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Moore Family

Sources & Research Notes:

  1. Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & N.H., by Noyes, Libby, Davis, p.490 (I. William Moore, Ch., but not w., named in will; II. Ruth, m. Henry Robie).

  2. ibid., p.590 (I. Henry Robie, m.1 Ruth Moore, who d. 5 May 1673, m.2 19 Jan. 1674, Elizabeth (Philbrick)(Chase) Garland; II. Ichabod, m.1 Lucy Page, m.2 wid. Lydia Spendlow; III. Samuel, m. wid. Anna (Spendlow) Morrison).

William MOORE to Ruth (MOORE) ROBIE.

1.      William Moore.

            2.       i      Ruth.
                      ii     William Moore b. 1631-34.
                      iii     Thomas Moore.
                      iv    Mary Moore b. ab. 1638.
                      v     Elizabeth Moore.

Second Generation 

2.      Ruth Moore m. Henry Robie, b. 12 Feb. 1618, Eng., (son of Thomas Robie and Mary Coxon) d. 22 Apr. 1688, Hampton, NH.  Ruth died 5 May 1673.

                      i      Thomas Robie b. 1 Mar. 1645/6, Exeter, NH.
                      ii     Judith Robie b. ab. 1650.
                      iii    Ruth Robie b. 3 Mar. 1654, Hampton, NH.
                      iv    Mary Robie.
                      v     John Robie b. 2 Feb. 1648/9, Exeter, NH, d. 16 June 1691.
                      vi    Deliverance Robie b. 22 Mar. 1657, Hampton, NH.
                      vii    Samuel Robie b. 4 Aug. 1659, Hampton, NH, d. 10 Aug. 1717.
            3.       viii   Ichabod b. 26 Nov. 1664.

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