Surname Page from the Genealogy of Kenneth D. Kalloch

Wadleigh Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & N.H., by Noyes, Libby, Davis, p.707 (I. John Wadleigh, wife Mary; II. Mary, m. Thomas Mills).

  2. ibid., p.483 (I. Thomas Mills, m. Mary Wadleigh (John); II. Susannah, m.1 Isaac Cousins, m.2 Lt. Peter Folsom).


1.      Mary Wadleigh m. Thomas Mills, b. Exeter, Eng.

                      i      John Mills.
                      ii     Mary Mills m. John Cloyes.
                      iii    Sarah Mills m. Nathaniel Cloyes.
            2.       iv    Susanna.
                      v     Martha Mills b. 18 JUN 1653, Saco (in N. E.), m. (1) James Smith, m. (2) Christopher Grant.

Second Generation 

2.      Susanna Mills m. (1) Isaac Cousins, m. (2) Peter Folsom, b. of Kingston, NH.

            3.       i      Elizabeth.

Third Generation 

3.      Elizabeth Folsom m. (1) ______ Colcord, m. (2) 19 Aug 1718, Samuel Samborne, b. 7 Sep 1694, Hampton, NH, (son of Jonathan Samborne and Elizabeth Sherburn) d. 8 Apr. 1765, Kingston?, NH.  Elizabeth died 8 Apr 1756.

                      i      Benjamin Samborn b. 20 May 1719, Kingston?, NH.
            4.       ii     Dorothy (Dolly) b. 3 May 1721.
                      iii    Elizabeth Samborn b. 7 Apr. 1723, Kingston?, NH.

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