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McFetheridge Family

Sources & Research Notes:

  1. Hist. of Thomaston, Rockland, and S. Thomaston, ME, p.376 (Joseph Robinson m. Mary McFetheridge [not McKoun, as in Annals of Warren]).

  2. Check Boston Vital Records

 Mary McFetheridge to Hannah (Robinson) Gilchrest.

1.      Mary McFetheridge b. Boston, MA?, m. Joseph Robinson, b. ab. 1723, (son of Moses Robinson and Mary Fitzgerald) d. ab. 1803, aged about 78.  Joseph: (m. Mary McFetheridge; not McKoun, as in Annals of Warren).

            2.       i      Hannah b. 1756.
                      ii     Sarah Robinson b. Cushing, ME, d. unm.
                      iii     Mary Robinson d. d. young.
                      iv    Moses Robinson b. 1756, d. 1777.
                      v     John Robinson b. Cushing, ME, d. lost at sea.
                      vi    Joseph Robinson b. Cushing, ME, d. W. Indies.
                      vii    Elizabeth (Betsey) Robinson b. Cushing, ME.
                      viii   Archibald Robinson b. Cushing, ME.
                      ix    Jane Robinson b. Cushing, ME, d. unm., age 75 or 80.

Second Generation 

2.      Hannah Robinson b. 1756, Cushing, ME, m. Samuel Gilchrest, b. 1754, (son of Hugh Gilchrest) d. 4 Mar 1834, St. George, ME.  Hannah died 23 Feb. 1835, St. George, ME.  Samuel: (Went into the army and was wounded in a skirmish, at Harlem, during Washington's retreat from N.Y., the British ball remaining in his side to the day of his death.).

                      i      John Gilchrest b. 29 Mar. 1779, St. George, ME, d. 3 May 1856.
                      ii     William Gilchrest b. Aug. 1780, St. George, ME, d. 1860.
                      iii     Joseph Gilchrest b. 20 May 1782, Cushing, ME, d. 7 Sept. 1864.
                      iv    Hugh Gilchrest b. St. George, ME.
                      v     Samuel Gilchrest b. 29 May 1788, St. George, ME.
                      vi    Archibald Gilchrest b. St. George, ME, d. in infancy.
                      vii    James Gilchrest b. St. George, ME.
                      viii   Alexander Gilchrest b. 1789, St. George, ME.
                      ix    Robert Gilchrest b. 20 Feb. 1796, St. George, ME.
            3.       x     Sarah "Sally" b. 31 Jan 1798.
                      xi    George Gilchrest.


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