Surname Page from the Genealogy of Kenneth D. Kalloch

Brown Family

Sources & Research Notes:

  1. My Legacy, by E. Clark, p.78 (Thomas Brown, m. Mary Newhall; dau. Mary Brown, m. Peter Godfrey). [Is this Peter Godfrey the father of Mary Godfrey, who m. John Ordway??]


1.      Thomas Brown m. Mary Newhall.

            2.       i      Mary b. 1635.

Second Generation 

2.      Mary Brown b. 1635, m. Peter Godfrey.

            3.       i      Mary.

Third Generation 

3.      Mary Godfrey m. 5 Dec. 1681, John Ordway, b. 17 Nov. 1658, Newbury, MA, (son of James Ordway and Anne Emery) d. 2 Feb. 1717/8, Newbury, MA.

            4.       i      Anne b. 15 May 1669.
                      ii     Mary Ordway b. 18 Sept. 1682, Newbury, MA.
                      iii     John Ordway b. 29 Oct. 1684, Newbury, MA.
                      iv    James Ordway b. 4 July 1687, Newbury, MA.
                      v     Ester Ordway b. Aug. 1689, Newbury, MA.
                      vi    Peter Ordway b. 15 Sept. 1691, Newbury, MA.
                      vii    Hannah Ordway b. 20 Nov. 1693, Newbury, MA, d. 5 Dec. 1693.
                      viii   Hannah Ordway b. 6 Mar. 1695, Newbury, MA.
                      ix    Stephen Ordway b. 8 Apr. 1697, Newbury, MA.
                      x     Nathan Ordway b. 28 Apr. 1703, Newbury, MA.

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