifield and Mary ______) d. 1 Aug 1706, Hampton Falls, NH (killed by Indians).  Mary died 23 Nov 1741, Hampton Falls, NH.

                      i      John Fifield b. 21 Nov. 1671, Hampton Falls, NH.
                      ii     Shuah Fifield b. 27 Sept. 1673, Hampton Falls, NH, d. 14 Nov. 1683.
                      iii     Mary? Fifield b. 3 May 1676, Hampton Falls, NH.
            5.       iv    Joseph b. 7 Mar 1677.
                      v     Edward Fifield b. 27 Mar. 1678, Hampton Falls, NH.
                      vi    Benjamin Fifield b. 10 Feb. 1682, Hampton Falls, NH, d. by Sept. 1726.
                      vii    Jonathan Fifield.
                      viii   Mehitable Fifield b. 9 Nov. 1687, Hampton Falls, NH.
                      ix    Abigail Fifield.

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