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A large portion of the photos in this album were scanned from photos from our Kalloch family historian in August 2002.  Since then many additional photos have been added by family members and are continually being added.

I think that photos are an excellent way to honor and remember our family members who have passed on, and connect with ones that are living.  They are an important link between past, present and future generations.  I hope that this album will also help us and our younger family members to become more acquainted with relatives of previous generations, and help make history come alive by seeing our connections with them through the generations via photographs.

I think of my own children a lot when I work on the website, (the photo above is of my children's great grandfather, Sumner -back right, with his siblings, and parents -back left).  I also think of our ancestor Finley who was only 7 when he sailed to America from Ireland in 1718.  I think that sharing family history, especially with children and grandchildren is very important.  All of us were, or will be, 7 years old at one point in our life, just as Finley was, and all of us are just as much a part of our continuing family history as Finley and all of his descendants are.

I especially like old photographs from the early 1900's and late 1800's.  This album has some very nice ones.  I've also enjoyed seeing photos of many of my living relatives as I've worked on this album, many of whom I will probably never have the opportunity to actually meet in person.

I hope more family members will send photos of themselves and their family.  (Now thanks to computers, scanners and digital cameras, it's much easier to do than in the past before all of these things).  I would like to include as many of us Kalloch descendants as possible!, and add more family stories and biographical articles to the album pages as well as link photos to individual's obituaries.

If you have any photos, obituaries, or other biographical/historical information that you would like to add, please notify the webmaster (kdk44@juno.com)

Please note - The newest Kalloch family photos are now added directly to our Kalloch Family Reunion Association Tree's Media Gallery on Ancestry, as of 8/20/19 there are 16,777 photos.

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