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Webster Family

Sources & Research Notes:
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  2. Genealogical & Family History of the State of N.H., Vol. I., p.18 (I. Thomas Webster m. Margaret ____; II. Thomas m. Sarah Brewer, dau. of Thomas Brewer; III. Ebenezer m. Hannah Judkins; IV. Hannah).

  3. Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & N.H., by Noyes, Libby, Davis, pp.730-1 (I. Thomas Webster, m. Margery [who m.2nd. Wm. Godfrey and m.3rd. John Marion]; II. Thomas, m.1 ?, m.2 Sarah Brewer [aunt of Wm. Lane]; III. Ebenezer, m.1 Apr. 1697, Mary Hutchins, m.2 Sarah ____; III. Hannah [by 1st. wife]). [Note: This ref. lists the mother of Hannah Webster as Mary Hutchins not Hannah Judkins]

  4. Ibid., p.393 (I. Joel Judkins, m. Mary [Bean 2], who was w. of David Robinson of Stratham; II. Hannah, m. Ebenezer Webster, [ancestors of the great Daniel]).

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  9. Some Descendants of John Webster, comp. by John C. Webster, M.D., 1912, p.5). [do not have copy]

  10. Webster Lineage, comp. for Edwin Sibley Webster, Esq., p.1 [do not have copy]


1.      Thomas Webster m. Margaret.  Thomas died Apr 1634, Ormsby, Norfolk, Eng.

            2.       i      Thomas b. Nov 1631.

Second Generation 

2.      Thomas Webster b. Nov 1631, Ormsby, Eng., m. 2 Nov. 1656, Sarah Brewer, (daughter of Thomas Brewer). Thomas died 5 Jan 1715, Hampton, NH.

                      i      Mary Webster.
                      ii     Sarah Webster.
                      iii    Hannah Webster.
                      iv    Thomas Webster.
            3.       v     Ebenezer b. 1 Aug 1667.
                      vi    Isaac Webster.
                      vii    John Webster.
                      viii   Joshua Webster.
                      ix    Abigail Webster. 

Third Generation 

3.      Ebenezer Webster b. 1 Aug 1667, Hampton, NH, m. 25 July 1709, Hannah Judkins, b. 13 Nov 1676, Exeter, NH, (daughter of Joel Judkins and Mary Bean) d. 21 Feb 1756.

                      i      Rachel Webster.
                      ii     Susannah Webster.
                      iii    Ebenezer Webster.
                      iv    William Webster.
                      v     John Webster.
            4.       vi    Hannah.
                      vii    Mary Webster.
                      viii   Joseph Webster.

Fourth Generation 

4.      Hannah Webster m. 4 Nov 1740, in Kingston, NH, Samuel Scribner, b. 29 Apr 1716, Kingston, NH, (son of Thomas Scribner and Hannah Welch) d. 5 Feb 1794, Andover, NH.

                      i      Susannah Scribner b. 29 Oct. 1741, Kingston, NH.
                      ii     Samuel Scribner b. 28 Dec. 1743, Kingston, NH.
                      iii     Iddo Scribner b. 12 Feb. 1745, Kingston, NH.
                      iv    Joseph Scribner b. 12 Feb. 1745, Kingston, NH.
                      v     Hannah Scribner b. 1 Feb. 1747, Kingston, NH.
            5.       vi    Josiah b. 11 Jul 1750.
                      vii    Iddo Scribner b. 11 Nov. 1752, Kingston, NH.
                      viii   Ebenezer Scribner b. 28 Mar. 1755, Salisbury, NH.
                      ix    Mary Scribner b. 5 Oct. 1759, Salisbury, NH.
                      x     Elizabeth Scribner b. 14 Aug. 1762, Salisbury, NH.

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