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Rogers Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. Clark and Worth Families and Other Puritan Settlers in Mass. Bay Colony, by Carol Clark Johnson, 1970, p.216 (Thomas Eyer [Ayre] m. Elizabeth Rogers, of Poole, Eng.).

  2. Hist. of Billerica, MA, pp.122-3 (I. John Rogers, son of John Rogers, m. Priscilla Dawes; II. John m. Mary Shedd, dau. of Daniel; III. Eunice m. John Marshall).

  3. ibid., p.96 (John Marshall m. Unis Rogers, dau. of John).

  4. Hist. of Bow, NH, p.37 (Joseph Rogers m. Abigail Bartlett, had dau. Judith, she m. Henry Hemphill. This family of Rogers claim to be descended from John* who was burned at the stake in Smithsfield. A Thomas, and Joseph his son, came over in the Mayflower in 1620, and his son Jospeh Jr., m. Susanna Dean).

  5. *Holy Bible -The New King James Version, Thomas Nelson Pub., p.1221, The History of the Kings James Bible,

    "On Henry's death in 1547, his ten-year old son Edward was crowned king, and regulations restricting the circulation of Bibles were removed. The churches were once again ordered to have Bibles. Reformers who had fled to Europe returned to England. And the printing of Bibles flourished. The breath of England was once again that of flaming Protestantism.

    But Edward reigned only six-and-a-half years. On his death, Mary Tudor, the Roman Catholic queen, commonly known as "Bloody Mary," came to the throne and brought a new, more violent fire to the land. During her reign, hundreds of Protestants, including Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, and John Rogers, who edited the Matthew's Bible, were burned at the state. The public use of the English Bible was prohibited. Copies were removed from the churches and burned."

  6. Thomas Rogers, Pilgrim, and Some of His Descendants, comp. by E. Daniel and J. Sawtelle, 1890, p.6 (I. Thomas Rogers m. Elizabeth ____; II. Joseph m. Hannah ____; III. Joseph m. Susanna Deane, Apparently no issue from Joseph and Susanna).
  7. [Is there any connection between this Rogers family and mine??]

I. Elizabeth ROGERS to John AYRE

1.      Elizabeth Rogers b. Poole, Eng., m. Thomas Eyre.

            2.       i      John b. 1592.

Second Generation 

2.      John Ayre b. 1592, Eng., m. Hannah.

            3.       i      Robert b. ab. 1625.


1.      John Rogers b. 1594, d. 22 Dec 1674, Watertown, MA.

            2.       i      John b. 1611.

Second Generation 

2.      John Rogers b. 1611, m. (1) 1640, Priscilla Dawes, b. of Boston, MA, d. 21 Apr 1663, m. (2) 6 July 1669, Elizabeth Brown.  John died 25 Jan 1685/6, Billerica, MA.

            3.       i      John b. 11 Sep 1641.
                      ii     Mary Rogers b. 26 Oct. 1643.
                      iii    Thomas Rogers d. 6 Aug. 1695.
                      iv    Abigail Rogers d. 15 June 1671.
                      v     Daniel Rogers d. 4 Feb. 1727/8.
                      vi    Nathaniel Rogers d. 3 Oct. 1730.
                      vii    Priscilla Rogers.
                      viii   Hannah Rogers b. 6 May 1670, d. 24 May.
                      ix    Bethia Rogers d. 29 Dec. 1672.
                      x     Sarah Rogers d. 9 Jan. 1676/7.

Third Generation 

3.      John Rogers b. 11 Sep 1641, Watertown, MA, m. (1) 10 Oct 1667, Mary Shedd, (daughter of Daniel Shedd) d. 17 Aug 1668, m. (2) 7 Feb. 1688/9, Abigail ______.  John died 5 Aug 1695, Billerica, MA.

                      i      Mary Rogers b. 21 Sept. 1668, Billerica, MA.
                      ii     John Rogers b. Mar. 1670/1, Billerica, MA, d. 15 Apr.
                      iii     Samuel Rogers b. 5 Apr. 1672, Billerica, MA.
                      iv    Sarah Rogers b. Aug. 1674, Billerica, MA.
            4.       v     Eunice b. 27 Aug 1676.
                      vi    John Rogers b. 13 Dec. 1680, Billerica, MA.
                      vii    Daniel Rogers b. 12 May 1683, Billerica, MA.
                      viii   Mercy? Rogers b. Billerica, MA.
                      ix    Hannah Rogers b. 21 Nov. 1687, Billerica, MA.

Fourth Generation 

4.      Eunice Rogers b. 27 Aug 1676, Billerica, MA, m. 8 Dec 1695/6, in Billerica, MA, John Marshall, b. 1 Aug 1671, Billerica, MA, (son of John Marshall and Mary Burrage) d. 25 Jan 1713/4, Billerica, MA.

                      i      Mary Marshall b. 28 Oct. 1696, Billerica, MA.
                      ii     John Marshall b. 19 Jan. 1698/9, Billerica, MA, d. 6 Oct. 1762.
                      iii     Daniel Marshall b. 13 May 1701, Billerica, MA.
                      iv    Unise Marshall b. 16 Oct. 1703, Billerica, MA.
            5.       v     Thomas b. 28 Mar 1706.
                      vi    Samuel Marshall b. 23 June 1708, Billerica, MA.
                      vii    William Marshall b. 28 July 1710, Billerica, MA.
                      viii   Isaac Marshall b. 18 Dec. 1712, Billerica, MA, d. 3 Mar. 1797.


1.      Joseph Rogers b. 19 Dec. 1714, m. Abigail Bartlett, b. 7 Mar. 1718, (daughter of Samuel Bartlett and Abigail Wells) d. 18 Apr. 1800.  Joseph died 18 Apr. 1793, Bow, NH.  This family of Rogers claim to be descended from John who was burned at the state in Smithfiled.  A Thomas, and his son Joseph came over on the Mayflower in 1620, and his son Joseph, Jr., born in 1640? in Sandwich, Mass., married Susanna Dean of Eastam, Apr. 3 1660. (Hist. of Bow, NH p. 37).

            2.       i      Judith b. 16 Aug 1740.
                      ii     Abigail Rogers b. 1 Mar. 1743.
                      iii    Joseph Rogers b. 24 Apr. 1745, Concord, NH.
                      iv    Martha Rogers b. 30 Apr. 1747.
                      v     Samuel Rogers b. 3 Aug. 1749.
                      vi    Prudence Rogers b. 24 June 1752.
                      vii    Rebecca Rogers b. 26 Mar. 1755.

Second Generation 

2.      Judith Rogers b. 16 Aug 1740, Bow, NH, m. Henry Hemphill, b. 1740, Bow, NH, (son of Goin Hemphill and ?).

                      i      John Hemphill b. 8 Feb. 1761, Pembrook, NH.
                      ii     Judith Hemphill b. 24 Dec. 1763, Pembrook, NH.
                      iii    Samuel Hemphill b. 4 May 1766, Pembrook, NH, d. went to Maine.
            3.       iv    Henry b. 11 Apr. 1769.
                      v     Peggy Hemphill b. 5 Aug. 1771, Bow, NH.
                      vi    Bartlett Hemphill b. 8 Sept. 1773, Bow, NH.
                      vii    Joseph Hemphil b. 16 Sept. 1775, Bow, NH.
                      viii   Polly Hemphill b. 23 May 1781, Bow, NH.
                      ix    James Hemphill b. 22 Dec. 1783, Bow, NH, d. went to Canada.

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