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Titcomb Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. Forefathers and Descendants of Willard G. Wilson Bartlett, by G.W. Bartlett, 1952, p.9 (Samuel Bartlett m. Elizabeth Titcomb, dau. of William Titcomb and his 2nd. wife Elizabeth [Bitsfield], wid. of William Stevens).

  2. My Legacy, by E. Clark, p.43 (Capt. William Titcomb, Sr. m.2 Elizabeth Betfield, had dau. Elizabeth, she m. Sam. Bartlett).


1.      William Tyttcombe b. of County Wilts, Eng., m. Edith.

            2.       i      William.

Second Generation 

2.      William Titcomb  22 Aug. 1584, Ogbourne, St. George Co., Wilts Eng., m. 25 July 1617, in Ogbourne, St. Andrew, Wilts Co., Eng., Alice Coleman.

            3.       i      William.
                      ii     John Titcomb b. 2 Mar. 1622, Ogbourne, St. George, Eng., d. will proved 16 May 1671.
                      iii    Millicent Titcomb b. Ogbourne, St. George, Eng., d. will proved 11 Jan. 1661/2.
                      iv    Mary Titcomb  19 Oct. 1625, Ogbourne, St. George, Eng.
                      v     Elizabeth Titcomb  30 Apr. 1626, Ogbourne, St. George, Eng.

Third Generation 

3.      William Titcomb  6 Aug. 1620, Wiltshire, Eng., m. (1) ab. 1638/9, Joanna Bartlett, b. 29 Jan. 1610, Eng., (daughter of Richard Bartlett) d. 28 June 1653, m. (2) 3 Mar. 1653/4, in Newbury, MA, Elizabeth Bitsfield, (daughter of Samuel Bitsfield). William died 24 Sept. 1676, Newbury, MA.  Names of children from William's will, order of children??

                      i      Sarah Titcomb.
                      ii     Mary Titcomb.
            4.       iii    Elizabeth b. 23 May 1671.
                      iv    Benaiah Titcomb.
                      v     William Titcomb.
                      vi    Thomas Titcomb.
                      vii    John Titcomb.
                      viii   Rebecca Titcomb.
                      ix    Tirzah Titcomb. I'm not sure if this is the correct family for Tirzah?
                      x     Lydia Titcomb.
                      xi    Anne Titcomb.

Fourth Generation 

4.      Elizabeth Titcomb b. 23 May 1671, m. 23 May 1671, in Newbury, MA, Samuel Bartlett, b. 20 Feb. 1645, Newbury, MA, (son of Richard Bartlett and Abigail ________) d. 15 May 1732, Newbury, MA.  Elizabeth died 26 Aug. 1690, Newbury, MA.

                      i      Elizabeth Bartlett b. 13 May 1672, Newbury, MA, d. 14 Feb. 1697.
                      ii     Abigail Barlett b. 14 Apr. 1674, Newbury, MA, d. 12 Aug. 1744.
            5.       iii    Samuel b. 28 Mar. 1676.
                      iv    Sarah Bartlett b. 7 July 1678, Newbury, MA, d. 10 Mar. 1744.
                      v     Richard Bartlett b. 23 Feb. 1679/80, Newbury, MA, d. 3 Nov. 1753.
                      vi    Thomas Bartlett b. 13 Aug. 1681, Newbury, MA, d. 4 May 1744.
                      vii    Tirzah Bartlett b. 20 Jan 1683/4, Newbury, MA.
                      viii   Lydia Bartlett b. 5 Nov. 1687, Newbury, MA.

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