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Wells Family

Sources & Research Notes:
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Thomas WELLS to Abigail (WELLS) BARTLETT.

1.      Thomas Wells b. ab. 1605, Eng., m. Abigail Warner, (daughter of William Warner) d. 22 July 1671.  Thomas died 26 Oct. 1666, Ipswich, MA.  Dea.

                      i      Nathaniel Wells b. Ipswich, MA.
                      ii     John Wells.
                      iii    Sarah Wells b. Ipswich, MA.
                      iv    Abigail Wells b. Ipswich, MA.
            2.       v     Thomas b. 11 Jan. 1646/7.
                      vi    Elizabeth Wells b. Ipswich, MA.
                      vii    Hannah Wells b. Ipswich, MA.
                      viii   Lydia Wells b. Ipswich, MA. 

Second Generation 

2.      Thomas Wells b. 11 Jan. 1646/7, Ipswich, MA, m. 10 Jan. 1669, in Ipswich, MA, Mary Perkins, b. ab. 1652, Ipswich, MA, (daughter of John Perkins and Elizabeth ______) d. 26 Jan. 1726/7, Amesbury, MA.  Thomas died 10 July 1734.  Rev. Mary: No direct proof that she is dau. of John. But there seems to be no other family to which she could have belonged.

                      i      Thomas Wells b. 30 Oct. 1670, Ipswich, MA, d. bef. 1728.
                      ii     John Wells b. 2 Feb. 1672/3, d. 1673?, (prob. d. 2 Apr. 1673).
                      iii    Luke Wells b. 19 Mar. 1673/4.
                      iv    Titus Wells b. 14 Mar. 1675/6.
                      v     (a son) Wells.
            3.       vi    Abigail.
                      vii    Mary Wells.
                      viii   Eliezer Wells b. 10 June 1686, Amesbury, MA.
                      ix    Elizabeth Wells b. 17 Dec. 1688, Amesbury, MA.
                      x     John Wells b. 9 Oct. 1692, Amesbury, MA. 

Third Generation 

3.      Abigail Wells m. 6 Feb. 1704, in Amesbury, MA, Samuel Bartlett, b. 28 Mar. 1676, Newbury, MA, (son of Samuel Bartlett and Elizabeth Titcomb) d. 16 May 1753, Newbury, MA.

                      i      Samuel Bartlett b. 16 Nov. 1705, Newbury, MA.
                      ii     Joshua Bartlett b. 13 Aug. 1707, Newbury, MA.
                      iii    Jacob Bartlett b. 17 Aug. 1709, Newbury, MA, d. 11 Mar. 1783.
                      iv    Elizabeth Bartlett b. 10 June 1711, Newbury, MA.
                      v     David Bartlett b. 7 Mar. 1713, Newbury, MA.
                      vi    Jonathan Bartlett b. 31 July 1717, Newbury, MA.
            4.       vii    Abigail b. 7 Mar. 1718.
                      viii   Judith Bartlett b. 17 July 1723, Newbury, MA, d. bef. 1753.

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