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Thank you to the webmasters of all the presenting sites for taking the time to review our site
and present us their awards!!

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Manitoulin Genealogy Award of Excellence

Hi Ken,

I have just visited your website and must say that I'm impressed with all the hard work that you've done.  Family genealogy sometimes presents a difficult forum in balancing interest with fact.  You've done both.  Please accept the Manitoulin Genealogy Award for all your hard work and effort.


Huppe dit Lagroix Genealogy Excellence Award

Congratulations! on an excellent genealogy site.  Enjoyed your family reunion pictures.  Good luck on your 2003 reunion.


My Family's Heart Genealogy Award

Hello Ken,

My mother and I were just visiting your site, and really enjoyed the wonderful work you have done sharing your family information. Your family reunion page and photo album are absolutely wonderful. The pictures are great and such detail.

We are proud to present you with our "Preserving Family History" award. We feel your site more than deserves our award. Congratulations on a job well done, its great to see others who share the same passions my mother and I do.

Ruth & Tonya - My Family's Heart Genealogy

Sharrywj  Excellence Award in Genealogy

Greetings Ken,

Thanks you for visiting my website and for applying for an award!!!  I have just now got back from visiting your wonderful website and was very impressed!!..The love for your family shines thru on every page!!!

I am pleased and honored to send you my Love of Family award!!  Keep up the great work on your site!!!!

Take care and be safe!



The Kalloch Family Home Page has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award. 

Note: As a recipient of the prestigious Golden Web Award, we invite you to join your fellow webmasters and designers in over "145" countries worldwide, by becoming a respected Professional Member of the International Association of Web Masters & Designers.


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