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Merrill Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. Hist. of Hillsborough, NH Vol. II., by G. Browne, 1922, p.411 (Nathaniel Merrill, b. in Eng. settled in Newbury, MA, m. Susanna Jordon, and it is claimed that all of the Merrills in the U.S. have descended from thsi couple.). [Connection to Hannah Merrill??]

  2. Hist. of Sutton, NH, p.931 (Samuel Roby m. Hannah Merrill).

  3. Roby Genealogy, N.H. Hist. Society #929.2 R668, p.3 (There seems to be two Hannahs, 1st. Hannah Ordway and then Hannah Merrill, but not Hannah Shed. A study of the Ordways disclosed a Merrill-Ordway marriage, but did not prove that Hannah Ordway was Hannah Merrill). [Recheck this source, writing in pencil at bottom of page did not copy entirely]

Hannah MERRILL to Icabod ROBY.   

1.      Hannah Merrill m. (1) Johnathan Ordway, m. (2) Samuel Roby, b. 12 May 1705, Kingston, NH, (son of Ichabod Roby and Lucy Page) d. 1790, Sutton, NH.  Samuel: See Hist. of Sutton, NH, p. 932 for more children.

                      i      Jonathan Roby b. 1756, d. 14 May 1824.
            2.       ii     Icabod b. 1762.
                      iii    Lucy Roby.
                      iv    Samuel Roby.

 Second Generation 

2.      Icabod Roby b. 1762, Sutton, NH, m. (1) Miriam Putney, b. 1762, d. 9 May 1826, m. (2) 1826, Betsey ?______, b. of Sunapee, NH, d. 8 Jul 1872.  Icabod died 1834, Sutton, NH.  Miriam: Sister of Joseph Putney of Hopkinton, NH

                      i      Molly Roby b. 11 Feb. 1786, Sutton, NH, d. 12 Oct. 1817.
                      ii     Merrill Roby b. 25 Jan. 1788, Sutton, NH, d. 23 Mar. 1843.
                      iii    Samuel Roby b. 24 Sept. 1789, Sutton, NH, d. 26 Apr. 1863.
                      iv    Ichabod Roby b. 17 Aug. 1791, Sutton, NH, d. 11 Feb. 1860.
                      v     Joseph Roby b. 9 Mar. 1793, Sutton, NH, d. 1859.
                      vi    Stephen Roby b. 31 Mar. 1795, Sutton, NH.
                      vii    Hannah Roby b. 4 July 1797, Sutton, NH, d. 1 Sept. 1802.
                      viii   Miriam Roby b. 14 June 1799, Sutton, NH, d. 27 Sept. 1865.
                      ix    Sally Roby b. 13 May 1802, Sutton, NH, d. 17 Dec. 1826.
                      x     Hannah Roby b. 9 June 1803, Sutton, NH.
                      xi    Lavina Roby b. 17 Dec. 1804, Sutton, NH.
                      xii    Putney Roby b. 14 Apr. 1807, Sutton, NH.
                      xiii   Betsey M. Roby b. 20 Apr. 1827, Sutton, NH.
                      xiv   Silas N. Roby b. 4 Sept. 1828, Sutton, NH.
            3.       xv    Robert Bartlett b. 15 Nov 1829.
                      xvi   James Munroe Roby b. 13 June 1831, Sutton, NH.
                      xvii  William D. Roby b. 1833, Sutton, NH, d. 22 Aug. 1863.

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