Surname Page from the Genealogy of Kenneth D. Kalloch

Goodnow Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. Morse Genealogy, comp. by J.H. Morse & E.W. Leavitt, 1905, p.69 (Obediah Morse m. Mercy, dau. of William and Sarah (Goodnow) Walker, who was b. in Sudbury, MA).


1.      Sarah Goodnow m. William Walker, d. Sudbury, MA.

            2.       i      Mercy.

Second Generation 

2.      Mercy Walker b. Sudbury, MA, m. 28 Nov 1728, in Sudbury, MA, Obediah Morse, b. 15 Aug 1704, Sherborn, MA, (son of Daniel Morse and Susannah Holbrook) d. 1753, Sherborn, MA.

                      i      Daniel Morse b. 1729, Sherborn, MA, d. 3 Feb. 1804, buried: resided in Matick, MA & Nova Scotia.
                      ii     Abner Morse b. 1731, Sherborn, MA, d. 7 Jan. 1800, rem. to Nova Scotia.
            3.       iii    Obediah b. 20 Mar 1732.
                      iv    Mercy Morse b. 2 Mar. 1735, d. 23 Sept. 1794.
                      v     Benajah Morse b. 14 Mar. 1737, Sherborn, MA, d. 1771.
                      vi    Samuel Morse b. 20 Feb. 1739, Sherborn, MA, d. rem. to Annapolis, Nova Scotia.
                      vii    Sarah Morse b. 15 Mar. 1740/1.
                      viii   John Morse b. 26 Feb. 1743, Sherborn, MA, d. ab. 1825.
                      ix    Hannah Morse b. 13 Mar. 1745.
                      x     Mary Morse b. 31 Aug. 1747.

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