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Johnson Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. Hist. of Goffstown, NH, Vol.2, 1924, pp.297-8 (Comfort Johnson, dau. of Bracket Johnson)? [ do not have copy, recheck source!]

  2. Leonard Weeks of Greenland, NH & His Descendants 1639-1880, by J. Chapman, 1889, p.27 (Dr. Ichabod Weeks m.2 Comfort Johnson, had dau. Sarah Cotton Weeks).

  3. My Legacy, by E. Clark, pp.39, 60, 83, 97, 102, 104 (I. William Johnson m.1 Alice Foreflode, dau. of John Foreflode; II. John Johnson m. Joan Humfrey; III. William m. Susan3 Porredge [John2, Thomas1]; IV Capt. Edward m. Susanna Munnter; V. John m. Be[r]thia2 Reed [Capt. William1 Reed m. Mabel Kendall]; VI. Mary Johnson m. Dr. & Rev. Joseph Peasley [Peaslee]; VII. Mary Peasley m. Joseph Whittier).

I. Bracket JOHNSON to Comfort (JOHNSON) WEEKS.

1.      Bracket Johnson.

            2.       i      Comfort b. 13 May 1750.

Second Generation 

2.      Comfort Johnson b. 13 May 1750, Greenland, NH, m. 1 Nov. 1770, in Rye, NH, Ichabod Weeks, b. 16 Sept. 1738, Greenland, NH, (son of Walter Weeks and Comfort Weeks) d. 1807.  Comfort died 26 Oct. 1775.  Ichabod: Dr.

            3.       i      Sarah Cotton b. 29 Nov. 1771.
                      ii     Comfort J. Weeks b. 26 Nov. 1773.
                      iii     Brackett Weeks b. 18  Oct. 1775, d. 26 Oct. 1832.


1.      William Johnson b. 1500, Eng., m. (1) 1528, Alice Foreflode, b. Eng., (daughter of John Foreflode) d. Eng., m. (2) Elizabeth.  William died 9 Jun. 1576, Canterbury, Eng.

            2.       i      John b. 1531.

Second Generation 

2.      John Johnson b. 1531, Canterbury, Eng., m. (1) 23 May 1551, in St. Georges, Canterbury, Eng., Joan Humfrey, b. Eng., d. 1584, Eng., m. (2) Alice.  John died 10 May 1598, Canterbury, Eng.

                      i      Joane Johnson  1552, Canterbury, Eng.
                      ii     John Johnson  1556, Canterbury, Eng.
                      iii     Bartholomew Johnson  1558, Canterbury, Eng.
            3.       iv    William b. 1559.
                      v     Alice Johnson  1562, Canterbury, Eng.
                      vi    Agnes Johnson  1564, Canterbury, Eng.
                      vii    Thomazine Johnson b. 1565, Canterbury, Eng., d. 1566.
                      viii   Daniel Johnson b. Canterbury, Eng., d. 1574.
                      ix    Sesle Johnson  1570, Canterbury, Eng.
                      x     Joyce Johnson  1574, Canterbury, Eng.

Third Generation 

3.      William Johnson b. 1559, Canterbury, Kent, Eng., m. (1) 1587, Susan Porredge, b. 20 Jan. 1565/6, St. Dunstan's, Canterbury, Eng., (daughter of John (Porredge) Porrage and Katherine Denne) d. Eng., m. (2) 1617, wid. Ann Cobb.  William died 27 Dec. 1637, Eng.

                      i      Catherine Johnson b. 1588, d. 1610.
                      ii     John Johnson b. 1590, d. 1593 or 1616.
                      iii     William Johnson b. 1592, d. 1616.
                      iv    Matthew Johnson b. 1593/4, d. d. young.
            4.       v     Edward b. 1599.
                      vi    George Johnson b. 1593/4?, d. d. young.
                      vii    George Johnson  1595/6.
                      viii   Elizabeth Johnson b. 1601, d. 1601.
                      ix    Thomas Johnson b. 1602.
                      x     Daniel Johnson b. 1603, d. d. young.

Fourth Generation 

4.      Edward Johnson b. 1599, Canterbury, Kent, Eng., m. Susanna Munnter, b. 1598, Eng., d. 1689, Woburn, MA.  Edward died 23 Apr. 1672, Woburn, MA.  Capt.

                      i      Edward Johnson.
                      ii     George Johnson.
                      iii    William Johnson b. 1630, d. 1704.  Maj.
                      iv    Matthew Johnson.
            5.       v     John b. 1635.
                      vi    Susanna Johnson.
                      vii    Martha Johnson.
                      viii   Ester Johnson.

Fifth Generation 

5.      John Johnson b. 1635, m. 1657, Bethia (Berthia) Reed, (daughter of William Reed and Mabel Kendall) d. 1717.

            6.       i      Mary b. 1632?.
                      ii     Obadiah Johnson b. 1654.
                      iii    John Johnson b. 1659.

Sixth Generation 

6.      Mary Johnson b. 1632?, Prouty Pool, Wales, m. (1) in Salisbury, MA, Joseph Peasly, b. Eng., d. 3 Dec. 1660/1, Newton, NH, m. (2) Henry (Sawer) Sayward.  Mary died 27 Sept. 1694, Haverhill, MA.

                      i      Elizabeth Peaslee.
                      ii     Jane Peasley.
            7.       iii    Mary.
                      iv    Sarah Peaslee b. 1642.
                      v     Joseph Peaslee b. 1646.

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