Surname Page from the Genealogy of Kenneth D. Kalloch

Piper Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. Clark & Worth Families & Other Puritan Settlers in Mass. Bay Colony, by Carol Clark Johnson, p.128 (Tristram Greenleaf m. Margaret Piper).

  2. My Legacy, by E. Clark, p.40 (Nathaniel Piper [Pyper] m. Sarah ___, had dau. Margaret, who m. Tristram Greenleaf).

  3. Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, MA, p.187 (Tristram Greenleaf m. Margaret Piper, of Ipswich, MA).

Nathaniel PIPER to Margaret (PIPER) GREENLEAF.

1.      Nathaniel Piper b. 1630, Dartmouth, Eng., m. Sarah ______.  Nathaniel died 1676, Ipswich, MA.

                      i      Sarah Piper b. 1656, Ipswich, MA.
                      ii     Nathaniel Piper b. 1658.
                      iii    Mary Piper b. 1660/1.
                      iv    Josiah Piper b. 1661.
                      v     John Piper b. 1663.
                      vi    Mary Piper b. 1664.
                      vii   Thomas Piper b. 1666.
            2.       viii   Margaret b. 1668.
                      ix    Samuel Piper.
                      x     Jonathan Piper b. 1672.
                      xi    William Piper b. 1674, d. 1674. 

Second Generation 

2.      Margaret Piper b. 1668, Ipswich, MA, m. 12 Nov. 1689, in Newbury, MA, Tristram Greenleaf, b. 11 Feb. 1668, Newbury, MA, (son of Stephen Greenleaf and Elizabeth Coffin) d. 13 June 1740, (will 13 June 1740) Newbury, MA.

                      i      Nathaniel Greenleaf b. 25 Jan. 1691/2, Newbury, MA.
                      ii     Elizabeth Greenleaf b. 16 Mar. 1692/3, Newbury, MA, d. d. young.
                      iii     Stephen Greenleaf b. 16 Apr. 1694, Newbury, MA.
                      iv    Edmund Greenleaf b. 24 June 1695, Newbury, MA.
                      v     Sarah Greenleaf b. 27 Mar. 1697, Newbury, MA.
                      vi    Judith Greenleaf b. 28 Sept. 1698, Newbury, MA, d. d. young.
            3.       vii    Mary b. Sept. 1699.
                      viii   Prudence Greenleaf b. 10 June 1702, Newbury, MA.
                      ix    Tristram Greenleaf b. 12 Nov. 1703, Newbury, MA.
                      x     Enoch Greenleaf b. ab. 1705, Newbury, MA.
                      xi    Samuel Greenleaf b. 24 Dec. 1706, Newbury, MA, d. d. young.

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